• 14 essential keys for a perfect laundry room
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    14 essential keys for a perfect laundry room

    In all the houses we can find a washing machine and a dryer, as well as ironing equipment, to wash clothes. Well, it is very interesting to have a laundry room in a home. Contrary to what many people think, it is not necessary to have an excessively large space to install it. Distribution The distribution of the laundry room depends to a large extent on one’s own personal tastes and preferences. Also of the elements that you want to introduce in the space: dryer, washing machine … Bright surfaces In general, the laundry room usually has a small size, so one of the great objectives to achieve with the…

  • Tips for decorating babies Dinosaurs
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    Tips for decorating babies Dinosaurs

    If you are looking for a theme to set the room for your baby here I bring you a proposal: dinosaurs. Baby dinosaur decoration is not soft at all, on the contrary, this style will add a lot of character, color and personality to the baby’s room. Something that moves away from current trends, but at the same time is a different and friendly idea. We propose some environments that will serve as inspiration. Decoration for babies: Dinosaurs Our first example, with walls decorated with large murals on walls and ceilings that represent sympathetic creatures, creates an enveloping atmosphere and manages to highlight the simple white furniture. In second place…

  • habitacion-clasica-princesas-1 "width =" 564 "height =" 498 "srcset =" https://theusefulidea.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Classic-rooms-for-Princesses-for-babies-Thematic-Rooms.jpg 564w, https: //www.habitacionestematicas.com/wp-content/uploads/habitacion-clasica-princesas-1-300x265.jpg 300w, https://www.habitacionestematicas.com/wp-content/uploads/habitacion-clasica-princesas-1 -370x327.jpg 370w "sizes =" (max-width: 564px) 100vw, 564px "/>
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    Classic rooms for Princesses and for babies

    If there is a theme that fits perfectly with the classic style it is the Princesses. The classic princess rooms bring elegance and class. If your home is classic, or contemporary, you will like all the photographs that we share today. Inspire yourself in these environments to plan a princess-themed baby room. Classic rooms of Princesses Charming detail of the wardrobe with integrated chest of drawers. I love these canopies with a crown design! Classic furniture, light colors and other crown reproduction on the wardrobe. Look at the cloth canopy over the crib, matching the curtains. Have you thought of any color other than pink? A room for two princesses.…

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    8 ideas trending to decorate bathrooms with style

    If you are thinking about updating your bathroom don’t miss this article. We tell you 8 ideas trending to decorate bathrooms with style. What colors, finishes, and accessories are trends to get a bath that will cause a sensation but at the same time will help you relax and rest after a long day. Do we start? From the use of elements more typical of the industrial style to the recovery of classic finishes such as subway or hydraulic tiles, the return to pristine white or the use of original barn doors. We are going to take a walk by the 8 ideas that we have seen the most and…

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    6 keys to an industrial vintage decoration that you’ll love

    Let’s see the 6 keys to industrial vintage decoration. A style that little by little has been gaining ground. The industrial style was born when abandoned industrial spaces such as warehouses or offices began converted into homes in the 50s. First by a simple need and by its low costs, later becoming a fashion and a new style of its own that we know today as lofts. These are diaphanous spaces where divisions are reduced to the maximum and decoration to a minimum giving prominence to the basic materials and structures of the building. The industrial vintage recovers elements of the industrial era to give them a new life. Let’s…

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    Meditation spaces at home – tips for peaceful places

    Meditation spaces at home become essential in a world where we live stressed and running from one place to another. We live stressed, running from one place to another and as a consequence, anxious and depressed. Therefore, meditation becomes an essential practice in our life. More if you live in a big city where stress, traffic, and haste have become the norm. Creating meditation spaces at home can be the ideal solution to find a corner of peace and relaxation. A special place where we are safe and calm, a place to renew and achieve the physical and mental well-being we so badly need in this world full of noise…

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    Bohemian style – Useful tips and ideas

    Do you want a more artistic and free-spirited space, but you never had the courage to try it? Then 2019 could be your year to acquire an exciting bohemian style, as it is almost always among the trends of this year’s siaeño and almost every year. One of the characteristics of the bohemian style is that it is about finding what is unique, fun, interesting, artistic and relaxed for a home. Bohemian style in the interior design For example, the bohemian style tends to highlight bright colors, complex prints, unique furniture and anything that makes a space unusual. Because of these elements, each boho style has its own unique look.…

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    Textures with reliefs – discover the walls in 3D –

    The walls with textures and reliefs appear in more and more places today. In addition to department stores and public fashion establishments, 3D walls are now making their way to homes and family homes, bringing accents of great interest. 3D panels for walls with textures and original reliefs The trend in interior design goes in recent years towards greater comfort and sense of reality, especially in terms of textures. The modern wall design with 3D panels works well in all types of interiors. Original designs of 3D wall panels There are many variations in the structure, surface, shape, and material of wall decoration of 3D art and decorative panels that…

  • Wall paper
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    Luxurious wallpaper – why is it always the best option? –

    Are you trying to decide between the Wallpaper and the painting? In this article, you will learn the benefits of wallpaper over painting. And why wallpaper is your ideal choice to create the most durable and captivating ambiance for your interiors. Wallpaper painted – benefits When designing a space, there is a wide range of elements and tools that can help you add texture, pattern, color, and depth to space. A rich space incorporates all these features and a focal point to create a well-designed and layered scheme. There are several ways to treat your walls and ceilings, however, wallpaper is the only method by which you can achieve all…

  • paper wall chinese flat stones
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    Wall covering of bedrooms – 50 ideas

    Would you like to renew the look of your bedroom? In today’s article, we will talk about the Wall cladding of bedrooms and we will also see some of the most current trends in terms of paintings and wallpapers for the wall take ideas from our collection of fifty spectacular models. Wall covering for bedrooms Nowadays, painted wallpaper surprises us with endless possibilities. Due to the technological advancement we have experienced today, it is possible to find a wallpaper of any color and shape, but the most novel of this material may be the visual effects it is capable of creating. Any photograph can be enlarged and converted into our…