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5 irresistible tips to decorate with candles

Our home is much more than a place to live; It is a corner of the world where we feel ourselves, in peace and harmony. So, to achieve that sense of tranquility is very advisable to decorate with candles. The candles provide a lot of peace; also, the light of its flame makes the environment more relaxing. For example, nothing better than to get home after a hard day of work and lie on the sofa to listen to music by candlelight; The feeling of peace and tranquility is practically instantaneous.

How to decorate with candles?

Here we tell you some secrets to decorate with candles.

-Candles in jars

Currently, the decoration made by ourselves is more fashionable than ever. In addition, it is an extremely cheap option to tune our home. And we have the possibility that everything adapts precisely to our tastes. A good idea is to place candles inside glass jars of different sizes, as we can see in the photo. Just add a bit of sand as a base and, on it, place the candles.

-Homemade Candleholders

decorate with candles

We can also create our own candleholders to decorate our home. We have a world of possibilities within our reach. A good idea is to create wşth a bunch of seasonal flowers, for example, lavender. It is really beautiful because it brings a touch of nature and color to space and, in addition, the flame of the candle reflected on the bouquet creates a special atmosphere.

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-Candles to decorate the garden

decorate with candles

There is a misconception that candles can only be placed inside the home as a decoration. Well, the truth is that they look great in the garden. One of the best options is to place them inside a jar and with the help of a string hanging them from a tree. If we want to create a cheerful and funny atmosphere we can choose glass jars of different colors: blue, pink, yellow … With the flame light, they will look amazing. If we prefer something more classic, the standard transparent glass jars are also a very good option.

-Candles as centerpiece

decorate with candles

The candles are also the best options as a centerpiece. For example, if we have lunch or dinner with family and / or friends. We simply get a glass container like the one we can see in the photo and decorate it to our liking. In autumn or winter, pine nuts are a great option; in spring or summer, we can bet on another type of decoration, like flowers. Then, we just have to place a large candle in the center, and that’s it. The candle can be chosen from the color that we like the most: white, gold, silver …

-Candles with shapes

ideas to decorate

A very simple way to decorate with candles is to get candles with shapes. The variety in the market is enormous, and we can find candles of all kinds, like these we see in the photo in the form of an apple. Depending on our own tastes, and the general decoration of the home, we can bet on one or the other.

Decorating with candles is very simple because these they offer us a world of possibilities. We simply have to look at the decoration of the space and know what our tastes are to find the best option.

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