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Fall nail colors 2019, photos, news, ideas manicure

The main trends of fall nail art are thematic images on the nails with traces of yellow and orange leaves, chanterelles, pandas, bears, penguins, snowflakes and other beautiful and uncomplicated images.

In the trend, even a simple monochromatic manicure can create interesting variations in the fall-winter style on your nails.

2019-2020 fall-winter manicure with inscriptions, brands, floral prints, “clean nails” and in the minimalist direction is especially popular among women of fashion.

The luxurious fall-winter manicure is interesting with many variations of nail design which will delight you with the depth and richness of colors.

The variety of colors used for the fall-winter of 2019-2020, dictated by beige, gray, cream and also dark and deep colors: blue, burgundy, emerald, brown, purple and black.

The original color accents in a fall-winter manicure on one or several fingers are welcome, but still, it isn’t advisable to use too bright and acidic lacquer tones, which are not very appropriate for a fall-winter manicure.

To inspire you, we offer a selection: the most modern fall-winter 2019-2020 nail art ideas are shown in the photos.

The most beautiful classic manicure fall-winter 2019-2020

2019 fall nail art trend is presented with classic and familiar execution techniques for us, such as French, ombre, “negative space”, “color block”, etc.

A special feature of the aforementioned manicure options for fall is the color range chosen correctly and the harmonious combination of the selected shades. The colors of the varnish, first of all, should be sober and calm: burgundy, marsala, wine, plum, chocolate.

To make an elegant fall-winter manicure in the style of a French, ombre and others, complete it with all kinds of decorations: rhinestones, stripes, wire for a manicure and camouflaged.

Do not forget about the rubbing and shine of the manicure, which will be useful to perform an excellent fall-winter manicure for the night. Give shine to the nails or shortly decorate the manicure with sparkles. The best types of fashion manicure fall-winter 2019-2020 demonstrated in our selection.

A beautiful manicure with a pattern | fall-winter 2019-2020

The elegant manicure with prints and drawings certainly attracts attention and interest. Fall and winter fashion manicure with prints and images of funny animals, such as a fox, panda, penguin, allows a playful and flirtatious image.

The nail art with stripes, dots, geometric patterns, zigzags, curls in the fall-winter season is also relevant. But for winter nail art with deer and snowflakes is more popular.

You can easily create a gentle fall-winter manicure using a stamping technique that allows you to make amazing patterns.

The 2019-2020 fall-winter nail art with the stamping technique looks fascinating and excellent, especially if proper colors are gathered, which further highlights the beauty of the image.

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Fall-winter nail art 2019-2020: interesting ideas with drawings, classic nails, nail art with rhinestones

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