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Fashion accessories 2019 – The essentials for summer –

fashion accessories 2019-essential-beach

We all love summer! In our article today, we want to give a little more attention to the 2019 summer accessories that you must have to make you look extremely modern. This is a perfect season to use bright and vibrant colors. Here we gather all the favorite items for the season summer, so it’s better to pay attention and choose your favorites. This part of the year is about striking accessories.

With each new season comes a new style of clothing and accessories. Autumn requires oversized sweaters. Winter demands the most elegant snow boots that one can buy. Spring invites us to wear a new and bright dress, and summer, well, summer is difficult. Increasingly high temperatures make skin-to-cloth contact increasingly less bearable, but a busy schedule of summer Fridays, outdoor parties and vacations mean your outfits are getting more looks than ever. So their summer attire must embody that elusive combination of freshness (elegant and light), functionality and adventure.

Fashion accessories 2019-beach-bag

Summer accessories 2019 – White t-shirt

The white shirt may not be the most exciting garment, but it is one of the most versatile. This simple summer style garment can be combined with almost everything and look great. So, whether you’re wearing black pants, a skirt Stamped, a long dress or jeans, you can never go wrong with this basic garment. The perfect shirt is reliable, flattering and easy to wear. Therefore, naturally, when considering personal taste, finding one can involve many tests and many mistakes.

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Fashion accessories 2019-t-shirt-white-skirt

Fashion accessories 2019 – Denim jacket

Although you don’t need a lot of clothes in summer, a denim jacket is essential. Perfect for mornings and evenings, the classic design will keep you warm even when the temperature starts to drop.

Fashion accessories 2019-jacket-cowgirl

The denim jacket has come a long way from where your mother bought you at school and if you know how to use it correctly, it’s literally the only jacket you’ll need. With its versatility and the best style, you won’t have any problem in using it always. Designers continue to reinvent the denim jacket every season, whether it’s a reconstructed form, an updated version of a classic style or a unique approach to stylize the basic element of each girl’s wardrobe.

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Fashion accessories 2019 – Classic sandals

If time permits, we would wear sandals throughout the year. They are comfortable, cute, and make any outfit look fresh effortlessly. If you’re taking a vacation to a dream tropical island or just want to fill your closet before your favorite styles run out in the summer, now is the time to buy sandals. At this time, all the neutral tones are fashionable, with fun straps and ornaments.

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Also, a small touch of color never hurts. Nobody likes sweaty feet in summer. As such, this time of year is perfect for getting rid of your classic boots and putting on two very modern sandals in 2019. The open style won’t only keep your feet from overheating, it will also lengthen the appearance of your legs.


Fashion accessories 2019 – Bags

Handbags are one of the easiest ways to elevate any look, especially in summer. With a simple white shirt, jeans and fashionable sandals all you need is an elegant and ready bag. With everything from the futuristic PVC to the retro acrylic, the natural raffia and luxury fringe handbags that arrive in style this season, we can not wait to stock up on some of the most important trends for next season.

Braided Round Crossbody Bag

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Printed bags are back and it’s never too early, considering that it is essential to have one for all the extra things you can not carry in your micro bag. Last season it was all about the basket but this year we are adopting another natural trend: the crochet bag. Think of a softer and wearable version of the trend, in neutral shades of beige, sand and brown.

Drawstring Detail Crochet Crossbody Bag

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Fashion accessories 2019 – Shirt-type dress

Whether you’re heading to the office, having a drink at night or going to your favorite coffee shop for lunch, a shirt-type dress is an excellent choice for your outfit. The elegant and simple style is perfect to keep cool and with an elegant look without effort. A shirt-type dress is possibly the best type of dress to wear in the office during the summer. It’s a lightweight dress, but if you chose the right cut, it doesn’t need to be revealing.

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In fact, it is easier to find a non-revealing dress among the shirt-like dresses than to find a non-revealing dress among the summer dresses in general. In addition, if you choose the right fabric, the dress won’t be fluid, but light, in general: perfectly appropriate for the office. Also, a shirt dress is a chameleon. Not only is it excellent as office clothes, but also outside of work. And, finally, there is something in a shirt dress that makes you look professional and elegant, but at the same time light and effortless.

Belted Button Front Shirt Dress

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Fashion accessories 2019 – Hats

We are in summertime the next few months promises to be full of clear skies and an infinite sun dotted with warm breezes. While the sun is good for your mood to feel the sun on your skin, you can leave it stunned by the heat stroke and, in the worst case, run the risk of skin cancer. While there are hair care products available to act as a shield against harmful rays, there is nothing like a hat or cap for ultimate sun protection.

Faux Pearl Detail Hollow Floppy Hat

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As evidenced by the catwalks of fashion weeks, hats are the essential summer accessories. Whether you prefer elegant models, super-large designs or simply want something that can be easily stored in your bag, at fashion stores you will certainly find something for you.

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Summer accessories 2019 – The perfect sunglasses

There is no better way to finish a summer outfit with style than with stylish sunglasses. While there are many styles to try, none will beat the ideal pair for the shape of your face. So, whether you play a classic pair of aviators or look stylish with a cat’s eye design, proudly embrace your personal version of the perfect sunglasses.

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You don’t need a blazing sun to wear sunglasses, but they are definitely essential summer accessories. From circular to square, from vintage to modern and from neutral to bright, the Summer collections have them all.

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