• Photos of rustic kitchens
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    Rustic kitchens | Decoration, and images

    We dedicate our article today to a style that never goes out of style, the rustic style. And especially kitchens. We also share photos of rustic kitchens for your inspiration. Do you like the rustic style? Well, read on to know the latest trends.

  • Fashion manicure fall-winter 2019-2020, photos, news, ideas manicure
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    Fall nail colors 2019, photos, news, ideas manicure

    The main trends of fall nail art are thematic images on the nails with traces of yellow and orange leaves, chanterelles, pandas, bears, penguins, snowflakes and other beautiful and uncomplicated images. The variety of colors used for the fall-winter of 2019-2020, dictated by beige, gray, cream and also dark and deep colors: blue, burgundy, emerald, brown, purple and black.