types of scarves styles
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Types of scarves – More than an accessory

types of scarves styles

There are different types of scarves as they are not only a winter accessory but a style statement. Due to the contact, they have had with fashion, types of scarves have emerged over time. This has also brought many ideas to use them.

types of scarves designs

Types of hood style scarves

Due to its name, many people can imagine the hoods of sweatshirts. But this is a type of scarf that is worn around the neck, especially during the winter season. This is one of the different types of scarves that is very comfortable to wear and which doesn’t create many scandals on your neck.

types of scarves called hoods

Its fall is a little deeper than any other scarf. They are scarves designed for winter, so they are usually woven from wool, jersey, or pashmina materials. They are ready to wear scarves, so you will only have to wrap them around the neck, you will only have to pass the hole through your head and that’s it.

types of hooded scarves

Types of infinity scarves

Maybe you can imagine an unlimited piece of cloth to cover the neck. An infinity scarf is also like a neck scarf. But it is with a larger hole that it doesn’t just round your neck once, but twice. And because of this circle that he makes is his name since he makes the symbol of infinity.

types of infinity scarves

Types of mesh scarves

The definition of hairnet says that it is like a hood. However, with a unique feature of a hood. It means that the hairnet is a combination of the hood scarf and the hood of a sweatshirt. With this type of scarf, you get a piece of fabric to cover your neck and also your head. Here, the fabric has a larger width that fits easily on your neck and can cover your head. You will need to create a bow to use it, but it isn’t really complicated since everything is sewn together.

types of head neck scarves

Types of triangular scarves

For winter and summer fashion, triangle scarves are very useful to wear both in winters and summers. These scarves are more of a fashion accessory than a piece of fabric to protect you from the cold or heat. Because it is a fashion accessory, much more can be experienced From net fabric to cotton. Or from knitted wool to cross stitch pashmina.

types of triangular scarves

Due to its shape, its third angle covers the chest, while the corners after wrapping the neck fall over the shoulders. Both men and women like to wear this type of scarf. Although, women wear it more while men tend to keep it under the shirt, and only the upper part is seen through the neck.

types of triangle scarves

Types of boa scarves

The stole is also like a traditional scarf, but with a slightly narrower width, which is shaped like a strip. Stoles are also winter season scarves. The scarf is very long, so long that it can reach the knees. They can be used on both one and both shoulders. It can also be wrapped around the neck during winter.

types of stole scarves

Stoles are usually made from fur and are very soft and luxurious in appearance. This accessory made of leather can be worn with elegant party dresses during winters to protect you from the cold and also which gives a lot of style and fashion sense. Even for the pre and post winters, the stoles can be made of silk. It is worth mentioning that, for this type of accessories only expensive and luxurious fabrics such as fur, pashmina, and silk are used.

types of boa scarves

Types of discreet scarves

This is the least expensive version of a stole. Discreet scarves are very similar to fur. However, you can find them in common and less luxurious fabrics such as cotton, wool, or velvet, among others. Another difference here is that it can be worn during summers as well, whereas a stole is only for winter.

types of discreet scarves

The wearing of this scarf is also different from all other types of scarves. Usually, the scarf is a piece of fabric that covers the shoulders, neckline, or sometimes the head. This scarf can be worn around the neck, shoulders, and even the head or also the waist.

types of discreet scarves

Types of sarong scarves

A sarong scarf has a function opposite to all other types of scarves. The pareo scarf is worn around the waist or hip line to show off bodies at bay and beach parties. It wraps around the waist with knots as part of the skirt over a bikini. But in the same way, you can use them on the shoulders as a shawl.

types of sarong scarves

Types of scarves, blankets, or shawls

The shawl is the largest scarf you can have. That is why they are also known as blanket scarves. They are so big in size, rectangular in shape, but they are found in various materials for winters and also for summers. Shawls are mostly famous in Middle Eastern countries, but they are not limited only there.

types of shawl scarves

But shawls are not like huge, sheet-like blankets. In fact, they are getting more and more stylish over time in the world of fashion. To wear a blanket scarf or shawl, you can use different methods to wrap it around your neck or across your shoulders.

types of blanket style scarves

In the same way, you can use different methods to tie a scarf elegantly or casually, depending on the occasion. The material of a scarf is undoubtedly an important factor that you should play with. The type of fabric or fabric makes your scarf suitable for the climate you are looking for.

types of scarves shawls

For example, a woolen knit scarf would be ideal for snowy days. While a cotton scarf is a much more appropriate accessory to wear during the summer season. So you already have different styles of scarves to match your style.

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