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Hair colors 2019 – The latest trends for spring –

hair colors trends spring

Today we show you ideas of elegant hairstyles, haircuts, and the latest trends in hair colors. These are the tendencies to enjoy a balanced image. According to the appropriate length of hair and the shape of a haircut in combination with a successful coloring can instantly turn a pretty girl into a real beauty. And vice versa: an unsuccessful haircut will add years, emphasize the defects of the face and completely ruin the image.

Hair colors – Trends for the spring of 2019

As a general rule, most girls are loyal to their image to the end and can wear the same hair color for years. However, it is worth remembering that hairdressing trends are also subject to fashion changes, like any other segment of the fashion industry. For girls who aren’t willing to experiment with extreme hairstyles, stylists offer unusual color choices. At the same time, you don’t even have to dye your hair with a neon color: by changing the color solution to a single tone, you can update your boring image and show everyone the perfect color.

hair colors spring summer 2019

It’s not that we easily renounce the pressure of fashion, but when it comes to trying new trends, it will be hard for us to say no. And so, as it seems that literally, everyone is dyeing their hair with a pastel hue, it is very easy to deduce that this will be one of the trends. However, getting the look of soft colors and keeping that delicate color intact isn’t as easy as your favorite Instagram stars do.

Pastel hair colors

hair colors pastel style

It is very easy to get a pastel tone especially for girls with virgin hair (hair that has never been dyed), for the others this can be an incredibly emotional (and expensive) experience. The best advice is only color a part of the hair to give an effect of ombre or wicks. You will never have to touch it up if it is below because you never really see the roots.

hair colors pastel style ideas

Black hair is often considered too bold or dramatic. We think it is quite impressive and we love this darker hair color for many reasons. It has an advantage, it looks mature and professional. The challenge? Find the correct look, style and cut that doesn’t look heavy. To help you, we are sharing the blue-black trend with you.

Hair colors – bluish black


The Ombre style keeps its safe place in the lists of fashionable hairstyles during the last years and it isn’t going to renounce its position in the nearest future. And really, the trend proved to be so unique, so multifunctional, it’s hard to imagine that there were times when we did not know about this type of hairstyle. Being a success of many seasons, it is unlikely to disappear. On the contrary, the fashion gurus of the world tend to develop and modernize presenting new and incredible new variations of this timeless style.

Hair colors – ombre style

The world’s celebrities and ordinary women have already tried the hair extensions and have mixed tons of different, incredible color combinations, and don’t want to stop. Following the needs of women, an inverse name has been created.

What is the reverse name?

The new style proved to be a very interesting thing: unusual and open for unlimited creativity, win with confidence the hearts and hair of women around the world. As the name of the trend indicates, the main principle of this color is to obtain dark tips and leave the roots clear. Then, the color comes from light to dark, which is purely opposite to what we saw earlier.


How the trend of the golden rose appeared. Pink has a long history in the world of fashion and beauty. Almost every one of its tones corresponds to a certain style that has given it popularity: for example, if the pure and bright fuchsia is punk, the color of the pink powder is the vintage elegance. The golden rose (a reference to the precious metal) combines two luxurious colors in something unique, elegant and stylish.

Hair colors – golden rose


The golden rose isn’t only a part of the general fashion for metallic tones in home decorations, but also one of the colors that you can experience when it comes to your hair. Rose, especially in more delicate shades, has become indispensable in nude natural makeup and won’t stop being fashionable, at least in the coming seasons.


If you have worn a blond and want a slight change of image, a good output of blond platinum or honey is what we call creamy blond.

Hair colors – creamy blond


The creamy blonde will have a moment this spring because platinum may be too strong for many skin tones. The neutral and golden shades of this shade work on all skin tones, which gives the user a fresh and youthful appearance.


A little pink and a little orange and very happy. That sums up Living Coral, selected by the Pantone Institute as the Color of the Year 2019. Get ready to see this cheerful tone in home decoration, fashion, makeup and, yes, in hair color. There are many ways to incorporate Living Coral into a new hair tone, from dyeing all the hair to ombré or balayage.

Hair colors – Living Coral


This tone is recommended for the audacious, although it will look fabulous for anyone who tries it. It is a natural progression of the orange hair trend that we have been seeing in recent years. The golden tone enhances the color of everyone’s eyes: blue and green appear, while browns look warmer, and soften all skin tones.

Now we leave you with some ideas for the less daring girls.

Now we leave you with some ideas for the less daring girls.


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