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+ 20 amazing craft ideas with pompoms

In this post, I will talk about crafts with pompoms. I have made a collection of very simple crafts to carry out at home and decorate your house and yours with pompoms. It’s simple! Join the fashion of the pompoms!

The best thing about pompoms is they are very simple to make And can be a perfect gift for birthdays.


When we talk about pompoms, the typical one comes to mind beanie with a pompom on the tip.

crafts with pompoms

But pom-poms can give much more of themselves. You can do fantastic scarves only with pompoms

scarves with pompoms

Or decorate your scarves with small details as in the following example:

pompoms in scarves

If you liked the scarves made with pompoms you will love these shirts. Don’t limit yourself and ornate t-shirts and sweaters with pom-poms. You can sew pompoms of different sizes and colors in a plain jersey to create this modern look. Who wouldn’t love to receive this original jersey as a gift? Crafts with pompoms will drop anyone’s jaw!

jersey with pompoms

Pompons can also be included in existing compositions. Sew your pompoms over pre-existing drawings on your shirts. You can get results as fun as these where a beautiful rainbow is diluted in a rain of pompoms or a girl goes flying with balloons that are pompoms.

make shirts with pompoms
clothes with pompoms for children

Crafts with pompoms have a wide range. You can make precious accessories to decorate your hair using pompoms The limit is your imagination. Make colorful pigtails. All you have to do is hook pom-poms to the hair bands. They are ideal to create a look of flamenco.

coleteros with pompoms

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If you prefer you can make your own headdresses and headbands. Dare to fix your hair in the style of Frida Kahlo? In this case, more is more. The bigger the pompoms the better. 

tiaras and headdresses with pompoms
tiaras with pompoms

If you liked these ideas you will love the sandals decorated with pompoms. You can do them at home. All you need are tiny pom-poms and an impact tail. Glue the pom-poms to the straps of your sandal. Be careful not to leave any space and Voilà! Now you can enjoy sandals as fun as these:

make sandals with pompoms

Another fabulous idea is to create your own set of earrings and necklaces.

earrings with pompoms

If you prefer you can combine pom-poms in pastel colors with wooden shapes to create a romantic effect necklace.

necklaces with pompoms

Another idea is to create a necklace of mini pompoms and chains. It is very simple.

how to make a necklace with pompoms

You can also tune your bags with pompoms. You can fill them completely with pompoms

make bags with pompoms

Or apply only some pompoms like in this beautiful beach carrycot.

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beach bags with pompoms


Also, encourage yourself to decorate your house with pompoms. It fills all corners with vitality and joy. Don’t limit yourself! The pompoms are fashionable and are the economic alternative for your home decor. You can create decorative animals and fruits that will become fun centerpieces

centerpieces with pompoms

or you can also use them wall decors.

walls with pompoms

The results are so incredible that it seems difficult to make them. But you will see that if you put yourself in a while you will be able to make these beautiful figures. Here you have a tutorial to create a lemon and a watermelon.

make a lemon with pompoms
how to make a watermelon with pompoms


In addition to decorating your clothes or your house, you can make beautiful crafts with pompoms. Here are some ideas.

There is nothing more practical than a nice bookmark. There are several ways to make bookmarks with pompoms. One is using a clip.

book point with pompoms

The other is to make your bookmark only with wool. Below is a simple tutorial. You can do this craft with your kid because it is very easy to do. Maybe they need help to make the pompom but all together you will have a great time. Cheer up!

book point with pompoms

Another precious gift is a key chain. You can create it using only pompoms

pompoms keychain

or by combining the pompoms with threads and wooden beads. You choose!

original keychains with pompoms

What do you think about the crafts with pompoms? Do you like them? Then stay tuned for more posts like this. You can subscribe to get every idea to your mail. And don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest. If you want us to write about a topic, we always welcome comments and ideas, feel free to write them below.


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