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Blue Rooms! Inspirations and Tips

Are you looking for inspiration for rooms decorated in blue? Blue is the color of summer par excellence and evokes the sea, the sky … If you think of using this color in the decoration of your living room, you should know that it is a color that expresses calm, quiet and repose. That is why it is widely used in bedrooms and children’s rooms. Although its versatility makes it suitable for any stay at home. Blue is a primary color and therefore the palette of tonalities is almost infinite, as well as its combination options. We show you photos of blue rooms to take ideas and inspiration.

Living rooms decorated in blue

If you decide to paint all the walls of your living room blue, we advise you to choose a light tone if your room is small. In this way the blue will help to gain a sense of spaciousness. Or choose a single wall.

You should know that blue belongs to the chromatic range of cold colors. To add warmth to a blue room, just use warm touch accessories: yellow, red, orange … A soft touch will be enough to create a cozy atmosphere.

But painting is not your only option, do not forget the wallpaper. It is an excellent decorative option that is very fashionable. Also, the amount of wallpaper designs is inexhaustible. Through its thousand design options, you will have a lot of personality to your walls.

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Dark Blue Rooms

We bet firmly on the dark blue because it is of rabid news. Intense blue, electric, navy blue or navy, will help to create the most elegant and chic room in the world.

Light Blue Rooms

As we have said before, if your room is of small dimensions, light blue or pastel blue will be your great ally. Discard intense tones and choose blues that bring luminosity and amplitude.

Two Shades of Blue

An idea! Can’t you decide on dark blue or light blue? Well, you still have options. How about a combination of both? The dark tone can decorate a single wall and the clear the rest of the room. You can also divide the wall in two and use one on the top and one on the bottom. In this way both are counteracted and you do not have to give up either of the two.

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