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Bullet journal | Everything you need to start

Bullet Journal is a nice system to manage your time better and see what you’re doing. Let me start by giving you the address of the official website: Many people find it hard to plan their lives. It is difficult to make plans and put these plans into writing, and as a result, we postpone many of our jobs, dreams, and goals, even if we do not realize it. The Bullet Journal is a method discovered by Ryder Carroll. Many people realized that this method of life evolved into a more regular home and turned into a current. There may even be an art movement. When you see the drawings and designs made for the Bullet Journal, you will understand what we mean.

1. The Bullet Journal can be described as a method or system discovered by Ryder Carroll who suffers from learning disability in childhood.


2. It is a personal diary that started as a Kickstarter project and became widespread with the practice of many people.


3. You can personalize these diaries, which called BuJo, according to your own business and lifestyle.

4. With Bullet Journal; you can organize activities, special events, etc. things; daily, monthly and yearly.


5. While doing this, you can also make it enjoyable by using various colored pencils, highlighters, and post-it. it is said to improve creativity and make things harder to forget.

6. It also allows you to move away from the digital world and make your planned life even tidier and do multiple things on time.


7. The Bullet Journal is more than just an agenda. We can say that it has become a movement or an art…

8. Well, if you're wondering how to start Bullet Journal, what should we do? As we said, this is a purely personal thing. You can edit it as you want, you can also do it very simply

9. Get a notebook based on your taste from anywhere. It's easier if it's dotted or lined. Or you can find a starter kit like this.

The Bullet Journal also has its own notebooks, which you can access here.

10. You can get a notebook which has its own page numbers. If you don't, you can write it yourself. It's important to have page numbers

11. You must create a table of contents on the first page. You can then type the page number of each new title in the table of contents so that you can find what you are looking for

For example, when you start planning the month of October, you can specify the page number by typing October in the table of contents.

12. In the second step, you should identify the keywords. For example; tasks, completed tasks, organizations, etc. the symbols you specify for the words will reduce confusion in the following sections

13. In the next step, you should create a calendar where you can see all the months of the year called Log Future Log. You can do this by drawing horizontal bands

The purpose of the Future Log section is to set out the dates such as birthdays, big organizations, holiday plans, etc. you can mark everything there and see it in advance

14. Now make a monthly view! You write the name of the month you want to start and sort all the days under it. And next to it, important events and so on. You can also write down your expectations, goals, and actions from that month.

You may detail this section by writing everything from the films to be watched that month to the amount of water you need to drink that month from the theater to your diet.

15. The next step is the daily view. This is actually the most fun part of the Bullet Journal, and it can change completely according to your imagination and the work of that day.

16. If you wish, you can put a weekly plan between monthly and daily view so that you can plan your week's work more easily.

17. Bullet Journal is a notebook that will make your life completely personal and completely up to your taste. A lot of people who try Bullet Journal say their life is in order. You can customize your journal with stencils.

18. If you have goals and dreams that you can't reach easily, you can divide them into steps and you can achieve them more easily.

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