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12 Easy DIY for mother’s day

12 Last Minute Ideas for Mother's Day T&D Blog

We are a few days away from celebrating Mother’s Day. Yes, I already know that many of you are up to the point. I think it is a nice way to make something special of any day, and this doesn’t necessarily have to be linked to a physical gift, or a very expensive gift. That’s why today I propose a compilation of 12 ideas to be able to have a special detail with our mother (who deserves everything). Without this representing a significant financial outlay, that there are no pockets for waste.

I tried to search simple ideas with great results, Since we are just in time, although while it is true that some DIYs seem complex, I will give you ideas to make them somewhat easier, and that we can use those more everyday things that we have at home.

Well, we start:

Homemade ring jewelry box

I know that we start with a job that a priori seems complicated, but really it isn’t so much, and as I have commented before, here yours is that we can replace what we don’t have, or find it difficult to find, with other things that we have at home.

For example, if we cannot find foam curlers, we can also make the separators with fabric scraps, fill them with cotton or fill cushions, for example … although this option is much more laborious, the result is also great, or simply line the bottom too out of the box, and make it a jewelry box.

main "src =" https://www.tendenciesanddecoration.com/wp-content/uploads/main.jpg

Image and tutorial A bubbly life

Tray with lines decoration 

Another option that is great for Mother’s Day, since we can use it that day to surprise her and bring her breakfast to bed, or accompany her, with some homemade sweet, …

The idea here is to reuse some tray that we have at home, or buy some low-cost basis and personalize it in the tones that you like, (it doesn’t have to be golden).

DIYtraymakeover "src =" https://www.tendenciesanddecoration.com/wp-content/uploads/DIYtraymakeover.jpg

Image and tutorial A bubblly life

Pin frame

If your mother likes work or crafts, this gift will surely come in handy, as well as being practical, check it out.

Here, the easiest option is to use some fabric remnants that we have at home, since the original proposal is perhaps not so accessible, also if you want to customize it more you can do the initials or any drawing you want, with manual stitching, cross-stitch, fabric paint, or with a homemade stamping, … This will already depend on the desire, time, materials that we have on hand and our ease in these techniques.

Framed-pin-cushions-using-free-monogrammed-printables-printed-on-fabric-The-Creativity-Exchange "src =" https://www.tendenciesydecoration.com/wp-content/uploads/Framed-pin-cushions -using-free-monogrammed-printables-printed-on-fabric-The-Creativity-Exchange.jpg

Image and tutorial The creativity exchange


This is easiest and fastest of all proposed, and the best, we can use it to tune a pot, and make them a vase, (like the one in the photo), but since it is so easy and simple, we can also use it to tune glasses, or other glass containers! ! and hey if we take some own flowers, or that we find in the field, it is already a more than a complete gift, and very low cost.

10_minute_vase_diy-final-696x1024 "src =" https://www.tendenciesydecoration.com/wp-content/uploads/10_minute_vase_diy-final-696x1024.jpg

Image and tutorial The crafted life

Decorative plate in wood

We go from easier, more laborious, and perhaps more complicated to replace elements, but basically theirs is to keep the idea, and then adapt it to our possibilities, for example, we can on sticker paper and with the help of a printer, write mom or whatever we want, in a couple of fonts in capital letters, (which are easy, then cut them out), we put several of them, throughout the entire table, in the order and shape that we like, and so We replace the materials used in the original DIY.

momsubway5 "src =" https://www.tendenciesanddecoration.com/wp-content/uploads/momsubway5.jpg

Image and tutorial The pink samurai

Bag with cat

Another very easy option, you don’t need to be very loose with the thread and the needle to get such great results. Here we can tune a bag or a t-shirt, a cushion, … to achieve the effect that the kitten seems to pull out, or we can also make a line with the thread, or we can put a strip of something else, lace, smooth fabric, smooth piquillo, …

DIY-Embroidered-Cat-Tote-Bag-Hero "src =" https://www.tendenciesydecoration.com/wp-content/uploads/DIY-Embroidered-Cat-Tote-Bag-Hero.jpg

Image and tutorial Nalles house

Strip photos

I have to tell you that this is the one I like the most, the materials are not complicated, and the result is fantastic, surely if you decide on this, you will be right, as an idea, you can get the photos through a printer, and write some text next to the photo.

diy brag book 1

Image and tutorial The happy scraps

Bottles with photo

We got to this one that seems to be fantastic because we can do it as a family, involving and entertaining the children of the family, since if you look at the original it is made by the children themselves, although with a little help of course, but it is simple, cheap and surely mom’s heart softens.

mothers-day-gift-handmade-love "src =" https://www.tendenciesanddecoration.com/wp-content/uploads/mothers-day-gift-handmade-love.jpg

Image and Tutorial via Brit

Storage boxes 

Other good idea, very easy and with everyday objects, recycling belts, fabrics, and boxes, and the best we can do in whatever size we want, and it will surely come in handy, With the things we always have to keep !!

Totes-Styled-22 "src =" https://www.tendenciesanddecoration.com/wp-content/uploads/Totes-Styled-22.jpg

Juggling act mama picture and tutorial

Wooden photo frames

Here you have a Lovely DIY, in order to have what we love most very close to us, the truth is that step by step, it is one of the best I have seen, very detailed and especially clarifying, the only thing to be a little handyman; You can replace the stick they use in the original, with metal brackets, something cheap and affordable.

photoblocks_collage "src =" https://www.tendenciesydecoration.com/wp-content/uploads/photoblocks_collage.jpg

Juggling act mama picture and tutorial

Terrarium decoration

Another peasy, easy, cheap proposal and where they can participate the youngest of the family. Look at the variety that they show us, in different glass supports but also in clay; it’s just a matter of letting your imagination run wild and creating something with the style that Mom likes.

IMG_6350-560x373 "src =" https://www.tendenciesanddecoration.com/wp-content/uploads/IMG_6350-560x373.jpg

Image and tutorial The pleated poppy

A case for brushes and pencils

Here something pretty practical, and also very easy, in case you don’t have leather or fur, you can use for example double placed felt, in the color you like, you will surely surprise her and help her keep the order of your makeup set.

makeupbrushholder "src =" https://www.tendenciesydecoration.com/wp-content/uploads/makeupbrushholder.png

Image and tutorial Henry happened


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