• children's face painting home
    DIY Projects

    Kids face painting – ideas and photos

    There are many materials for children's face painting. But the most advisable thing is that you choose those that are water-based. Since they are easier to remove than oil, especially if you have very young children. It won't be so difficult when removing make-up and it will last the same.

  • Nail Color 2020 - Glitter
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    Nail colors 2020 – The trends we love

    Today we present to you the main trends in nail color 2020 for autumn and winter. On the eve of the new season, we are always eager for the opportunity to walk through new beauty trends. As for the 2020 nail color for fall and winter, we will definitely have a place to go. Nail masters tried to make up for everything we missed when the pandemic took us by surprise.

  • elegant simple wheat ears
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    Wheat ear as a fall decoration

    In addition to the beautiful pumpkins of different colors and sizes, ears of wheat are another very popular element for fall decoration. Wheat is a very nutritious cereal. This has been cultivated for more or less seven centuries, in different countries of the world. It is considered one of the most important crops in the world.