Christmas Nail Designs Festive Ideas
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Amazing Christmas nail designs

Christmas Nail Designs Festive Ideas

Fortunately every year we can appreciate new designs of Christmas to complement the festive look. Of course, there are so many ways to get into the holiday spirit. Definitely decorate our house, watch Christmas movies, among other things.

Blue Christmas Nail Designs

But holiday nail designs are also a great way to welcome this beautiful holiday season. We’ll show you various Christmas nail design ideas for you to try this year. Some of the ideas we have included in this article are easy and other designs are for professionals.

Simple Christmas Nail Designs

These Christmas nail designs are truly inspiring. You can even customize your holiday designs if you prefer. Fortunately, there are so many beautiful and eye-catching festive options for your nails this Christmas that you will want to try more than one. Christmas nail design ideas from candy canes to glitter, snowflakes and snowmen, lights and so much more.

Christmas Nail Designs With Art

There are really striking designs as well as other very discreet but equally very festive. You will also be able to appreciate some cartoon characters so that you have many more possibilities to choose from a wide range of ideas. So raise your Christmas spirit even higher and complement your look with these creative and festive nail designs.

Creative Christmas Nail Designs

Christmas Nail Design Ideas 2020

This is one of the simplest Christmas nail designs. You only need to paint with two coats of dark red polish. Then with the help of a fine brush moistened with white nail polish, draw a thin vertical line along with the nail. Now draw a horizontal line perpendicular to the vertical line. And it continues until the little star forms. Now with the help of a wooden toothpick moistened with the same white enamel, paint dots around your star and finish with a layer of glitter.

Red Christmas Nail Designs with Stars

Christmas lights nail designs

You only need to paint two layers of nail polish hunter green. With a fine brush, trace a thin line of silver enamel to create the string of the Christmas lights. Of course, you can give it the shape you want. Now with a little nail glue, place the small crystals where you want them to go along the string. Apply nail glue where you want the crystals to stick. If you can place multicolored crystals it will be much better since they will be the focus of the lights. And voila, now you just have to cover with glitter.

Christmas Nail Designs Lights

Checkered Christmas Nail Designs

Although it may not seem like it, this is also one of the easy Christmas nail designs to do. Although you do have to have some patience. Paint your nails a deep red color. With a very fine brush draw squares on your nails and fill them in. Also, create diagonal lines with the same black enamel to connect with the black squares and create the desired pattern. Finish with a coat of glitter and voila.

Plaid Christmas Nail Designs

Christmas nail designs with various motifs

Paint the nails of the ring fingers and thumbs bright red. Paint the nails of the index fingers nude and the remaining nails metallic gold. Once they are dry, on the ring fingers and thumbs, use a Brush for nails and paint diagonal stripes with dark green nail polish. Make sure to clean the brush before your next step.

Christmas Nail Designs Various Motifs

Now with the same brush make diagonal stripes with golden glitter on the same ring fingers and thumb. Now draw and paint your little Christmas tree with a dark green glaze. If you prefer, you can also decorate your mini tree with some gold glitter. Let your nails dry for a few minutes and seal the design with two to three coats of glitter. If necessary, clean around the cuticles with an angled brush.

Patterned Christmas Nail Designs

Christmas nail designs with tree decorations

This is a design that works for shorter nails too. The Christmas balls are of course an icon of the festivities that is never lacking in the decoration of trees.

Christmas Nail Designs Ornaments

Marble Nail Designs

As you’ve already noticed, not all Christmas nail designs have to be red and green. This matte black and marbled or marbled look is undoubtedly very discreet for the winter season. This design isn’t that complicated, you just need to use a dotting tool to spread the black nail polish over the white base coat to achieve the marble design.

Marble Christmas Nail Designs

Christmas Nail Designs Candy Lines

Paint your nails with white polish and if you prefer you can paint a nail with red polish. Now on your white nails place striped tape or tape cut into very small pieces on the diagonal. If you want, you can spread the little ribbons differently to create stripes with different widths.

Christmas Nail Designs Candy Lines

Now paint on the tape with the red enamel and remove the tape. If you decided to paint a red base nail then you can take a fine brush to paint little candy canes all over your nail red. To finish you just have to add a layer to seal your design with glitter.

Christmas Nail Designs Candy Lines

Christmas nail designs with Santa face

Paint all your nails beige polish if you want or only where you want to wear the face of Santa. Now with a small brush or toothpick, paint the upper third of your nail red. Then with the help of a wooden toothpick or a dotting tool, dot with the white enamel the area where the red color meets the beige color.

Christmas Santa Face Nail Designs

Now you have to do a kind of French manicure and apply white polish to make Santa’s beard. Now with the black and pink nail polish color, make the eyes and the nose using the dotting tool. Finish with a top coat to seal your design and voila.

Christmas Nail Designs with Santa Face

Christmas nail designs with snowman

This design can be done with a base of any color. In the same way, you can make snowmen on all your nails or only on some. Once you have chosen the base than focus on your snowman design. Create a large circle near the tip of the nail and a smaller circle on top.

Christmas Snowman Nail Designs

Use a very fine brush to bring your design to life. Add the buttons, scarf, eyes, nose, and hat. If you wish, you can use a dotting tool to create tiny dots on the rest of the nail with white polish so that you can recreate the snow.

Snowman Christmas Nail Designs

Christmas nail designs with a mini tree

Paint your nails with the grayish-white nail polish. Use thin strips of ribbon to create a tree shape. Paint the area inside the ribbons with enamel green. Then with the help of a nail liner, go over the tree area with sparkly nail polish. You can place a small gold star on top of the tree design. Finally, seal with a layer of transparent enamel.

Christmas Mini Tree Nail Designs

Christmas nail designs with Rodolfo the reindeer

Paint all your nails with off-white as a base coat. You can easily recreate this design that we present in the image using a nail liner to create the face of the reindeer with the gray polish or if you prefer you can use the brown color with a white base or any other. Use the color black to outline the face on the outside. With the same nail, the liner adds details like the eyes and nose. And finish with a layer of to seal the design.

Reindeer Christmas Nail Designs

Christmas nail designs with snowflakes

As you can see in the image you will only have to paint the nails of the middle, ring, and thumbs with blue nail polish. Then paint the nails of the little fingers and index fingers with the silver glitter polish. Now with the help of a nail liner and with white polish, create the snowflakes on the nails painted with the blue polish by making lines as shown in the image. To finish, apply a layer to seal and that’s it.

Christmas Snowflakes Nail Designs

Christmas nail designs with crown

Paint all of your nails beige except for the fingernails on your ring fingers. Paint the ring nails silver to be your accent nails. Now draw a circle with the green enamel and with the help of a dotting tool create a pattern similar to a crown.

Christmas Crown Nail Designs

Now using the red and light green tones, create small dots with the very small dot tool to decorate your crown and give it more texture. Then create a bow or small bow first with white nail polish. Once it dries, paint it red. This will definitely make the bow look much brighter. Now create little white dots on the crown to indicate snow and seal everything with a topcoat.

Christmas Nail Designs With Crown

Elegant Christmas Nail Designs

Clearly, this design doesn’t have the traditional Christmas colors. But there is no denying that it works very well to celebrate Christmas with elegance. Start by applying matte black nail polish or you could also use regular black nail polish.

Elegant Christmas Nail Designs

Once it’s dry, apply a matte topcoat to give your nail polish a matte effect. Once dry, grab a gold and silver nail polish and amplify your nail design with a center stripe of gold and silver glitter. Make sure to apply the stripe in a tapered shape, kind of like a thin, shiny Christmas tree. You could make, with the help of a nail liner, the golden lines.

Christmas Nail Designs With Black

Christmas sweater style nail designs

Start by painting your nails with gray polish. Fortunately, with this design, you can make various designs or patterns to recreate a Christmas sweater. You can help yourself with a dotting tool to create small elongated dots and even flowers or reindeer. You can also make criss-cross patterns. Create horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines as you wish. In the end, you just have to apply a layer to seal your design and that’s it.

Christmas Sweater Nail Designs

Holly Embellished Christmas Nail Designs

After you apply a protective base coat, apply two coats of white polish. Now take your green polish and with the help of a fine nail brush, make six small dots to guide you in the pattern of the leaf. This pattern is easy. This consists of a top, a bottom, and two guide points along each side.

Holly Christmas Nail Designs

Now just connect the dots with the shape of arches and you will have the pattern of the leaf and fill it. Try to guide you with the image that we offer you. Do the same for the other leaves. Then with a large, thick dotting tool and a little red glaze, place two red berries at the base of the leaves. Finally, make a small white line to create shine with white enamel.

Elegant Holly Christmas Nail Designs

Christmas nail designs with cute penguin

Paint your nails with your favorite black nail polish or if you prefer, with a color similar to the one in the image. Now with the white nail polish and with the help of a brush, paint a high semicircle on your nail for the penguin’s belly. Next, use a large dotting tool and dip it into your white polish to create two white eyes.

Penguin Christmas Nail Designs

Now take a small dotting tool or toothpick and dip it into your black polish to create the two pupils in the eyes. Next, use bright orange nail polish and a small brush to paint the penguin’s little beak and the three little toes for each foot.

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