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Floral Design – Beautiful print that never goes out of style

casual floral design

When we think of floral design, beautifully patterned fabrics automatically come to mind. It isn’t a surprise that flowers are one of the most dynamic and universal motifs present in fashion. In essence, they are beautiful and available in a myriad of different colors, textures, and styles.

floral design blazer

So surely most of us have at least one floral patterned dress or shirt hanging in our closet. Today, in the world of fashion, floral design is basic. Certainly, a floral design adds a touch of beauty to a garment.

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Although in the same way you can do it in any other element. In ancient times, flowers had deep meaning and symbolism, which is why people wanted to wear them on their clothes. Besides that, flowers are a universal symbol of femininity, they were also prevalent in different cultures and time periods.

floral design black background

Due to this, diversity in floral design could be obtained with different patterns. Floral design is an essential print that is undoubtedly always in fashion and any season. Certainly and in a very basic way, these types of prints with the floral design always work for any occasion.

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Floral prints are a symbol of freshness and beauty. That is why designers always bet on these prints in their collections. There are various types of floral prints in the textile industry. There are the vintage floral prints, the tropical floral prints.

Floral design is present in any season

eye-catching floral design

We also find abstract floral prints and even stylized ones. Flowers are almost synonymous with spring. But in the same way, they have represented renewal, beauty, and the feminine side of nature for a long time. The link between floral motifs and natural femininity dates back to the last hundred years in the world of fashion. It could be said that, as attitudes towards women have changed, so has the role of female symbols in clothing.

floral design blouse

Flowers have always been very present. For thousands of years, people have adorned themselves with real flowers, embroidered details, as well as printed fabrics or patterns, are woven from these motifs. Some people only reach for their floral-patterned clothing when the temperatures start to drop.

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But it is worth mentioning that these prints work perfectly for any season and occasion when used properly. Without a doubt, flowers speak their own language. Traditionally, flowers have been sent as symbols to convey something.

floral design dress

For example, the red rose conveys love, the white tulip expresses forgiveness, and the daisy represents innocence. However, some of these symbolic meanings have been lost. But equally, there is no doubt that flowers can still tell a visual story, which can change a bit as time passes.

floral design on footwear

The roles that women have developed have also helped, which is why flowers have become a fashion. The first floral patterned fabrics appeared in the late Middle Ages. Italian merchants regularly did business with Ottoman textile manufacturers, who brought in beautiful woven velvet fabrics.

Floral prints work for any occasion

floral design on skirt

Later, Italians discovered how to copy the patterns of those Ottoman velvet fabrics and began to produce luxurious textiles with designs such as pomegranates and creepers. Although it is worth mentioning that, these first designs were quite ornate, heavy, and stylized.

floral design skirt

During the 18th century, exotic floral designs were also present in Europe. But this time, these designs were not shown on silk fabrics. This time the cotton fabric with a floral design would appear. One of the most famous floral fabrics, chintz was one of the most famous floral fabrics.

spring floral design

It was originally enameled calico textiles, which originated in India and where it was made by hand between 1600 and 1800. These textiles were not only made with flower designs but also with other patterns from nature. They were made in different bright and flashy colors.

floral design green background

Sometimes the designs were even represented on a dark background. Chintz had become so popular that it began to be exported to Europe through Dutch and British traders. British manufacturers were able to cheaply print and reproduce these floral designs during the year 1759.

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By this time, most of the patterned cotton used for clothing was based on floral designs. By the middle of the century, fabrics mimicked the fashions with European flowers such as tulips, carnations, roses, and daisies.

summer floral design

Also incorporated into more traditional Indian motifs on a white background. In the 1780s, bolder designs with twisted stems became increasingly fashionable. During the 1790s, small floral twig designs with tiny motifs and on pastel backgrounds became very cheap.

The floral design is very versatile in any season

vintage floral design

This is why they became very popular for working-class clothing. In fact, some fabrics intended for clothing deviated from white backgrounds to include yellow, red, and also brown. Textile production, obviously influenced by the Industrial Revolution, increased tenfold and machine-printed chintz fabrics flooded the fashion market and were used in women’s day dresses.

floral design cool dress

In the 20th century and, above all, in the 21st, classic floral design can be incorporated not only into dresses or shirts. But also to headgear and footwear. In the 20th century, this is a wave of popularity for floral patterns in the broadest sense.

floral design mini dress

Some big trends, like the “Flower Power” in the 60s or the tropical flower designs of the 50s and 80s, were very significant indicators of their respective times. Nowadays, floral patterns can also be considered an important part of timeless fashion. Floral design will continue to be an iconic look of fashion, from the hibiscus blooming all over an entire Hawaiian shirt to the sparkling prints on an elegant dress. This floral design, without a doubt, is very versatile and is here to stay.

floral design any season

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