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10 vintage and shabby crafts to fall in love with your house!

We will renovate the decoration of our house with some vintage crafts, warm, beautiful and easy to make.

Details with lace, decoupage objects, fabric or paper flowers, cushions with ruffles, recycled furniture, wood with pickling … All are elements that will give our home that vintage touch that we love.

Look those beautiful ideas… you will fall in love with your house! ♥

10 vintage crafts for your home

# 1 Crochet mandalas with flowers

Vintage mandalas

In decorations with crochet, we have seen a lot of ideas to make vintage crafts with recycled crochet fabrics. But this craft we find today is original, as well as fresh and beautiful.

To make it, we combine the crochet mandalas with flowers and we add details of fabrics, lace or rustic ropes. The result? Wonderful!

# 2 Decorated bottles

Vintage bottles

With decoupage techniques, such as decoupage on glass or cloth-lined bottles we can make incredible vintage crafts.

These details are perfect for creating a vintage or shabby chic corner at home.

Use napkins, photos, beads, and antique pieces to make unique pieces!

# 3 Lampshade decorated with fabric

Screen decorated with fabric flowers

If you have a lampshade that you want to decorate, here’s a great idea.

Using cloth bands, make rolls, glue them with hot silicone and then adhere them to the screen. In this way, you will have a new vintage lamp to light at night and fall in love with your house!

# 4 Vintage crafts with recycled frames

Vintage crafts with recycled frames

We simply retrieve the old frames and make some of these simple vintage crafts with them .

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# 5 Coat racks made with old furniture parts

Vintage clothes racks for antique furniture

Do you need to organize your bedroom or your bathroom? Get inspired with these ideas to make racks with pieces of antique furniture.

Sure you can create a vintage piece with style. And you can again have insight that family furniture which you didn’t want to get rid of.

What do you need? An old piece of furniture from which you can use some of its parts, some hooks, a bit of paint and the desire to make a vintage organizer that you will love.

# 6 Pictures made with embroidery hoops

Pictures with embroidery hoops

Using some embroidery hoops and a set of patterned fabrics In vintage style, you can make a great decoration that will be the center of attention.

Once you have created your vintage paintings, form a beautiful decorative set arranging the pictures with these creative ideas to hang pictures.

# 7 Crafts with vintage cups

Candles in vintage cups

The old tea cups and also those lovely dishes with little flowers or arabesques are ideas for making romantic crafts.

You can also use them as organizers inside the drawers or to create a Victorian tea corner.

# 8 Vintage Cushions

Vintage cushions

Add ruffles, lace and delicate details to your pillows. You can also choose fabrics with pink rose patterns to sew shabby chic cushions.

The sofa in your house or your bedroom will be a cozy little corner that will make you fall in love with your house again. ♥

# 9 Wire and lace hearts

Vintage hearts

If you were expecting to see a vintage creative and fun to do, here we give you an idea that will fascinate you.

Form wire hearts and then fuse them with tulle, lace or embroidered fabrics. Finally, decorate your hearts with ribbons. You already have a vintage detail to hang of the cabinets, of the doors or to give a delicate and feminine touch to any corner of your room.

# 10 Pickled objects for shabby chic decoration

Aging pickling for shabby chic

A floral arrangement of roses is a detail that can’t be missed if you want to achieve a shabby chic decor. But if you use an aging-looking container as a vase, the effect will be perfect.

Then look for a good container that you can transform. Then apply the technique of aged pickling and then tell us how you have been.

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