• oil roses wrinkles skin
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    Rose oil to fight wrinkles of the skin

    Today we will talk about rose oil. It is very easy to do at home. With age, the skin becomes thinner and less elastic, which makes wrinkles. They are part of a natural process of skin aging, but there are factors and bad habits that enhance their early appearance. Sun exposure It is a great enemy of the skin since it dries it and makes it thicker. In the same way, a bad diet can cause wrinkles to appear due to a lack of vitamins or minerals. Another key factor in the formation of wrinkles is the habit of smoking since the oxygen disappears, causing the circulation of blood in…

  • Aloe vera homemade gel with 100% natural ingredients.
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    How to make homemade Aloe Vera gel and how to use it

    Today we will make homemade Aloe Vera gel. Aloe vera is one of the most used plants in the cosmetic industry for its benefits. It is a natural curative that regenerates the skin and helps eliminate the marks of premature aging. Also, Aleo Vera treats sunburn and refreshes the skin naturally. Aloe vera homemade gel is rich in vitamins of group A, C, and E with high power antioxidant. It has Moisturizing, astringent and antibacterial properties. For all this, it has become essential in treatments and aesthetic care. To enjoy most of its benefits and avoid the chemicals that are added to many cosmetic products, it is best to make…

  • Kokedama pink plant Japanese floral art
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    Kokedama: How To Do Japanese Floral Art

    If you are a lover of decoration and vegetation, surely you usually have plants or flowers at home. Have you ever heard of Kokedama? It is a millenary tradition in the form of floral art, which emerged more than 500 years ago. It may be familiar, and this craft technique is the sister of Bonsai. In this post, we invite you to discover how to make kokedama. Their advantages are, in addition to the decorating possibilities they offer, their health benefits, such as stress reduction. History and benefits of Kokedama Kokedama is the word that describes a millennial tradition of very popular plant cultivation. It emerged more than 500 years…

  • Vintage crafts to decorate the house
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    10 vintage and shabby crafts to fall in love with your house!

    We will renovate the decoration of our house with some vintage crafts, warm, beautiful and easy to make. Details with lace, decoupage objects, fabric or paper flowers, cushions with ruffles, recycled furniture, wood with pickling … All are elements that will give our home that vintage touch that we love. Look those beautiful ideas… you will fall in love with your house! ♥ 10 vintage crafts for your home # 1 Crochet mandalas with flowers In decorations with crochet, we have seen a lot of ideas to make vintage crafts with recycled crochet fabrics. But this craft we find today is original, as well as fresh and beautiful. To make…

  • Flowerpot decorated like a watermelon - easy crafts
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    Easy spring crafts: 20 ideas for good weather

    If you start to sneeze it is a sign that spring has arrived. The birds fly high, the sun warms on the terraces of the bars and parks and everything is full of flowers and a lot of colors. But … does the same thing happen inside your house? Have you already prepared yourself to fill your house with light and color? Well, don’t worry because today we bring you a good variety of easy spring crafts to celebrate the good weather. 1. Watermelon flowerpot Give a tropical touch to your plants with making them a flower pot decorated as fruits. In this image, they have made a watermelon flower…

  • Decorative and aromatic glycerin soaps
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    Homemade decorative and aromatic glycerin soaps

    Now that the decorative and aromatic glycerin soaps are fashionable. I propose to make these funny soaps with string. Then you can give or use as a decorative object in your own bathroom. Although it may seem that they are difficult to manufacture at home, it is really a very simple process. Actually, it’s not making artwork, but a detailed DIY Project. Of course, you need to choose the fragrances and colors that you like. The result is a spectacular and above all, economic glycerin hand soap. Necessary materials ♦ a colorless glycerin block (available at craft stores)♦ fragrances for soap (essential oils) and colorants (optional)♦ containers of different shapes…

  • Teapot cover
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    Knit covers for almost everything

    Some ideas to knit for the days that you don’t want to leave home at all unless it is necessary. As you can see, you can cover almost everything by knitting. For tea addicts We propose a simple and fun manual: make some knitted covers for the teapot. The English, the most addicted of all, have baptized them with the name of “tea cozy”. It is a lovely little coat so that tea stays hot longer. The first option is more informal. Cover is topped with three funny pompoms made with different color wool . The second is more classic, but it isn’t without charm. It was done with raw…

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    + 20 amazing craft ideas with pompoms

    In this post, I will talk about crafts with pompoms. I have made a collection of very simple crafts to carry out at home and decorate your house and yours with pompoms. It’s simple! Join the fashion of the pompoms! The best thing about pompoms is they are very simple to make And can be a perfect gift for birthdays. YOU AND THE POMPOMS When we talk about pompoms, the typical one comes to mind beanie with a pompom on the tip. But pom-poms can give much more of themselves. You can do fantastic scarves only with pompoms Or decorate your scarves with small details as in the following example: If…

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    15 original ideas for decoration with buttons

    In this article, I present a series of ideas to use buttons as a decorative element. Did you hear about decoration with buttons? Don’t you know where to start? No problem! Don’t miss a word! Decoration with buttons is a simple and inexpensive way to create new environments or give a new life to objects that you have at home. Keep reading and amaze with the dozens of button applications in the world of decoration. 1. LINK YOUR WALLS WITH BUTTONS Go ahead and line a whole wall with colored buttons. If you prefer you can choose just a portion or even create an abstract composition. 2. CREATE CURTAINS WITH…

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    Trend! Decorate with terracotta – Ideas to decorate

    We tell you how to decorate with terracotta, a trend that returns strongly to our homes. Warm colors, such as browns, once again appear strongly in the decorative scene and especially in terracotta. But not only in the form of paint but in all its varied options it becomes one of the most desired elements to decorate homes this winter. Decorating with terracotta is back in fashion. Whether for floors or for walls with warm colors but also in pots and all kinds of decorations.  It is a color full of strength and life that will bring much warmth to any environment as well as personality. That’s why today we…