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    According to this year’s preemptive runways and designs are worn by top models and celebrities, we are looking at a season filled with lovely accessories such as hats, scarves, sleek sneaker designs and creative bag designs to say the least. It’s safe to say, 2019 summer is loaded and ready to roll, are you? No need to fret, we’ve got a roundup of a few trends you are sure to fall in love with. Bucket Hats It seems the 90s bucket hat trend has made a huge comeback this summer. It also serves as a means of shielding your beautiful face from the sun. To look more fabulous this summer,…

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    Lower Back Tattoos: Ideas And Inspirations

    Today we’ll talk about lower back tattoos, a type of tattoos that have become particularly popular over the years. This type of tattoos is chosen almost exclusively by girls and women. They are very feminine and elegant if done properly. All this popularity of these tattoos has remained the same since the 1990s. Lower back tattoos have been the subject of many clichés; that labeled them as tattoos for girls with a little style. We invite you to take a ride in our fantastic gallery of images of tattoos with designs made in the lumbar area of ​​the back, certainly you will find designs that will surprise you. It is…

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    Modern wedding dresses for a beach wedding

    Nothing is more romantic than a wedding on the beach! The sand between your toes, the sounds of the beautiful waves and the exotic experience of traveling to a unique place will make your wedding very special to both of you. The casual wedding dress you will wear at your beach wedding will also be more economical than a formal party dress. Here we show you the ideas of modern wedding dresses for a beach wedding. Choosing among all the modern wedding dresses the perfect one for a beach wedding is very important. Your design will depend on the location and style of the ceremony. If you choose a dress…

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    Latest trends in original wedding details for guests

    If you are preparing your wedding then don’t miss what we have prepared for you. One of the most frequent questions that arise for couples preparing for the wedding is why do we need gifts for guests and is it worth spending money on them? Some newlyweds, considering the number of guests to their wedding, decide to forget about this beautiful gesture, we advise you not to do it! After all, the guests come to share with you one of the most important moments of their life, and thanks to the wedding details, it is certainly worthwhile, in addition, each of them will be glad to take a piece of…

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    100 Amazing Wedding Table Centerpieces

    Today we are going to show you some images of wedding table centerpieces. We have lots of centerpiece ideas and themes for your dream wedding. Candles, flowers, Minimalist, Vintage, Shabby Chic and ideas on a budget. The centerpiece in a wedding has a strategic location, in the center of the table, precisely, so that all the guests can admire its beauty and enjoy the smells that it spreads during the meal or the wedding dinner. Centerpieces for weddings – inspiring ideas Equally important is the decoration of the buffet tables, around which the guests gather to enjoy food and drink. Together with the flowers, the careful direction will define the…