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Ideas to decorate your bedroom with a rustic style thart gently refined. Personally, I love this style, but in its contemporary version, a modernized rustic decoration. We share photos of rustic rooms so you can take note and inspire you when adding a country touch to your bedroom.

Rustic rooms with wood

The wood will be our great ally. Floors, walls or ceilings lined with wood give a charmingly warm ambience. In addition, this element is very versatile and you can add it to all kinds of rustic styles. Starting with the classic rustic decoration “grandma’s house” and ending with the most modern rustic environments.

Lining a wall of wood scraps, recovered boards or pallet strips is a way to decorate rustic style on a budget. For this project you will need knowledge in DIY or call your friend “handyman”

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 456789

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Rustic stone rooms

Also, the stone or brick look is a good choice for rustic rooms. The finish of the material will determine the aging level of the bedroom. A single wall will suffice to create the touch you are looking for. Also, the combination of stone and wood is ideal for this type of decoration.

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4567891011

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With fireplace

And among all the architectural elements that we could want in a rustic room, fireplaces are our favorite. There is nothing that combines better or that gives so much character. But of course, its installation is expensive in two aspects. Still, if your rustic room already has a fireplace, do not even think about eliminating it! We show you photos of rustic rooms with a fireplace so you can check everything that this element can give to the bedroom.

Photos: 1234

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Modern rustic bedrooms

As we said at the beginning of the article, our taste for rustic represents the most refined version of the style. If you also fall in love with the modern rustic bedrooms you will see yourself reflected in this selection of photographs. Environments of straight lines or combined with pieces of current furniture. Others with an extra point of color or with current works of art. Bringing a rustic room to our century is very easy.

Photos: 123456

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