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17 crafts with decorative Pebbles

The crafts with decorative pebbles are trendy. More and more people are making this DIY trend that consists of paint stones to decorate. Whether with paint or markers suitable for crafts of this type, decorating stones is a trend worth talking about. The result of these stones to decorate is really beautiful. Here we present 17 examples in photos of handicrafts with decorative stones, let’s see them!

17 crafts with decorative stones

1. Crafts with decorative pebbles in the shape of cactus

crafts with decorative stones

Converting simple stones into beautiful decorative cactuses is very simple. We just have to paint pebbles, choosing the largest ones. Green, white, red and lime can be suitable for decorating your cactus-shaped stones. The result? Beautiful pots that we can place in any corner of the home or we can even give to our friends.

2. Crafts with decorative owl-shaped stones

crafts with decorative stones

Another way to decorate your pebbles is painting them like owls. As you can see in the photo, you must choose oval shaped stones. Then it will only be necessary to apply stone paint that allows you to give life to the stone owls that you can use to decorate.

3. Crafts with decorative stones in the shape of fish

crafts with decorative stones

Do you want a more original decorative stones idea? Well, you can also paint stones to imitate like fish. You can choose four oval and elongated stones and place them inside a fish tank and on a base of pebbles and shells that mimic the seabed a bit. Then you put the painted stones on top and … voila! The result you will love.

4. Crafts with decorative stones in the shape of houses

crafts with decorative stones

An example that I love about stones to decorate are these stones in the shape of houses. The ideal, in this case, is to choose several stones of similar shapes to make a series. Here we have left some examples. You can choose houses with pointy roofs or houses with flat roofs. In any case, the result is really precious.

5. Crafts with decorative pebbles in the shape of cats

crafts with decorative stones

This idea has seemed very funny to me. Decorate stones as cats. We only need some flat stones, stone paint, fabric for the ears and the rope that we will use to make the tail. How last we only have to draw the face and feet with a permanent marker.

6. Crafts with decorative stones in the form of fruits

crafts with decorative stones

Do you want to decorate your pebbles as fruits? Now you can do it! The idea is to choose stones to paint that has the same shape as the fruits we are going to represent. In the case of lemon, orange, and kiwi, we can choose round stones and draw them as if they were split in half.

7. Crafts with decorative stones in the form of paintings with landscapes

crafts with decorative stones

This idea may be complementary to the previous one we talked about paint stones in the shape of a house. It is about sticking these stones on a canvas in which we have drawn a landscape. The result is also very beautiful and fulfills the function of decorative painting. In this case, it is important that the stones are flat so that the volume is not disproportionate. Notice, too, that stones have also been used for the treetops and under the houses.

8. Crafts with decorative stones with illustrations

crafts with decorative stones

It is not necessary to paint the pebbles to result in a beautiful design, also We can use them as canvases for illustrations. As you can see, we just have to clean the stones well and apply a black or white drawing depending on the background color. The illustrations in stones are very aesthetic and we can use them to decorate the house.

9. Crafts with heart-shaped stones

crafts with decorative stones

The stones can not only be painted, but we can also use them to create with them a mural. The grace of this type of mural is that you choose stones of different colors and shapes. In this way, we ended up having a very original heart-shaped mural. It is important that you choose a base on which to stick the stones one by one.

10. Crafts with decorative stones such as candle holders

crafts with decorative stones

Another example that shows that stones are not only used to be painted, is the one in this photo. Here we see that stones can also be an interesting material to shape a candleholder. In this case, we have chosen a flat, large base stone and five oval stones in a semicircle to which the eyes have been painted. As a craft for the home, it is very interesting.

11. Crafts with decorative stones like three in a row

crafts with decorative stones

Do you want to make a fun and original gift with the help of crafts with pebbles? This idea will love you! It’s about using decorative stones as tic tac toe cards. Some you can paint in pink with all white, the other green with white stripes. The result is very cute and you can give them away.

12. Crafts with decorative stones with borders

crafts with decorative stones

East example of painted stones I found it really beautiful. It is about painting the stones first, to be able to be flat, and then go painting the details with a fine brush, forming beautiful borders. These stones to decorate we can give them away or use them to give a little color to any corner of our house. Although the example is blue we can use any other color.

13. Crafts with decorative stones in the form of a picture with penguins

crafts with decorative stones

A picture with penguins made with stones. It is very similar to the houses with the landscape. The difference is that, instead of home, there are penguins. To create this picture we will only need a canvas to paint some clouds and stones for penguins and red balloons. This painting is ideal for children’s decoration.

14. Crafts with decorative stones in the form of a minimalist painting

crafts with decorative stones

This frame, unlike the previous one, has a minimalist design. A small trunk has been used and then a few stones to create the silhouettes that we observe. For this type of crafts with stones to decorate it is necessary that we have a deep or glassless picture.

15. Crafts with decorative pebbles in the form of trees

crafts with decorative stones

The trees They symbolize life. It’s a really inspiring idea with this beautiful motif. The shape of decorated stones, as you can see, it’s very pretty. Ideal to decorate the home.

16. Crafts with decorative stones in the shape of a town

crafts with decorative stones

Here I bring you a second mural with decorative pebbles, in this case, with the shape of a town. The design of this mural is also minimalist, simple but very beautiful. We can paste it directly to the wall or on a sheet and then put the frame that we want.

16. Crafts with decorative stones in the form of faces

crafts with decorative stones

Finally, we show you these ideas of decorative stones. They are very original ideas since the stones imitate faces of people. For these stones, we have to have a bit of drawing talent. The key is to find stones that are flat and have a somewhat triangular shape.

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