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    Latest trends in original wedding details for guests

    If you are preparing your wedding then don’t miss what we have prepared for you. One of the most frequent questions that arise for couples preparing for the wedding is why do we need gifts for guests and is it worth spending money on them? Some newlyweds, considering the number of guests to their wedding, decide to forget about this beautiful gesture, we advise you not to do it! After all, the guests come to share with you one of the most important moments of their life, and thanks to the wedding details, it is certainly worthwhile, in addition, each of them will be glad to take a piece of…

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    100 Amazing Wedding Table Centerpieces

    Today we are going to show you some images of wedding table centerpieces. We have lots of centerpiece ideas and themes for your dream wedding. Candles, flowers, Minimalist, Vintage, Shabby Chic and ideas on a budget. The centerpiece in a wedding has a strategic location, in the center of the table, precisely, so that all the guests can admire its beauty and enjoy the smells that it spreads during the meal or the wedding dinner. Centerpieces for weddings – inspiring ideas Equally important is the decoration of the buffet tables, around which the guests gather to enjoy food and drink. Together with the flowers, the careful direction will define the…

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    Easy crafts at home – 50 awesome ideas

    Today we want to present you once again great ideas of easy crafts, handcrafted decorations and functional accessories handmade by yourselves. Don’t hesitate and start taking ideas to make homemade crafts with your family and friends. Sure you will spend an unforgettable time. Easy crafts with homemade products Again we can see in the images that it is possible to decorate and give use to products and materials that we think we should throw away, such as eggshells. Look at the design of ornaments in the upper photograph, isn’t it great? If we keep the shells in one piece with the empty interior, these can serve as a container to…

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    Decoration in green and pink, the fashion combination

    We identify the one that concerns us today, the fusion of pink and green in the spaces of our house. The best? This fashion won’t happen, as these will continue to be the star colors during the next fall-winter season 2019-2020. The two share the leading role and we see them in the same proportion 50% / 50%. It was to be expected, the green that always inspires nature, purity and light become especially strong in spring and it stays the rest of the year. The rose several seasons ago that appeared in our lives and has no intention of leaving us. The bathrooms know it, the first ones to…

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    Creative crafts for children for any season

    Occupying the child with creative crafts during the first years of their life has huge importance for his development. Through the different types of creative crafts, the child learns not only to control the movements of his hands but also begins to know the world around him. Therefore, we have decided to dedicate this article to creative crafts that are simple and easy to do even for the little ones. Creative craft projects for young children Stay with us to find some interesting tips and projects selected according to the age and abilities of the little ones. But before we start with the fun part of the work we are…

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    Hair colors 2019 – The latest trends for spring –

    Today we show you ideas of elegant hairstyles, haircuts, and the latest trends in hair colors. These are the tendencies to enjoy a balanced image. According to the appropriate length of hair and the shape of a haircut in combination with a successful coloring can instantly turn a pretty girl into a real beauty. And vice versa: an unsuccessful haircut will add years, emphasize the defects of the face and completely ruin the image. Hair colors – Trends for the spring of 2019 As a general rule, most girls are loyal to their image to the end and can wear the same hair color for years. However, it is worth…

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    Great DIY decorative and simple ideas with cork

    If you are one of those people who have a great reserve of creative strengths and love for wine, you will surely love the idea of reusing the cork from the already empty bottle. This element or part of the bottle, a little underestimated, has innumerable possibilities of use and is very easy to exploit. Cork is a light and elastic material that is also waterproof, which makes it ideal for our DIY projects. With the approach of the Christmas holidays, you will have an idea of more because the latest trends in decoration reserve an important place. From unusual knickknacks to majestic Christmas wreaths, the cork will add a…

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    What to put in a glass vase Many original ideas!

    When decorating glass vases we always resort to the typical flowers, both natural and synthetic. Today we also want to propose other simple but very original ideas. If you also ask yourself what to put in a glass vase today we reveal many different elements with which you will create a very special decoration. What to put in a glass vase There isn’t a single answer to the question What to put in a crystal vase? Well, the options are as innumerable as they are amazing. We review the tips and ideas that we have most liked and therefore the most original. We hope you like them and that they…

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    Coffin – Ballerina Style Nails

    As for the shapes of the nails, there is nothing more elegant than the so-called coffin or ballerina. Just as its name indicates, the shape resembles the tip of the dancers’ shoes. Ballerina or coffin nails are ideal if you are looking for a daring and different look. They are always stylish with classic red nails or more Avangard designs.An important detail is that this form makes them less fragile compared to others. Coffin nail ideas with golden details For the decorated nail ideas and so-called coffin or ballerina nails, there are really modern and diverse finishes. The tendency with the passage of time has framed this style in something…

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    The Linen Jumpsuits and Rompers

    If you went shopping lately you surely noticed that linen pants, jumpsuits and rompers are everywhere … We love them! We really believe that it is a super elegant and seated garment that in spring and summer can replace without problems the classic jeans that are very hot. And just as we have thousands of jean tones in our closet (we use them almost every day), we must also expand our linen pants ranges. We already started to collect different cuts and colors (land is our favorite). And you? Don’t you have one yet?… These looks will make you leave immediately to the mall in search of some … The linen…