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Jewelry Design to Wear During Summer Vacation 2021 –

Accessories are an important element of any wardrobe, including the holiday wardrobe. You need to think carefully about the jewelry design that you should carry with you. After all, on vacation, we also want to look our best, and accessories will help us with this. Summer 2021 jewelry and accessory designs are big and eye-catching, with heavy metal chains and bold colors.

Jewelry design -handmade-ideas

Although it may sound a bit strange, it actually makes perfect sense that designers want to dress their collections in dramatic jewelry. What we need in these difficult times is exactly how fashionable feminine jewelry can bring happiness to a comfortable and simple outfit.

On the non-jewelry side of the spring 2021 accessory trends, masks and gloves emerged as a nod to our must-haves during the pandemic, while belts added a splash to spring silhouettes.

So, without further ado, take a look at our 2021 trending women’s jewelry design ideas: From small and dainty to large and dramatic, there is plenty of on-trend jewelry and accessories to check out in 2021.

To begin with, we want to refute skeptical thoughts that beach decorations are only suitable for glamorous photo shoots and movie shoots. After all, most people think that jewelry creates inconvenience, can be lost, lose its shine, etc. All of these statements make sense if you put whatever it is without thinking. But if you look at the measure and approach the topic of choosing jewelry with a part of practicality, you will be able not only to emphasize your style but also to make super spectacular photos for social networks.

Women Jewelry Design: Pearls

Pearls are always beautiful and elegant, adding a touch of delicate luxury to every look. For spring 2021, pearls are not only ubiquitous but also highly versatile, offering a wide range of different styles of jewelry. There was a bit of an edge to pearls at Chanel as they were paired with loaded designs like heavy-tiered earrings and chunky bracelets paired with black logo elements.


Jewelry trend 2021

It’s always a lot of fun when one thing is shaped like another, so for the summer of 2021, jewelry in the form of other accessories was especially interesting. The bag necklaces, in particular, were very surprising, as this season royal bags were worn around the neck. Jacquemus has been making small bags a must-have for a few seasons, so how about a necklace for her small bags?

We have seen many necklaces placed one on top of the other on the Etro carpet in particular with a combination of colored bead chokers. This season, the boho spirit was also very strong in Christian Dior when it comes to hair, bags, and clothes, when it comes to jewelry, the long necklaces that are worn one on top of the other and covered in pearls have gone well.

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Jewelry Design 2021: Abstract Shapes

In 2021 when it comes to fashion jewelry the truth is that it has not been a great statement. Instead, lightly textured and abstract textures look great with a hint of mystery. This was most noticeable at Acne Studios, where many fashion bloggers revealed in the crumpled leaf-like shape in which the gold and silver metal was formed, either alone or as a base for gemstones.

Jewelry design -2021-ferretti-ideas

Jewelry Design 2021: Big Chains

The big chains have a lot of power and dramatic air. These industrial jewels carry a powerful symbolism that designers have used for some seasons. However, for the spring we can’t wait to relate them to the feelings of being locked up at home.

Jewelry design 2021-beach-ideas

Jewelry Design 2021: Chains

If you want a cohesive look for your chain necklace, then you need a matching chain bracelet. The designers stuck to the big heavy chain theme for bracelets for delicate handles. Bottega Veneta’s gold chain bracelets had an intense shine, suggesting the idea of ​​’gold cages’. At Hermès, a well-polished silver braided chain bracelet design managed to perfectly balance the chunky vibe with a certain rounded, luxurious elegance. We noticed more chain bracelets at Louis Vuitton, Chloè, and Ambush.

Jewelry design -season-2021

Jewelry Design 2021: Images of the Ocean

The ocean is calling us through accessories and jewelry for 2021. The desire to escape to the water resonates well with many designers this season, leading to some jewelry that many mermaids will be very happy to wear. At Versace, for example, models wore starfish in brooches and earrings that went well with their wet hair and colorful outfits.


Jewelry in the form of locks and keys

Like the chains we talked about earlier, many designers have also relied on being locked in their homes during the pandemic with locks and jewelry. Fortunately, different designs were also part of their collections guaranteeing a way to escape.


The most versatile accessories for a swimsuit are the necklaces


High-quality jewelry perfectly tolerates the negative effects of humidity and the sun


In 2021 the maritime issue is especially relevant


If you want, use wooden bracelets if you want glass beads

Earrings to wear on the beach


One more idea about original earrings to wear during your 2021 vacation


Symmetry is overrated or at least from a jewelry perspective by 2021

Stylists have taken advantage of the trend for flashier jewelry


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