Types of wicks for chestnuts and brunettes
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Californian Wicks for chestnuts and brunettes

Types of wicks for chestnuts and brunettes

This season, the wicks will occupy an important place in fashion, which is ideal for who looking for a more modern and youthful hairstyle. And the best of all, we can choose from a wide variety of wicks types. You can always find the one that best suit your characteristics. One of the many possibilities is the Californian wicks.

Types of wicks for chestnuts

While it is true that teenage girls and young women are the ones who choose this type the most, you should know that they are really very favorable for all ages. You should choose an appropriate color and style, which harmonize with the color of your style, skin and hair texture. And that also provides a healthy appearance.

Californian wicks in dark hair

California wicks in dark hair

Today, it is important that Californian wicks should look as natural as possible. This is achieved by bleaching and degrading dye, and working strands of hair.

California wicks for dark hair

For some years now, we have heard about this type of wicks everywhere and we hardly know where that fashion came from, all we know is that, suddenly, one day, all the girls used them with their long hair. And it is a trend that is here to stay.

Wicks in dark hair

One of the certain advantages granted by these wicks is that the hair doesn’t have to be touched up so much since the growth looks very natural. In addition, it is much cheaper than going to the hairdresser every month.

long hair wicks

Another thing that Californian wicks are triumphing is, it can have two colors, which gives the hair a better texture and luminosity.

Californian wicks in brown hair

California wicks in brown hair

So, let’s pause this very interesting way of using hair. As a trend, it is relatively new. The effect that is achieved with the strands of Californian wicks is incredible. Especially with the effect that is achieved with natural light during the day. When the tips clear, the effect on the roots becomes more natural with this idea.

Californian wicks and short hairstyles

short hairstyle

It is basically a gradient with a beautiful light effect. On the other hand, it is an effective way to give some movement to the hair. A perfect style for the months when the sun is less intense. It’s a style that usually looks a lot on teenage girls. Being very striking especially for the possibilities of color. They range from light blue to yellow.

Simple short hair California wicks

Simple short hair California wicks

In practice, it will always be the color that we like the most and that goes well with our style. Californian wicks with short hair and a really interesting image is possible. It is a very versatile technique, so it can be applied in many conditions. You usually see a lot in long, even curly hair. As well as with fringes applied on the tips to degrade halfway.

wicks in mahogany hair

The most common is that the wicks of California are seen in long hair. Many celebrities really helped to make this image popular. It is inevitable that the stars don’t become a reference in the world of beauty. Even more when you can see using this style in many media. As an option, they will always be a smart way out.

A modern concept

A modern concept

Especially for those who seek to illuminate the face and have a more youthful appearance. In the cases of short hair California wicks and their charm there is no doubt. We can use them if we have short hair and a great style that nothing will have to envy. Many celebrities showed that it is possible. We will give you some tips on how to achieve it.

Different models of special hairstyles

Different models of special hairstyles

It is always advisable to have an experienced professional. In this way we will make the most of our short hair and California wicks. The most complicated thing in these cases is to make them look harmonious. There should be a balance in the length of your hair and the faded tips. While this bleached part is proportional, it will look really beautiful.

Modern hair effect

Modern hair effect

According to the criteria of the experts, there are some dimensions that can guide us. Especially if we decide to make them at home. When it comes to medium or near to medium hair, California wicks should measure four or five centimeters. When this isn’t the case, the coveted gradient effect doesn’t shine.

California short hair wicks

California short hair wicks

Having as a consequence that your face isn’t really framed effectively and illuminated. Just look at these and other images of short-haired California wicks and these styles to see that they look great. You really decide the style in which you can look good or what you simply like. Depending on the degree of discoloration, you may experiment with something subtle or casual.

In practice to make them with short hair there isn’t much difference with long hair. Starting from the need to always section the hair, thinking about the depth of the wicks of California. Starting to apply the dye of the tips to the part of the chin. When the intention is to mark more light, the wicks can reach the area of ​​the ears. Depending on how short the hair can be passed over the ears. If it is dark hair there is another option.

Types of wicks for short hair

The first thing in these cases may be to discolor the wicks where the color will degrade. Then, give all hair color but in a much lighter shade than previously applied. A clear example is the case of the blond when it is at the root. To show California hair with short hair with these characteristics, you must first dye. Preferably in a tone close to the natural color of your hair.

Finished styles

Just download it later so you can notice the gradient of the wicks in California. It is another interesting way to achieve a fresh and carefree image. There are excellent and very complete products that can be used with this intention. One of them for short hair Californian wicks is the Loreal brand kit.

Special short hair details

You have to look at the correct one according to the tone of our hair. If we have little time and we look for something with an economical price, it is excellent. Although today they are nothing new, California wicks have not gone out of style. The truth is that they have reinvented themselves. Therefore, they are considered a classic and most likely continue to be seen for some time.

With respect to the beginning, perhaps the contrast has changed making them more elegant. The idea has moved away from a little from the chestnut as a base and the blond tips. Which evidently made the contrast much more noticeable. The best of the way California wicks are used today is naturalness. The effect is much more natural so they have not stopped being fashionable. If you are looking for a simple and youthful option to brighten your face, California style wicks are a good start. As you can see, short hair isn’t an obstacle to show off and dazzle.

Types of subtle wicks for chestnuts

Types of subtle wicks for chestnuts

One of our favorite types of wicks for chestnuts is subtle reflections in mahogany tones. This trend is the most current and is perfect for a casual and youthful look. Its maintenance is practically null and looks great in both straight and wavy hairstyles.

Types of popular wicks

Types of subtle wicks for chestnuts

Depending on the type of skin and the type of hair, the hair may discolor more or less. A contrast in golden tones looks great on pale and pink skin. Large wicks will bring a modern style and degradation towards blond will add shine.

Different types of wicks for brunettes

Types of subtle brown wicks

On the contrary, the darkest skins and dark hair would look great with some small touches of coppery tones, randomly added in small tufts over the entire hair. As if you were arriving from a sunny beach vacation.

Types of wicks for brunettes

front wicks

Faded front strands are another trend that reappears this year and can prove to be a very flattering style for chestnuts and brunettes. However, a successful result will depend a lot on the haircut and shape of the face. Do not hurry and check with your stylist beforehand.

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Styles and types of wicks for brunettes

long hair

These are just some of the most popular trends in California wicks for brown hair. Keep going through our image gallery and find the most appropriate wick style for your hair.

straight hair

Californian wicks bleached to blond

blond hair

Californian wicks from half the hair

Californian wicks from half the hair

Californian wicks in bob-style cuts

Californian wicks in bob-style cuts
half mane
ombre hair
wavy hair
long hair
reddish tones
dark wicks
thin wicks
small wicks
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