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Children’s fashion 2020 – trends for autumn-winter


Children’s fashion is one of the main directions in the style and beauty industry. Fashion designers pay close attention to creating collections of clothing for girls and boys that are no less original and unexpected than those for men and women. Launching baby suits is a very important task. It should be comfortable, lightweight, hypoallergenic, and made with high-quality natural fabrics. At a very young age, a child strives to express himself, even though his unique style of dress. Children give preference to certain things when choosing clothes or, on the contrary, they protest, they don’t want to wear what they don’t like.


The creators of children’s trends tried to create models that would appeal not only to children but also to their parents. In the new collections of children’s fashion shows for 2020-2021, there is a suitable outfit for every future fashionista. Clothes of the fall-winter season are presented with bright and unusually interesting things. Photos showing the latest trends in children’s fashion show that it is full of things no less interesting and beautiful than one for adults. Boys and girls dressed in the chic trends of 2020 are charming. In the photos, you can find vivid images from the spring, summer, autumn, or winter collections.


Children’s Fashion – Trendy Colors

Before we talk about clothes, let’s talk about the colors that are for fall 2020. Those who love transparent skirts with multilayers will be happy to know that they are back in 2020 and also warm-colored blouses. For a more refined look, you have the neutral tones as well as the slightly metallic ones to look forward to. When it comes to winter, go pink or pistachio, and create vibrant themes for your kids. What isn’t trending are the acid tones that were here before, as well as the striking colors. Keep it in the neutral zone and top it off with soft pastels. Try going for cream, lemon, pale blue, peach, or a light shade of olive.


Another thing that this year brings for children is the color black. Usually black isn’t something we prefer for boys, but this year, designers have done their best and are designing children’s clothing that is breaking this stereotype. You will find almost all types of clothing such as jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, and more in black. If you want to add a little color and glitter, you can mix and match multiple colors and prints.


Of course, the color black isn’t associated with children’s clothing, but fashion designers decided to break this stereotype. Fashion houses have produced a large number of t-shirts and sweaters with the black pullover. Glitter is added by elegant applique decoration and bright color prints.


Let’s talk about the main trends in children’s fashion 2020-2021 for girls

To plunge into the world of children’s fashion for girls, it is worth looking at photos of clothes from designer collections shown during fashion weeks and even for girls and women. Trends are constantly updated and therefore it is difficult for parents to follow children’s fashion. However, this season is full of original novelties in which the child will feel comfortable above all. The New Year provided an opportunity to buy clothes for girls of different options: denim and leather jackets, elegant dresses, blouses, both for day-to-day and holidays, pants, and skirts of various models.


Children’s fashion for girls: the main trends

Children’s fashion this season is very multifaceted. It combines the severity of classic, street, and sporty styles. Designers tried to stay away from pretty pink dresses and blue pants. The 2020 trends have several main directions and patterns.


Trends and patterns:

Camouflage style clothing – Models of this style are present almost everywhere. You can find jackets, suits, coats, jumpsuits, and more. Designers diluted the military color and khaki with bright and colorful colors, prints, national symbols. Velvet and corduroy; Products from these fabrics are at the peak of popularity in the new collections for spring-summer 2021. Corduroy dresses, skirts, jumpsuits for girls and suits, pants and jackets for children. Colors are preferably dark, deep: burgundy, blue, green, ruby.


Clothing logos – In unison with adult trends, designers used this technique in many things for children. The image can be in the form of inscriptions, cartoons, emoticons.

Floral composition – A novelty this year is the decoration with the image of large flowers in bright colors.

Denim clothing. The hit of the season is denim clothing. Jeans, jackets, vests, caps, dresses, skirts, even shoes. All these things are decorated with bright prints, embroidery, appliques, nice big buttons, rivets, etc.


Leather clothing / Leather clothing for the little ones is very popular. Little boys dressed in jackets or even leather coats look incredibly stylish and very cute. For girls, options with a designated waist are relevant, for boys – standard straight ones.

Knitted models- The main advantage of knitwear is comfort and unlimited freedom.

Family Fashion- Family models made a real breakthrough in fashion. Bright and creative things for the whole family, for brothers and sisters, for mom and daughter, or dad and son. The combinations can be very different.


Dresses -Turn babies into charming little princesses. What dresses are at the height of fashion: Bell-shaped; The top that accentuates the waist goes very well with the loose, floating hem. It is dressed only with natural hypoallergenic fabrics: bamboo, cotton, linen, wool are used as such.

Bright decoration- Here the fantasy of fashion experts was fully revealed. You can see ruffles, prints, bows, lace, tulle, ruffles, cartoon pictures as decoration. Dresses with polka dots, geometric prints are considered very relevant.

Color spectrum- It is recommended to choose calm pastel colors for daily options. Not devoid of relevance and aquamarine color, not saturated turquoise. New for the season: knitwear models Denim summer dresses of various models are in fashion.


Blouses – A blouse is a great option as a top for a skirt, sundress, or even pants and jeans. During development, designers focused on the following details: ruffled blouses. For babies, this decoration element is very small. As the size increases, the ruffles can also be enlarged. Blouses with butterfly sleeves, classic models. For such blouses, this year is characterized by the presence of collars, supports, adorned with lace cuffs, or are elongated models.


Skirts – The skirts of the new collection are represented by a great variety of models. In the photo of fashion sites, you can see a lot of interesting and bright images with various options for skirts – fluffy, bell-bottom, or pleated skirts. The skirts can have different lengths. The main condition isn’t too long or narrow, so as not to hinder the movement. The skirts for babies and young girls are decorated with ribbons, bows, guipure, lace, cartoon images. The models for daily use are made of natural and practical materials. Festive options are usually made of tulle or satin.


Long-sleeved T-shirts-Long-sleeved T-shirts are practical and comfortable T-shirts. This is an element of daily use. The following models are considered fashionable this year: bright, saturated colors; the presence of engravings, logos, and images of various characters. Long sleeves with sleeves of a different color are in fashion.

Outerwear – Outerwear for girls is represented by a variety of models. The only caveat is the lack of floor-length models. The following models are relevant and stylish: short coats and coats with fur trim; leather jackets; parks; sports models of jackets; fur coats and fur vests.


Children’s fashion ideas for special occasions. Recommendations of stylists for choosing a dress from the latest line: turquoise, heavenly, aquamarine, milky, and beige are considered current colors. The choice of bright accessories and makeup to match the light and calm tones of the outfit won’t be bad. Lightness, discretion, and shyness are the main criteria when choosing an outfit for an important event.

Children’s fashion for boys: the main trends

Not only girls in fluffy skirts and sparkly dresses can be stylish, bright, and effective. The main aspects of children’s fashion trends: the prevalence of classics with an urban style the presence of logos on clothing; decoration of clothes with cartoon images, appliques, embroidery.

Models: classic polo shirt in a checkered or striped shirt with an accentuated waist. Among the shirts, the models in bright colors with prints, ornaments, and logos stand out. Also in the trend are family outfits for son and father, siblings, etc.


Suit The suit gives the child seriousness, sophistication, instills a sense of style. Fashion designers recommend complementing them with elegant shoes and accessories in the form of a tie or bow tie. How to form an image with a suit: the three-piece set is practical and suitable for any event in fashion 2020, clear contours, comfort, convenience in the cold season, instead of a high collar and a shirt, you can wear a Creative sweater, colors dark, deep tones, different shades of gray, blue.


Jeans Every boy has jeans. How to choose the right jeans for fashion? Narrow models or high-cut jeans are relevant. Also, both should be roomy at the top. The color scheme may vary: black, deep blue, red, mustard. It can be under a belt or on suspenders.
Long pants and shorts – How and with what to wear shorts correctly: for thin guys, not wide models are suitable, if the child is chubby, it is better to choose free wide options with a minimum of designer jewelry, shorts are They are worn with t-shirts or shirts that can be tucked in and released, such as shoes can be sneakers, athletic shoes or sandals with solid soles.


Warm clothing – Warm clothing depends on the weather. Elongated down jackets and fur-trimmed parkas are relevant this year; leather jackets, bombers; in fashionable cardigans, knitted sweaters, jeans, or sports-designed wind and rain gear.

As for the older ones, children’s fashion offers bright colors and many interesting and elegant accessories. To get the best childish look in the fall-winter, you need to combine many wardrobe items. For girls and boys, it is necessary to have: a cap or hat, clothing for cold days, coats, jackets, fur coats, school clothes, sweaters, dresses, pants, and we must not forget comfortable shoes.

Children’s fall clothing is somewhat similar for girls and boys. They are united by comfort and style, fabrics, and even styles. In the fall it will be in fashion: knitted shirts, denim; denim pants, classic pants, oversized jackets.

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