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Nail Design Types – Choose the one that suits you best

types of manicure elegance

Caring for your hands and nails is just as important as caring for your skin and hair. Today there are different types of manicures that help a lot in the care of the nails and the appearance of the hands.

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But they also contribute to providing clean and above all healthy nails. There are many reasons why anyone type of manicure is important. Some of these reasons are the ones that keep your hands clean and your nails perfect. With this, you avoid chipping and also cracking them.

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The skin on your hand’s ages faster than even the skin on your face. So the manicure helps keep your hands a little younger. One of the types of manicure is one that is done with hot stones. This helps a lot to relax the muscles of the hands. Or if you need to moisturize your hands, the paraffin manicure is ideal for you.

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Types of manicure

This time we will indicate the types of manicure so you can know what it is about. And choose the one that suits you best, according to the need and the time you have. With beautiful hands and perfectly manicured nails, it will surely raise your confidence a little more.

simple manicure types

Basic manicure

It is an excellent option for those who want a quick solution for their nails. Without a doubt, it is a basic and uncomplicated manicure. To start the manicurist will apply a lotion or cream or oil to your cuticles. Then submerge your hands in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. This is to be able to manipulate your cuticles much better without damaging your nails.

types of basic manicure

After spending the time soaking with warm water and you have dried your hands, the manicurist will mold your nails according to your choice. Now a little massage to relax your hands. Then apply a base coat to your nails and two coats of the color of enamel you have chosen. A transparent topcoat and your hands under a dryer so your manicure is ready and perfect.

French Manicure

The French-style manicure is one of the classic manicure types and never goes out of style. It is simple but very elegant and the best thing is that it combines properly with any outfit. Here the nails are painted a very light pink or beige color and then paint only the tips of the nails white. Without a doubt, this style gives your nails and hands a clean and healthy appearance.

types of french manicure

Reverse French Manicure

Just like the French manicure, the reverse French manicure, these are two shades of nail paint. The only difference between the two styles is that in the reverse French manicure, the nail plate is painted white instead of the tip. It is a small detail that stands out and is fashionable.

reverse manicure types

As expected, this style of manicure has become very popular very quickly, due to the subtle and delicate appearance that your nails and hands acquire. These types of manicures are very easy, even from the comfort of your home you could do it yourself. Just file and shape your nails, groom your cuticles by pushing them back.

reverse manicure types

Once your cuticles are ready and your nails are ready, apply a base coat just like a basic manicure so you can apply the color you want later. Once dry, cover the entire nail with a bandage but not the moon. And add a white color or some other that you want to combine. When the moon is dry, remove the strip that covers your nail and apply a transparent layer and that’s it.

inverted manicure types

Paraffin manicure

A paraffin manicure is best for anyone with dull and somewhat dry hands. If you want your hands to look smooth and healthy, a paraffin manicure is the best option to obtain them. Because this manicure is a bit more complicated because of paraffin manipulation.

types of paraffin manicure

The most recommended is to do it in a local with a professional. The paraffin is melted in a heating device, and in the meantime hands and nails are prepared with lotion. Once the paraffin wax has cooled down a bit, your hands are dipped in it.

home manicure types

And once covered, you remove them to allow the wax to dry. Again you dip them, remove them, and wait for them to dry. This is done about seven times. After about 30 minutes, the paraffin is removed from your hands to receive the basic treatment such as massage, filing, shaping your nails, and enamel. At the end of the manicure, you will feel the softness of your hands, it is incredible.

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Acrylic manicure

If you can not make your nails grow without breaking in the attempt, the solution to have beautiful long nails is an acrylic manicure. An acrylic manicure consists of applying a rubbery mixture of liquid polymer and a powdered monomer. Before applying the mixture on your nails, you must create a rough surface on the nail.

types of acrylic manicure

Once the surface of the nail is rough, apply the mixture with a brush and mold the shape of the nail and let it dry. When it is very dry, it is filed and painted. This type of manicure is trending for its elegance and how beautiful long nails look.

acrylic manicure types

American manicure

The American manicure is more subtle, more neutral, and much more natural than the French style. Like the French manicure, this is about painting the tips of the nails in a different color. But the difference is in the color of the nail paint used on the nail tips. An American manicure is much more discreet, and the tips of the nails are painted in much more natural ivory tones.

american manicure types

Mirror effect manicure

If you want your nails to look surprisingly attractive, a mirror manicure is something you are sure to love. This manicure like all the others begins with the basic treatment. Immerse your hands in warm water, massage with lotion or oil, and groom your cuticles. Once you have finished all the basic steps of the manicure. Nails are painted black or any dark color and allowed to dry under UV light.

types of mirror manicure

Once dry, chrome powder is sprinkled on the nail and brushed to make it look like a completely uniform mirror. After obtaining the desired mirror appearance, the nails are sealed with a layer of transparency. And they are placed again under ultraviolet light to dry. Your nails will be super shiny and very attractive.

mirror effect manicure types

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Shellac manicure

This shellac or shellac manicure is well known and appreciated for its durability. And of course the longer the paint lasts on your nails, the less risk there is of chipping or breaking. The shellac manicure includes the application of a special mixture of nail polish and gel.

shelllys manicure types

Once the basic manicure treatment is completed, two layers of special lacquer enamel are applied to your nails. Then your hands are placed under a shellac manicure dryer to finish by applying a layer to seal.

shellly manicure types

Gel manicure

If you want a manicure that lasts a few weeks and is also good for your budget, the gel manicure is ideal. Once the basic steps have been completed, continue applying a base coat to your nails followed by two layers of gel polish.

types of manicure nails gel

Of course, each layer is applied just after the previous one has dried. The gel polish is also dried under UV light. The result is much smoother and more durable, which you could enjoy in two to three weeks.

types of gel manicure

Brazilian manicure

A Brazilian manicure is a somewhat messy manicure compared to other types of manicure, but it is very durable. This manicure is characterized by two things. The first is that its application isn’t as neat and clean as we already mentioned.

types of brazilian manicure

The moment the base is applied and the enamel, both the nails and the skin on the sides, are covered. But once the application is finished, the enamel is removed from the skin. The second reason it is characterized and different from other manicures is that the cuticle isn’t pushed back, but is removed.

types of cuticle manicure

Some people disagree with this. Since it is believed that the cuticle should not be removed since it prevents bacteria from entering under the nails. But if you are one of the people who have no problem with that, you can go for a Brazilian manicure.

brazilian manicure types

Vinylux manicure

If you are one of the people who get bored very quickly of the design or the same manicure for more than a week. Then the vinylux manicure is perfect for you. This manicure starts the same way. The lotion will be applied to your cuticles, then immersion of the hands in warm water. Your cuticles are pushed back and then your nails are filed, trimmed, and shaped.

vinyluxs manicure types

The vinylux manicure doesn’t require the application of a base coat on your nails. Since the vinylux enamel has adhesive ingredients in it. So only one coat of enamel is applied and once dry a second coat is applied. It doesn’t require drying under any UV light since this type of enamel dries very quickly.

types of vinylu manicure

The difference between the basic manicure and the vinylux manicure is the type of nail polish that is used. This type of nail polish is slightly more durable than regular nail polishes. And therefore the manicure lasts a little longer. This lasts for approximately seven days and is undoubtedly very easy to remove, simply with a regular nail polish remover.

types of vinylux color manicure

Hot stone manicure

Your hands and nails deserve as much attention as your skin and hair. After having a very hard week both in the office and at home. You deserve to relax and pamper yourself a little. These types of hot stone manicures not only make your nails look spectacularly cute.

types of stone manicure

But it also undoubtedly helps you to de-stress and relax. Well, as the name implies, hot stones are used here. Which are held in the hands to help you in a unique way to release all the tension you have in the muscles of the hands.

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So if you are one of the people who spend endless hours using your hands, it is a good option to give him a really special treatment trying the hot stone manicure. Here the first thing is to place the stones to boil in water up to a maximum temperature of 120 ºC.

types of manicure massage

While the stones are heating up, the manicurist immerses your hands in warm water, in which she has placed essential oils. When the stones have heated up, they are removed from the water waiting for them to drop to a temperature of 56 ºC. The stones are placed in your hands to massage them with them. Applying a little pressure on certain points, which will help you relax the muscles of the hand. This message will last about 15 minutes and then do the usual massage with the only lotion.

types of french wax manicure

We have to mention to you, that if you are in a hurry, then it would be better if you left the hot stone manicure for another occasion. This manicure takes about 50 minutes. So you should plan your time and give this love to your hands and nails as it should be. Your hands will be light and relaxed, you certainly deserve it.

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