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The Linen Jumpsuits and Rompers

If you went shopping lately you surely noticed that linen pants, jumpsuits and rompers are everywhere …

We love them! We really believe that it is a super elegant and seated garment that in spring and summer can replace without problems the classic jeans that are very hot.

And just as we have thousands of jean tones in our closet (we use them almost every day), we must also expand our linen pants ranges. We already started to collect different cuts and colors (land is our favorite). And you? Don’t you have one yet?… These looks will make you leave immediately to the mall in search of some …

The linen garments this year take the cake as far as “must-have” is concerned, but there is one particular item that fascinates me and those are the linen, high-top and wide-leg pants. They say the high-waisted linen pants are the new jeans this season, and I have to say no, they’re even better. They are a high draft, so they highlight the figure and being a thick leg, they are very comfortable and do not mark anything. And now that everything is so fashionable: maxi handbags, “ugly shoes” , sports tops and “no make up” , linen pants are here to stay, at least this season, and at least in my closet

 As you can see in the pictures, I have opted for the comfort in the accessories: sandals and a handmade basket, but with the top, I think I have also achieved a feminine point, as it highlights the waist and chest but conceals the hip. What do you think about the result of the look?
Do you want to know how? Here are our tips to combine your linen jumpsuits.

Zipper Back Overlay Embellished One Shoulder Jumpsuit

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Wide Strap Chevron Print Black Jumpsuit

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They are comfortable, are the latest and are the most combinable, they are the ideal garment for this season!! But if there is something that drives us crazy, it is that they serve for any occasion. It does not matter if you are looking for something more casual, a more chic look, a more sporty outfit or if a special occasion awaits you. Choose your jumpsuit, choose your accessories and reinvent it each time.

Round Neck Printed Two Piece SetUSD $34.49

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Zipper Closure White Open Back JumpsuitUSD $35.38

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We have a special crush with linen jumpsuits. The fabric is a must of spring and at the same time, so light and fresh, that works also in summer. And his pants, with long midi, wide and with movement, are ideal for the next months. Also, any occasion is perfect to show off!


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