• children's face painting home
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    Kids face painting – ideas and photos

    There are many materials for children's face painting. But the most advisable thing is that you choose those that are water-based. Since they are easier to remove than oil, especially if you have very young children. It won't be so difficult when removing make-up and it will last the same.

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    DIY for Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

    The most important celebration of the year is coming quickly; Mother's Day! That's why I thought of sharing this post with you. DIY for Mother's Day. If you work with children, it's fun to prepare little surprises for grandma too. I wonder if there are any kinds of DIY more popular than those made from toilet paper rolls. If yes, send me a little message, I'm curious to know! In the meantime, I share some ideas with you ... but not all of them because I am going to try them with my children and if it works well, I will share them with you J!

  • 12 Last Minute Ideas for Mother's Day T&D Blog
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    12 Easy DIY for mother’s day

    day I propose a compilation of 12 ideas to be able to have a special detail with our mother (who deserves everything). Without this representing a significant financial outlay, that there are no pockets for waste.

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    Easter DIY Crafts For Kids

    We share simple DIY easter crafts for kids. We found fun crafts from all over the internet. We love them a lot, hope you love them too! SPONGE PAINT EASTER EGGS – playgroundparkbench A very fun project with sponges and paint here is the original link: playgroundparkbench.com Shape Bunny Craft – housingaforest Cute bunnies from basic shapes. Go ahead: housingaforest.com SQUEEGEE PAINT EASTER EGG ART – hellowonderful Kids will love this Easter DIY craft. It is easy and adorable: hellowonderful You May Also Like: 10 Beautiful crafts to do with children – Tips and Crafts Magnetic Easter Egg Hunt – happytoddlerplaytime It is both a game and a science project.…

  • cuarentena compras
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    Preparation kit for isolation

    As the new coronavirus COVID-19 continues to spread, government authorities are opting for domestic quarantine. The World Health Organization has officially declared that the coronavirus is a pandemic. Companies where their employees work from home, schools sending activities via the Internet.

  • Cómo decorar pantallas de lámparas
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    How to decorate lampshades | Many ideas, and crafts

    Today we want to talk about how to decorate lampshades and completely change their appearance. We'll share lots of projects, lots of techniques, lots of materials. Convert a basic lamp into a main element of the room. Let's get down to work and share the most original crafts to tune your lampshades. Come on!

  • decorate small home balcony
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    How To Decorate small balcony 2020

    Living in an apartment and that it has a small balcony has its disadvantages and one of them is that small space. Decorating a small balcony is to make that space for relaxation and recreation at the same time. It is a place to rest from the monotony from your day to day and relax. We will give some tips and ideas that easily you can use to decorate a small balcony and create a personal space. Without a doubt, invest time to improve your little balcony.

  • original-de-bricolage hearts
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    Valentine’s Day hearts. Ideas of original decorations –

    if you want to make the decoration with hearts to the next level, then we will give you ideas in some more original ways to incorporate the hearts into your decoration in style. Also, a wonderful aspect of many of these designs is that they don't necessarily have to be only for Valentine's Day. You can decorate with hearts all year long if you do it carefully and with a reasonable measure.

  • 12 Crafts to organize with cardboard boxes
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    Crafts to organize with cardboard boxes

    We say goodbye to the year with a post that we like dedicated to crafts with cardboard boxes. Today we encourage you to reuse your shopping boxes, the packaging of your online orders. And make practical organizers for your cabinets or furniture. In this article, we have selected those ideas that also have a decorative point, a finish worth teaching or an original touch.