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Natural Nails And Colors | How to look stylish

As we all know, today’s fashion is gel nails. With neon colors or natural, we all love new designs. But today we want to write especially about natural nails. Continue reading if you want to see amazing designs. And we have lots of tips about how to take care of your natural nails.

Long Natural Nails

If you are a lucky minority with strong nails, you can put your nails into the shape you want. Although acrylic and gel nails are fashionable today, there are many who want to lengthen their nails naturally.

Even though long nails are applied with gorgeous designs, neutral colors are also very popular. Pink, peach and light earth colors are ideal for these nails.

If you have fragile nail then don’t worry, LONDONTOWN has an amazing nail hardener which works like a charm. This vegan product provides ultra-strong nails with one glossy stroke & improve dry, weak and brittle nails. This dual-action formula conditions and hardens helping to shield nails from splitting, cracking, peeling & staining.

Your nails will look great with their natural texture or simply with a clear glossy finish. Especially oval, squoval and rectangular nail shapes will be perfect in this kind of natural appearance. You should choose acrylic or gel nails for coffin or ballerina nail shapes.

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Long fingernails will be even more beautiful, especially if your fingers are thin and long. To highlight the beauty of your hands, you can choose natural color tones or light french nails. This gives you an elegant and stylish look.
Sometimes flashy designs don't suit our environments. You can choose more neutral designs in your daily or business environments. In addition, natural gel nails will look very stylish in more ambitious environments.

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Short Natural Nails

If you prefer short nails for ease of use and hygiene, you can use natural colored nail polishes. Particularly transparent light pink, lavender, peach, and skin nail polishes will provide an elegant look for any environment.
With a beautifully applied manicure, your short nails will bring your hands to the fore. However, short cuts with a simple polish will strengthen your nails. Remember that it is important to find the nail shapes and colors that suit your personality. Simplicity is always fashion.

To make your nails look perfect, we recommend that you care your nails with quality products. In addition, for longer-lasting and healthier nails, protectors, and strengtheners are extremely important.

Londontown's Kur Nail Treatment System is truly a breakthrough in the quest to improve nail care.

They are Vegan, Gluten-free, and Cruelty-free. And now they have an amazing 5 in 1 box set.

This 7 piece set contains: Nail Hardener & Base Coat, Protective Top Coat, Nourishing Cuticle Oil, Restorative Nail Cream, Strengthening Lacquer Remover, Dropper, Cotton Gloves

  • Provides essential nourishment and restores nail health
  • Florium Complex Infused

How to use Londontown's Kur Nail Treatment System

  • Step 1: Strengthen with kur Nail Hardener & Base Coat. Set a strong base and infuse the nail with hydrating and fortifying botanical extracts.
  • Step 2: Protect with Protective Top Coat. Shield your nails from external elements and seal in crucial nutrients.
  • Step 3: Nourish with Nourishing Cuticle Oil. Support healthy nail growth by intensely moisturizing with essential vitamins and oils.
  • Step 4: Hydrate with Restorative Nail Cream. Deeply penetrate to replenish natural oil balance and deteriorated keratin.
  • Step 5: Remove with Strengthening Lacquer Remover. Safely remove, without drying or stripping natural oils, while hydrating Incorporate kur into your daily routine for visible results

Nail arts On Natural Nails

If you want to keep your nails both natural and have nail art, we have some suggestions for you. You can add sparkles in small areas on your nails. Sparkles placed under the nails in a thin line will increase your elegance.
Or a stylish nail design applied on a single nail alone would be a very popular choice. While the designs are in unlimited options, choosing in natural tones will ensure integrity.

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