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Geometric Nails – Tips for Trendy Nail Designs


Season after season, we tend to bring you to nail trends: pastel for spring, sparkle for summer, moody and jewel-toned in fall, and a hint of sparkle in winter. We all like to play with our nail design there is nothing wrong with that and when we saw geometric nails in the list of fashion designs among the top trend predictions of 2021, we thought we would collect some photos with ideas. Anyone who has seen what geometric nails look like will think of getting a similar design. They are elegant, interesting, and best of all, they can be as complicated or simple as you like. The only problem, which isn’t really a problem? The options are endless. Here, we rounded up our favorite geometric nail ideas from the world’s best nail artists.


Nail art isn’t for the impatient (or for those with shaky hands). Few have mastered the craft of meticulously detailing, flawlessly adorning, and shaping concept pieces that tilt the head only to the tiny surface areas of our nails. That is why it is very possible that some designs won’t be able to do it by yourself and will need help.


Geometric nails are not new at all, but they are definitely here to stay. The sleek yet bold manicure reminds us of negative space nails but plays much more with color and texture. Geometric designs are often seen in fashion weeks, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot do it yourself.

But what are geometric nails? The technique uses color and sharp lines to create striking shapes and irregular patterns. Normally, no two nails are the same, each with its own peculiarity and tone. Nails can be neutral or bold, and there are endless manicure variations. The easiest way to get sharp, straight lines at home is to use striped tape and lots of patience! It is also a great design for those with shorter nails because it draws attention to the bold shapes rather than the shape of the nails. It is also different from the French manicure, which highlights the length of the nails (apart from this variation of French mani for short nails!)


Be it a regular geometric pattern or an irregular geometric pattern, the charm it emits is irresistible. If you like this style of geometric nail designs, don’t miss it, choose one!
The most unbeatable color combination is black and white, it is undoubtedly one of the best options when it comes to a geometric manicure. You can have your nails beautifully coated with a solid matte black or a glossy one and paired with a rich layer of silver or gold. The accent can be a glorious geometric pattern worked in silver, white, and black.

Many women believe that geometric nail art requires exceptional skills. The truth is that this particular nail design requires mostly patience and not so much skill. There are different techniques and most of them are simple enough for everyone who wants to do their nails at home. Geometric nail patterns can feature symmetrical shapes and figures or unusual geometric patterns.


The asymmetry, the unusual geometric pattern on the nails, and the combination of bright colors will make your manicure unique. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the lines, angles, and shapes in the drawing. Even if they have different directions, the drawing will still be great and intriguing.

When choosing colors for your nails, you can use contrasting or close colors and match shades in a way that matches your outfit or choose neutral colors that go with all of your outfits. If you want a greater visual effect, contrasting and vivid shades are recommended as the nails will look bright and original. We have already told you the most popular and harmonious colors for a geometric manicure, but in addition to black and white with accents with silver and gold, you can go for scarlet red, but of course, depending on the season, the color palette changes. Spring summer nails are yellow, blue, orange, while autumn-winter colors are beige, brown.


Geometric nail ideas can differ significantly in complexity. Lines or shapes can be placed on one, two, or all fingers. Most of the time, the more complex the design, the less the number of nails it covers. The simplest type of geometric design is two intersecting lines of contrasting color, made on a one-color basis. A typical variation of this design is a checkerboard, which is easy to make with templates.


Geometric nails, regardless of their complexity, are done step by step so that the boundaries are clear. When there are different elements, the big shapes are drawn before the small elements and then you can add some decorations. The order of application of the colors is usually from light to dark, as this helps to achieve the highest color purity.

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