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    Small bathrooms: 50 photos to decorate

    Most of the old houses have small bathrooms and, unless they are reformed, we need to manage the space. Not only the old houses, many of the modern houses or flats also have small bathrooms. Thus, there is nothing left but to throw ingenuity and find solutions to make our bathroom a comfortable space.

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    8 ideas trending to decorate bathrooms with style

    If you are thinking about updating your bathroom don’t miss this article. We tell you 8 ideas trending to decorate bathrooms with style. What colors, finishes, and accessories are trends to get a bath that will cause a sensation but at the same time will help you relax and rest after a long day. Do we start? From the use of elements more typical of the industrial style to the recovery of classic finishes such as subway or hydraulic tiles, the return to pristine white or the use of original barn doors. We are going to take a walk by the 8 ideas that we have seen the most and…

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    Bathroom Vanities Made of Pallets

    We present bathroom vanities made with pallets. A very interesting piece that contains everything we like. An impeccable work of DIY and the reuse of waste materials. Have you seen any? We are the first to meet and we have loved it. Bathroom vanities made with pallets Friends in love with DIY and recycling. If you are one of those people who see a pallet and come up with a thousand projects to apprehend it, you will enjoy our selection of vanities made with pallets. For your home, for the farmhouse, for the holiday apartment, for a gift. But above all to enjoy with the realization. Inspire yourself in these…

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    Barn Wood Ideas For Bathroom! Farmhouse Decor Style!!

    Today’s theme is the use of barn wood in bathrooms. If you like farmhouse decoration, you will love these ideas. The rustic texture of the reclaimed wood recently attracts us all. Of course, this wood can be used in every room in the farmhouse concept, but today we will look at the use of the bathrooms especially. Use of wood in bathrooms is quite common. With this décor, you can get a modern and rustic look. General Use In Bathroom Let us give you a few hints before leaving you with great pictures. If your bathroom is small, you can try to use the reclaimed wood in details instead of…

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    The Beauty of Blob Mirrors: Transforming Spaces with Organic Shapes

    Welcome to the fascinating world of blob mirrors! If you're looking to add a touch of uniqueness and elegance to your space, blob mirrors are the perfect solution. In this informative and engaging blog post, we'll explore the beauty and versatility of blob mirrors, provide examples of their usage, and offer practical tips on incorporating them into your home decor. Get ready to discover the magic of organic shapes and create a visually stunning environment!

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    Preparation kit for isolation

    As the new coronavirus COVID-19 continues to spread, government authorities are opting for domestic quarantine. The World Health Organization has officially declared that the coronavirus is a pandemic. Companies where their employees work from home, schools sending activities via the Internet.