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A Different Kitchen – Kitchens With Own Style

We love to get out of the traditional canons and show you other options! Do you also want a different kitchen? If you are looking for a style of your own. If you do not like to follow fashions or trends. Today we show you very special kitchens. Kitchens that will make you fall in love or that will horrify you. In any case, you can not deny that each of them has a lot of character.

A different kitchen – Kitchens with their own style that donot follow trends

Don’t you think sometimes, all kitchens look same? It happens to us frequently. It becomes fashionable a tiling, a color, a finish, a material, and all the kitchens seem the same. That is why we are so grateful to find something unique. Like these Pop-inspired kitchens that play with geometric patterns and colors.

We love this eclectic kitchen with elements from all times so well combined. Works of art play a major role in addition to providing color to this dark corner. The collection of chairs is the most original, and the lighting on the bar adds an adorable vintage touch (there is even a teapot). Although it seems simple, combining elements from so many eras is very difficult.

And the next one seems to have been designed from recycled furniture. A fantastic collection of antique pieces embedded under a structure. The result surprises us and we like it, but we wonder if the storage will be functional.

And to this other special kitchen, we will call it a patchwork kitchen! A project that we imagine super fun and that you can adapt to your tastes. The design chosen in this environment, of small floral pattern, evokes the Shabby Chic decoration, but you can give it your touch with other patterns that have nothing to do with it.

Maintaining the old structural elements but it is very courageous in colors. If it wasn’t in great contrast of dark gray and yellow Canary many details of this kitchen would go unnoticed.

Add a personal touch to your kitchen with wallpaper

Well, and if these previous decorations seem impossible but you would like to add a personal touch to your kitchen we give you a suggestion. A decorative mural, or wallpaper, on one of its walls, will suffice to convey your personality and create a unique space. Kitchens, like bathrooms, are the most impersonal spaces in the home. Don’t you think they should define who we are?

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