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100+ Amazing 2020 nail designs


2020 nail designs are exciting. We don’t know what you thought 2020 would bring, but for some reason, you probably didn’t expect a similar year. In the fashion world, we can see a Y2K-style Sci-Fi reboot where everyone suddenly started dressing up in fancy silver suits and wearing holographic colored nails. In 2020 it’s all about mastering nail art from the comfort from your couch. A trend that makes sense considering what we are experiencing.

And if you are looking for some inspiration and manicure 2020 trends, here we show you the most modern nail designs for the summer that you can fall in love with quickly and even some of them make at home with the help of a firm hand, patience and a stiff brush for your inevitable grown nails.

Read on for the top 2020 manicure trends. Try them yourself or take these picks to the salon for inspiration.

Every February and September, we are waiting for the trends that are presented at Fashion Week. Although this can make some people feel fatigued at Fashion Week, where in addition to spectacular garments you can see all the nail trends that come off the catwalk, and the Spring Summer 2020 shows did not disappoint another year. We also saw a ton of manicures on the fashion catwalks that you’ll want to copy as soon as possible, from animal prints to updated French manicures. If you’re one of those people who are overwhelmed by all of the show’s content, don’t worry – I looked through the looks to find over 100 photos of 2020 nail designs you’ll see everywhere this season. Put on these looks before your friends take advantage of the moment.


If you follow us, you are probably a person who enjoys being up to date with the latest and greatest in design, but also fashion and beauty. Even if that’s not the case, are you likely to like experimenting with your manicure style now and then, and what better way to dip your nails into a new trend than with your manicure? Taking on new nail color, design, or technique is just a test – it doesn’t have to be a huge commitment, that’s why we’re excited to experiment with a ton of exciting new 2020 manicure trends.


Of course, we not only follow the trends, but we also discovered them thanks to the experts in the design industry and this case of the nails. This is why we are pretty sure that these nail trends are going to be important not only during the summer (and in the new decade). So, whether you are a classic French manicure devotee looking for a subtle way to change it, experts have predicted these following nail trends that should be on your radar.


Keep scrolling for incredible nail art inspiration, subtle new shades, sleek designs, and even a few technical innovations to keep an eye out for according to professionals.

2020 nail designs – Color Ideas


The experts say that we can expect to see the metallic continue to dominate our nails. Everything from warm rose gold to icy platinum can be seen in the manicure world.

Another 2020 trend that we will see a variety of different shades with pearly metallic finishes. It’s been a while since frosty colors have been all the rage, so it may be back in a big way.


Yellow will see a big comeback due to its “undeniably young and fun spirit.” Among our photos, you will find several girls who wear different shades of bright or matte yellow depending on taste.


Dark green

Dark greens will be another important color in nail design for the summer. It’s a tone that people weren’t comfortable with for a long time, and now they’re realizing it’s an extremely flattering tone that gets tons of compliments.

Shades of the garden party

By spring, you expect to see shadows reminiscent of a garden party. We are in a wise, sunny, yellow, and lavender-pink mood. Adding a higher concentration of white to the shades makes the color pop.



Pastel nails will return to the 2020 manicure trends. It feels like a natural progression from the latest ’90s fashions. Think Hard Candy-inspired colors with glossy finishes.

Soft orange

Experts also predict that we will begin to see “soft orange” colors that replace the typical corals that manicurists’ clients gravitate to in the spring.


We are very excited to see the classic blue chosen as the Pantone color of the year for 2020 because we already see that this color is becoming more popular for nails. More than one fashion lover agrees, noting that blue is an It color for next year.

Nude Colors

I wore various nude colors during the 2020 Fashion Week shows. We recommend experimenting with just nude, nude / ombré, and nude in a matte finish to give a great twist to the nude trend.


The mate manicures are making a comeback according to Tuttle. “Lately, the matte finish has become one of our most requested products,” says the founder of Olive & June.

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2020 Nail Design trends

The 80s

Many are excited to see the vibrant ’80s colors in the mix, with fun designs or a different color on each finger as seen in various fashion shows.



With the upcoming and highly anticipated election due to take place in 2020, I suspect that people will turn to his advice to support his political views.



We all have not yet passed the ombré mani. I think we’ll see this transition of design trend from a different tone on each finger to a more subtle two or three-tone ombré.

Negative space

According to Hanna, manicures in negative space never go out of style, but she suspects we’ll see even more minimalist designs as the year progresses.

Metallic (again)

We are taking inspiration from our favorite jewelry brands and incorporating subtle metal bumps into our manicure. This is a smart way to complement your favorite ring stacks.

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