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10 Beautiful crafts to do with children – Tips and Crafts

Here are 10 ADORABLE crafts you can do with friends from daycare, with friends from school, or with children at home! Simple, fun and colorful crafts to celebrate the arrival of spring! You will find great ideas in this article! And surprising ideas! 

Well, some of his ideas thrilled me! So I really hope they will wow you too! 

1) DIY beautiful suncatchers with self-adhesive film, paper cupcake molds, and EVA foam sheets! 


2) First paint the colors of the rainbow, then cut out the spiral cardboard plate! And hang it!

3) Trace the child’s hand and arm on a brown card to make a tree trunk. With cotton swabs and light pink, dark pink and white gouache, make the petals of a pretty cherry tree.

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4) Draw large flowers for the children, print copies, offer them tissue paper and ask them to stick one color per petal.

5) Glue popsicle sticks on wooden clothespins (Micheals, Omer de Serres) paint them in mauves, Add silver glitter in glue, and glue little movable eyes! Make them pretty dragonflies! If you stick magnets on the back, you can make them fridge magnets!

6) DIY beautiful hyacinth flowers with the kids! Woooooow …

7) Cut flowers from cardboard plates and glue tissue paper balls in spring colors! mauve, pink, yellow!

8) How pretty! And so simple! Make half-moons in an accordion fold and glue various flowers! Tulips, daisies, Roses, etc.

9) Again with an accordion fold! How cute! A little girl in the rain! Adorable!

10) DIY beautiful caterpillars with paper plates! They will already have scratches!

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