Nail Color 2020 - Glitter
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Nail colors 2020 – The trends we love

Nail Color 2020 - Glitter

Today we present to you the main trends in nail color 2020 for autumn and winter. On the eve of the new season, we are always eager for the opportunity to walk through new beauty trends. As for the 2020 nail color for fall and winter, we will definitely have a place to go. Nail masters tried to make up for everything we missed when the pandemic took us by surprise.

Very soon our hands will decorate all shades of orange, our nails will shine light gold, and the jacket will show from a new and non-classic side and will require our most creative approach. We talk about these and other nail trends of the cold season in detail in our material.


Nail Color 2020 – Chocolate

For the sake of hot chocolate with melt-in-your-mouth marshmallows, you can forgive all the injustices in the world. The stylists decided that it was the chocolate tones that would help the girls survive the cold months with a good mood and a feeling of comfort and warmth in the soul. The shade of milk chocolate is an absolute favorite of the coming season, so this trend will definitely appeal to a sweet tooth.

Nail Color 2020-CHOCOLATE

Nail Color 2020 – Gold

The scattering of gold on the nails will look perfect both in urban autumn conditions and on New Year’s Eve under the chimes; We think this trend claims to be the most versatile on our list. Also, nail masters don’t limit us in any way regarding their execution. You can cover the entire surface of the nail plate with gilding, or you can apply it as a decorative element to an already completed manicure – here all the cards are in your hands.

Nail color 2020 -color-chocolate

Nail Color 2020 – Orange

The orange coated manicure has become an absolute hit for fall/winter fashion weeks, so if you’re still looking for the perfect color for your first September manicure, nail artists have long found it for you. you. Particular attention should be paid to the soft shades of orange, a cross between its usual and pastel variations.

Nail color 2020 color-brown

Nail Color 2020 – French Manicure

In the autumn-winter 2020/21 season, the jacket will find a second life thanks to a variety of trend variations in its execution: from the classic translucent to the colored with an ornament, the choice will depend only on your taste preferences.

Nail color 2020 color-brown-ideas

Nail Color 2020 – Pearl White

In all previous seasons, white rarely left the manicure trend list, but this time he entered it in a non-standard format for us: for example, in the fall and winter of 2020/21, we will actively walk in one shade pearl white or white with a slight pink tint. It will look harmoniously on both dark and light skin, so now it will be quite easy to make sure that one hundred percent hit the trend.

Nail Color 2020 – Black on Short Nails

In the coming season, the punk mood in manicure will prevail, so stylists advise to stock up on black varnish and not be afraid to leave the minimum length of nails. This combination will be at the top of the trend in the cold season.

Nail Color 2020 -ORANGE

Nail Color 2020 – Classic Nude Color

Nude year after year rules the ball on the manicure trend agenda, and this time was no exception. The special favor of nail artists was won with the classic shades of nude: blends pink, vanilla, and crème Brulee.

Nail Color 2020 ORANGE-IDEAS

Knowing the trends now we present the 7 main anti-trends in the manicure. Find out which prints, colors, and designs are no longer worth your hands.

It’s easy to follow trends in clothing and accessories – just browse fashion magazines or see the trends we show you in photos of models from Fashion Week. But with a manicure, it is somewhat more complicated. Nails are an important part of the image, and an old-fashioned design damages the image no less than an old-fashioned dress.


Color points

This design trick was once considered a bold innovation. With its appearance, girls began to actively emphasize the growth area of ​​the nail plate with a variety of colors. Such a manicure was even appropriately nicknamed – “mole”. Now dividing the nail into two halves is no longer relevant, this trend is in the past.


Broken glass

If the teacher offers to try the “latest novelty,” a “broken glass” style manicure, this is an excuse to find another specialist. The fashion for this style passed five years ago, although in some salons it is mistakenly considered modern. At the same time, the master will work on a complex design for a long time and will have to pay a lot for it. Instead of wasting your money, it’s better to turn to the latest trends.



Various complications and excess decoration are a thing of the past, not only in clothing. Manicure drawings have also been simplified and, one could say, have almost disappeared. The abundance of squiggles, pretentious colors, graceful curls, dots, and loops looks impressive, but such sophisticated nail designs are no longer a trend and are considered a sign of bad taste among professionals.


Along with the previous design, advanced manicure masters abandoned the cobweb. A ball of tangled threads looks sloppy on your nails, and let’s face it, it doesn’t paint your look at all.


No girl wants to look older than her age. But for whatever reason, many unconsciously seek to add several years to themselves when decorating their nails. The abundance of rhinestones is a direct reference to the glamor of the 2000s, which doesn’t fit in any way with modern, laconic, and understated trends.


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