• A small, modern white bathroom with an exempt bathtub
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    Small bathrooms: 50 photos to decorate

    Most of the old houses have small bathrooms and, unless they are reformed, we need to manage the space. Not only the old houses, many of the modern houses or flats also have small bathrooms. Thus, there is nothing left but to throw ingenuity and find solutions to make our bathroom a comfortable space.

  • 12 Crafts to organize with cardboard boxes
    DIY Projects

    Crafts to organize with cardboard boxes

    We say goodbye to the year with a post that we like dedicated to crafts with cardboard boxes. Today we encourage you to reuse your shopping boxes, the packaging of your online orders. And make practical organizers for your cabinets or furniture. In this article, we have selected those ideas that also have a decorative point, a finish worth teaching or an original touch.

  • Christmas elves duo
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    Christmas elves – Cute decoration ideas

    We all like the elf on the shelf decorations. There is very little left until Christmas arrives, we all look forward to this beautiful time of the year for the magic that characterizes it, for all the decorations and traditions that it brings with it. Today we will talk about the cute and tender Christmas elves. Of its history and of course we will show you the beautiful elf on the shelf decorations that you can make in your home.