• Easter Craft for Kids using Pom Poms, Clothespins, and Paint.
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    Rustic Hallway Ideas.

    Today you will discover ideas to decorate with original rustic hallway tables. Contemporary rustic homes have that vintage flavor that characterizes them, but at the same time, they are sprinkled with original elements. These hallways are a mixture of the old and the modern. The look achieved with recovered elements. They use wood, either on walls or floors or through furniture and accessories. The new rustic style is enriched by other trends. The grandmother’s hall no longer takes. Inspire yourself in these photographs to create yours. Original rustic hallway ideas A decorative wooden element is the star piece of this rustic hall. This unique complement, which could have been a…

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    Striped Hallways. Dare To decorate with stripes?

    Today we are inspired by the stripes to decorate our hall. We select this pattern for several reasons. The first is because it never goes out of style. The stripes are timeless and will remain in your home until you get bored. Because you will not have to remove the decoration cause of they are outdated. Stripes are always fresh. The second reason is that we believe that the entrance and hallways, can look great with a striped pattern. We could not do the same with another room in the home because we could saturate the room, but the hall is an area of ​​passing. Lastly, we propose striped patterns…

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    22 Affordable Hallway Decor Ideas With Pallets

    The fashion of recycling still does not abandon us, and that is that what began as a concern for the environment has become a decorative style. We love to reuse objects, give them another chance, transform them and turn them into curious, striking and original pieces. You will see many things you can do with a pallet, room dividers, works of art, headboards, and even ladders made with pallets, but today we will try to inspire ourselves to decorate our hallways, in an original way, and for little money, if you are a DIY enthusiast. We hope you like our ideas of hallways decorated with pallets. Hallways Decorated With Pallets…