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    Preparation kit for isolation

    As the new coronavirus COVID-19 continues to spread, government authorities are opting for domestic quarantine. The World Health Organization has officially declared that the coronavirus is a pandemic. Companies where their employees work from home, schools sending activities via the Internet.

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    How to hide the electric box

    Who is interested in hiding the electric box from the light? Many of us have a horrible electrical panel in the hall of our home. I personally have it in sight. Since I can't find anything I like to hide it. But today I stumbled upon this very interesting project by chance and saw the light. Hiding the box from the light CAN be done and I am determined to do so. Meanwhile, I will be sharing here all the crafts and projects that I discover about it. Also, those products, elements or decorative accessories designed for this purpose and that seem different and original to me. I hope these…

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    Garden design photos and trends for 2020

    In 2020, outdoor decoration continues its revolution started a few years ago. Today we show you garden design ideas photos and trends for the outdoors in 2020. PVC elements are no longer an option, instead, we see delicate fabrics and worked shades. Because of an apparent dissociation, outdoor trends are drawn according to indoor fashion.

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    Small kitchens with eclectic decor

    If you don't like just one style of decoration, then this article will interest you a lot. We will talk about eclectic decoration in small kitchens. Although if you have a large kitchen it also works perfectly, so don't worry. Maybe you like the modern decoration style and also the rustic one, but you don't know which one to choose. Then you can get both decorations in one with the eclectic style.

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    How to decorate lampshades | Many ideas, and crafts

    Today we want to talk about how to decorate lampshades and completely change their appearance. We'll share lots of projects, lots of techniques, lots of materials. Convert a basic lamp into a main element of the room. Let's get down to work and share the most original crafts to tune your lampshades. Come on!