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Window Blinds! Learn The Types

Do you want to change the curtains of your home? Do you know all the types of blinds that exist? If you are thinking of renovating your home in the fastest and most economical way, we suggest you buy blinds. We discuss home decor window treatments today. Know all the features so you can
select blinds comfortably from your home.

The first thing I recommend is that, think about what kind of light you would like to enter through the windows. If you live in a very sunny place where the sun’s rays can damage your furniture and rest, or on the contrary you need a very translucent shade to take advantage of 100% natural light. Another important aspect is the degree of privacy you need. It will not be same, a curtain or blind for the kitchen, that for our bedroom. You will have to consider the degree of opening.

Once you have clear the needs of your home and, it is time to know all the types of blinds available. Keep reading and know the features of the most modern and functional blinds for your home!

window blinds

Buy Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are the most comfortable and modern option you can find. Remember that whatever your window may be, you can order your special tailored blinds for yourself. As you know, blinds are a great and economical option to decorate your home. You will havemany types of fabric, with different colors and patterns.

Also with roller blinds, you can enjoy the ease of operation to raise and lower the blind. And the advantage of being able to choose between a wide variety of types of roller blinds with different characteristics. With more light, more opaque, with stripes, smooth, colored. All the possibilities you can imagine for your home can be found inside the roller blinds, a modern and timeless option for your home.

Screen Roller Blinds

Screen Roller Blinds

You can find screen roller blinds undoubtedly in most modern and functional markets. This type of blind is made with the best materials, polyester or vibrio fiber. Both very resistant and durable so that your home is always perfect, since they are very easy to maintain. Its flame retardant and anti-humidity properties will provide you with security. And they are also dustproof, so you can easily clean them with a simple wet cloth.

But you’re wondering what is special about roller blinds screen?

The main difference of the screen shade with the rest of the blinds is the way in which they let the light through, in a sifted way. In addition this type of blind allows you to choose the amount of light you want to go to your rooms. The degree of transparency of 0% to make it totally opaque. 1% to obtain a very distorted light. Or a recommended 3% for bedrooms since they allow you to observe the exterior but maintain all privacy.

You can choose a transparency degree of 5% to maintain a high level of light but quite sifted, so it does not enter directly. It is perfect for study rooms, kitchens or offices. If this type of light is not enough, the perfect degree of transparency for you is 10%, which allows the light to pass completely without being aggressive.

Did you like this type of screen blind? If you liked it but you are looking for more options do not worry, keep reading this post and discover all about the most modern curtains.

Night And Day Roller Blinds

Night And Day Roller Blinds

If you are one of those who leaves nothing to chance, and you like to control the decoration of your home to the maximum, undoubtedly the perfect curtains for you are the night and day blinds. This type of blind is very peculiar since it allows you to choose the type of light that will go to your home to the maximum. Incredible? True?

Follow me to explain how night and day blinds work.

The key to this of this type of blindness is in the stripes. Whether vertical or horizontal stripes both combine to raise and lower the blind so that more or less light enters our rooms. How is this effect achieved? Simple, we will have strips with an opaque color and other transparent or translucent, when putting all the opaques together we will have a blackout effect, while if we combine the translucent ones we will have 100% of the sunlight.

Didn’t you like the totally modifiable blinds? Then it is because you really like the sun rays or you hate that your house is too sunny, right? Keep reading that I show you how translucent and opaque roller blinds are!

Translucent Roller Blinds

Translucent roller blinds

The translucent roller blinds are the most decorative Why? Very simple, you can choose different colors, fabrics, and prints with this type of light filter. In addition, not only you can decorate with the shades of the blind, but you can combine the main blind with another from behind and will be two great tones. And not only that, the one you place as an assistant can be opaque, and so you do not miss any intimacy when you need it. Many decoration possibilities in your hand with translucent roller blinds.

And not only that, if they are made of polyester or fiberglass, they will be very resistant and durable. You can keep them and wash them quickly by removing the dust and passing a damp cloth, or even in the washing machine (if the manufacturer allows it). After washing , it is better to dry your translucent shade in the air and with as little light as possible so that it does not fade and look great for many years.

Opaque Roller Blinds

Opaque Roller Blinds

If your schedules are different from the rest of the world, if you do not like waking up in the rays of the sun, you need total privacy to mount a projector and share movies and special moments, the perfect blind for you is undoubtedly the opaque roller blind. It will not let even a sunray pass by and will protect your stay, your furniture and the painting of your home to the fullest.

It is also highly recommended for work environments such as the office, where we spend long hours in front of the computer, as the sun’s rays sometimes distort and make us dizzy with changes of light on the screen.

In addition, the opaque blinds are perfect for decorating. You can choose bright colors, personalized prints that look great, photographs, or even motivating phrases to start the day with joy.

It is perfect for areas such as the bathroom or the kitchen. Because they are usually made of fiberglass or polyester, giving it anti-humidity and fireproof properties.

Enjoy your privacy to the fullest with opaque roller blinds!

Printed Blinds

Printed Blinds

As I said before, blinds are an easy, fast and cheap way to redecorate your home. If your house is minimalist and you see it a little empty and without personality, I’m going to tell you an idea of decoration that you’ll love. The printed blinds!

And there is nothing better for a home than to use contrasts well. The printed blinds will be perfect for the living room or your bedroom. Because through the drawing and the decorative motifs that you choose, the blind will show your personality and your tastes.

You can choose more retro patterned blinds, with orange colors and circles, or choose a more serene print, in bluish tones that evoke the sea to feel relaxed and at peace. With this type of blind you have multiple options so let your imagination fly and choose the one that best suits your personality

You can always find a print that fits your style. Check for more stylish prints: Ideas To Decorate With Style and Wallpaper, 25 Ideas for Decorating With Wallpaper

Foldable Blinds

Foldable Blinds

The folding blinds are also perfect for decorating. When raising the shade this will form folds more similar to the movements that make the curtains. The folding blind is perfect for decorating as it fits well with everything. If you have a more rustic stay it will adapt perfectly. And if you want to combine it with a more modern stay you can introduce it as a groundbreaking effect that will look great.

Like the previous blinds, the folding ones are also made with the best materials, very resistant and durable. Enjoy your blinds without sacrificing comfort.

In conclusion, your home is the place where you relax, spend quality time, and meet friends and family. That is why decoration is very important since it shows your personality. With blinds it is very simple and economical to change the decoration of your home and feel at ease.

As you have noticed, you have many types of blinds that offer different lighting and decorative possibilities. Choose the one you like the most and enjoy the most of your home this summer. And of course, if you are going to buy blinds, tell us your choice and how your home has been. Patience and decorating!

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