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Latest trends in original wedding details for guests


If you are preparing your wedding then don’t miss what we have prepared for you. One of the most frequent questions that arise for couples preparing for the wedding is why do we need gifts for guests and is it worth spending money on them? Some newlyweds, considering the number of guests to their wedding, decide to forget about this beautiful gesture, we advise you not to do it! After all, the guests come to share with you one of the most important moments of their life, and thanks to the wedding details, it is certainly worthwhile, in addition, each of them will be glad to take a piece of its celebration as a memory! If you have decided to give your guests something that will remind them of your special day then here are our proposals for which we are inspired by the details for Mopec weddings.

A fan with the program for your wedding or just a fan

As we all well know, the wedding is an event in which you don’t attend for two hours and you can give your guests some fans is a good idea they will even thank you during the reception because, after the dances, you don’t need to refresh yourself a little.


The other option is the paper fans with the ceremony program. These give the wedding guests an idea of ​​their great day. That’s why we can assure you that these paper products are much more than that: they are a kind of sheet that will help your guests to know everything about your big day. Whether you like the look of the signs, individual brochures or the fans that we show you, these guides are an excellent way to receive, inform and thank the guests.

The best part of designing your programs? Is that they have many options because it is a blank sheet and you depend on personalization, this is the best reason why the programs are usually a creative and fun wedding detail.


Another idea is to give your guests a bottle opener. For a fun touch, bottle openers with some interesting shape that fits the theme and wedding decoration can become perfect wedding favors. You can also be inspired by some unique verses and sayings for wedding favors and give away an opener with a note attached to it.

Original wedding details – A bottle opener

wedding-details-guests-bottle openers

But what will be the message in your favors? For some couples, the choice of a favorite saying or verse is obvious, for others it isn’t so easy. But don’t worry, the network is full of ideas for you to get the inspiration you need.

details of wedding-guests-openers-bottles-love

Another gift idea is the sweets. You can choose cookies and candies to be gifts for wedding guests. The design of a cookie can be very diverse. You can make them in the style of your wedding, or choose a color scheme that matches the concept of your celebration and write their names and dates in the box.

Original wedding details – A box with candy or cookies

details of wedding-guests-sweets

You can choose the famous French macarons. These desserts are beautiful by themselves, so all you have to do is place them in a package as beautiful as that, tie them with a ribbon is already. The boxes or bags with candies are a classic complement to give at a wedding.

details of wedding-guests-sweets-boxes

The boxes with candy, jam, and any other sweet can be a good gift. The sweets are gifts that won’t leave the guests indifferent. Inside the bag, you can write some nice words or place your photo .. And if you attach a label with the name of the guest to the package, you can also use a gift to mark a place on the table to which this person is destined.

Sachets for wedding details


If the sweets don’t suit you in the bags, you can put a small bottle with champagne, wine, whiskey or just a soda, a gift that will entertain the guests and can be useful at the most unexpected moment. In these bottles, you can stick stickers or hanging labels with their names and the date of the wedding, tie the bags with ribbons in the colors of the celebration.

Details of wedding-guests-bag-cotton

If you want the bottle to be filled with something useful you can opt for olive oil and spices two things that have space in each kitchen. Your guests will be able to cook many wonderful dishes and each time they do they will remember their celebration. It can be a mixture of aromatic herbs, or a bottle of olive oil and a sprig of rosemary.

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