human design meeting you changes life
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Human design – Get to know this excellent tool and improve your life

Human Design is a concept that has recently been dominating the world of health and wellness. This is because more and more people want information about their personality, their actions, and their future. Many people attended self-help books or lectures, personality tests, and even astrology. All this is to look for options and find a purpose to answer the big question: What do I want to do with my life? Although of course, other very important questions arise from there, such as what do I like to do? What are my gifts? or what is my purpose in this life? Well, for those people who have not yet found answers, you have a great tool that shows you your higher self which helps you to align yourself effectively with the rest of the world.

human design meeting you changes life

What is human design?

People are no longer turning to astrology so much, but rather to figure out its human design. Since this system is a bit newer, you may not be very familiar, so we will try to summarize what it consists of. This system was founded by Ra Uru Hu in 1987. The human design system brings together various ancient modalities including Astrology, I-Ching, Kabbalah, and the Chakra system, which blend with contemporary disciplines of quantum mechanics, astronomy, genetics, and biochemistry. With all this information captured in a graph, it reminds us how incredibly unique each person is and that there isn’t just one way to prosper in this life.

human design align your life

It is worth mentioning that this graphic will help you live perfectly aligned with who you really are. It details your talents, abilities, and potential, which will help you understand how you are designed to engage with the world and will show you where you are most susceptible to the influence and conditioning of your environment. In the same way, it provides you with practical techniques to make decisions that can significantly improve your life experience. Certainly, this system offers you tools and knowledge to improve the quality of life in a simple but very effective way. Being what you are not and living in conditioning leads to disease, as you are faced daily with energies that you are not genetically equipped to handle. Human Design is a tool that can help you understand how your body and mind should function properly and how to align yourself with other people.

informative graphic human design

Difference between human design and astrology or personality tests

The human design system can inform you about your unique energy project and your insights, about how to best interact with opportunities and with other people from the moment of your birth. Well, for personality tests questionnaires are needed, which can often be somewhat distorted by our prejudices or conditioning. On the other hand, astrology provides more cyclical wisdom depending on the position of the planets and celestial beings at any time of the year about you and your time of birth. There is no doubt that all systems have the potential to be very useful depending on what you are looking for and what resonates with you the most. Human design is different in the way that it validates things that you already know to be true about you deep down, and provides you with a roadmap for deconditioning the world’s messages so that you can more fully enter into it. , knowing why you are here.

human design combination various sciences

Discover your human design and find your purpose

The human design is for anyone, although it tends to resonate a little more with those who are realizing that they want something more and are ready to break out of the plateau, who feel exhausted and don’t know how to generate more energy and joy in their life daily. This system is truly useful for anyone who wants more information about how they are connected to work and seek opportunities, who wants more clarity on how to take the next steps in their life, or who just needs confirmation of the incredible gift that is to come. When you know your human design you will have the power to awaken to your true SELF. Of course, the awakening process requires education and experimentation.

human design genetic information

For an adult, the way back to living life as desired can be a challenge. Clearly, lifelong habits must be overcome, and the power of conditioning requires commitment, courage, and determination. But, living a true nature of who we are, it really pays to commit to the process. Knowing and understanding your profile graphic will give you a new perspective on yourself and your interaction with other people. Take the challenge to work according to your individual needs and make the right decisions and this, in turn, will lead to better health and well-being, better relationships, and satisfaction in your professional life. This can lessen or even eliminate the fears and tensions that are part of your daily life.

human design different types

The types in human design


Generators, constitute 37 percent of the population and are intended for construction. They have an essential role in society. This guy is known to be energetic and eager to respond to problems and challenges. As a builder, you may be inclined to jump into a new project or commitment, although you may feel bored or frustrated afterward. To conserve energy and avoid frustration, be careful what you say by agreeing immediately, allow time before making a decision.

The Manifestors

The protesters include 10 percent of the population and are known to be the pioneers of the world. Protesters are happiest when they are alone, solving problems and making a difference. Although they also thrive on the energy of other types and find the balance of their support. The energy of this type is one of the strongest, they often make things exist. To find alignment, protesters must use their strategy of informing before acting. However, the need to report should not be confused with asking for permission. Demonstrators are generally determined in their efforts and move forward without question. Effective communication helps alleviate feelings of control and allows the demonstrator to experience peace.

human design find your purpose

the protesting generators

The protesting generators make up about 33 percent of the population. What makes this type different is that it has the characteristics of both a manifestation and a generator. Protesting generators find joy in trying new things and getting the most out of life. They are known for finding shortcuts to master them. They tend to work hard like a generator, but they have the power to make things exist, like a Manifestor. You will be able to know if you are of this type if you experience bursts of energy with the need to recharge or if you feel strongly if something is for you or not, you know immediately if you are on the right path. You need to be aware of what you are responding to and, like protesters, make sure to inform others before you act.

graphic human design with individual profile


Projectors are very different from Manifestors and Generators. Projectors have a complex and engaging depth to their spirit. This type includes 20 percent of the population and differs from previous types due to its lack of constantly generated internal energy. Unlike Manifestors and Generators, Projectors must use their energy wisely to live in alignment. Without careful use of their energy, they run the risk of exhausting themselves in their day-to-day life. Projectors possess skills that are highly sought after by others, making them excellent leaders. So when projectors learn to wait for the invitation, they can invite fulfillment into their lives. With his constant lack of energy, this guy must become a master at productivity and act as a guide for others to do the same. When Projectors await the invitation, they can provide the necessary guidance that satisfies both themselves and others.

human design discover your potential


Reflectors are the rarest of all, accounting for only one percent of the population. The reflectors are very in tune with the world around them. They quickly detect the quality of energy they come into contact with daily. They are sensitive to energy and, if they are not careful, they can absorb negative energy. Reflectors are highly dependent on the lunar cycle and the energies it brings. Once a reflector can learn to live according to the cycle of the moon, it can experience a real interest in the world and be amazed at its surroundings.

What is an inner authority?

Once you know your type, it’s time to learn about your inner authority. Authority works in conjunction with the strategy of each type when it comes to human design. Well, authority is the guide that we all have within us, which helps define whether or not something is aligned with us. It refers to body-centered intelligence and the way we innately make decisions. It is like the internal compass that directs us to how we should spend energy.

human design balance body mind

Solar or emotional plexus inner authority

Certainly, we are emotional beings, so it isn’t at all strange that most people have emotional authority. If you are one of those people, you must become a master of emotions, be able to move with your feelings, accept and then release. Emotions can drive our decisions. Emotions affect the way we view a situation and, more importantly, how we react and make decisions. Of course, avoiding an immediate reaction is key to navigating this inner authority. Once you spend time thinking about the decision and gain clarity, you can move forward with confidence.

Sacred internal authority

The sacred or sacred inner authority belongs to the manifesting generators and generators. With the energy that comes from the sacrum, they can know if something is for them or not at the moment. With this authority, you have the gift of knowing whether or not you have the energy for the task at hand. Once you start tapping into that energy, you will find that decision-making becomes much easier and more manageable. Human design types with this authority are people with strong gut feelings, always trusting their instincts.

human design know your interior

Splenic Inner Authority

Splenic internal authority is also known as instinctual authority. They tend to be guided moment by moment, which means that they live in the present and are very aware of their surroundings. They are also given authority by experiencing adrenal responses, that is, they can tell if something is right or not by their body’s reactions when making a decision.

Ego-manifested inner authority

The phrase “think before you speak” doesn’t exist for those with this authority as you are guided to express your thoughts for the benefit of your well-being. Telling your truth is essential and will lead you to find support in others. Some describe the decision-making process as following the heart.

excellent human design system

Ego-projected inner authority

Here the ego connects directly to the Self, so there is a strong sense of identity. Projectors, who are incredibly successful when waiting for the right invitation, generally possess this authority. Keep in mind that pausing before starting can unlock a new level of happiness, transforming you from the inside out.

Self-projected inner authority

With this authority, you can consider yourself self-guided. When you speak, you can discover your truth, but you must make sure you are listening. Instead of getting caught up in what to say next, allow yourself to say what is on your mind, as you will be guided through what you say, which will help you flow through life and make decisions. Usually, people with this authority have to convince themselves or do something. And once you discover the power that you have, you can also help others to find that same guidance within themselves.

human design understands your operation

Internal authority none (projector)

With this authority, the best thing to do when making decisions is to call a friend. Projectors will discover their truth by having conversations with those closest to them. Once you become involved in the flow of communication with someone you trust, you will find that decision-making comes naturally. Of course, you must learn to trust others and discuss their ideas and thoughts before consulting your own mind.

Internal authority none (reflector)

Remember the lunar cycle, this cycle is your inner-oriented reflector companion. To get the most out of life, you must find stability through the moon and, in turn, enjoy the many surprises that life bestows on you. Before making any decision, reflect on your energy and gain clarity, always surrounding yourself with positive influences.

human design balance with your environment

Now you must know your profile

The profile is the last element that will help you start your journey and practice your human design. You may come to have the same Design as another person, however, your profile number differentiates you from that person and can guide you on a completely different path. These numbers will help you get rich in your day-to-day. The designation of our profile is determined by these two things: the line that our Sun lives in our conscious personality and the line that our Sun lives in our unconscious design. Among the profiles is the researcher, being very creative people, looking for specific answers before making decisions, and are experts in their craft.

human design shows higher self

Hermits appreciate solitude and in those moments when they nurture their strengths to offer them to the world. Martyrs go the extra mile in everything they do. They appreciate the timeless practice of learning and evolving. Opportunists possess the gift of networking and cultivating relationships. They are trustworthy and influential within their groups. Heretics have great potential to be leaders, they have a great capacity for knowledge and the ability to say what they think. And there are the role models who live life in different phases where each brings new lessons and opportunities to teach others. Of course, this is a small summary of the basics, but we invite you to try this new tool and discover yourself.

human design improve your life

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