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7 fantastic ideas for recycling old wooden doors

Discover 7 ideas to recycle old wooden doors and turn them into useful and decorative elements in your home. You’ll be surprised!

You will be amazed by this post if you are thinking about changing the doors of your house because you bored them. Or maybe you want to give a change to your house. Today we propose 7 ideas to recycle old wooden doors and turn them into useful and decorative elements in your home. Because you don’t have to waste anything and wooden doors can be useful in many circumstances. Recycling is not just a trend but a way of life in which reusing what we don’t use can become a discovery of new possibilities. It is what we propose to you today with the doors, you won’t see them the same again, now you will see many more possibilities each time a door is opened. You’ll be surprised!

recycle wooden doors

Recycle wooden doors

1. A most chic lobby

By recycling wooden doors we can get a chic lobby with that farmhouse style that makes us fall in love and never goes out of style. A simple idea that can look pretty like that. In the first case, you just need to add a small desk, some legs and a shelf on top to give much more function to your recycled door. The result is well, worth it! But if you don’t want to complicate your life, door with just some hangers could be the centerpiece of your hall, you decide!


We can also create a slate area in which to leave welcome messages or make a shopping list so that we never forget anything. We add some clothes hangers, a nice pennant, a grid basket, and a calendar to have all the info always at hand, and can be a nice solution for any corner of the house. Here is a great tutorial

make a blackboard with wooden doors

But if you have an event and you do not know how to decorate it, the first idea can also serve as a drinks bar full of charm and with a very special design, we love it! And then you can recycle it for any corner of the house, surely you will find a lot of uses. If you have fallen in love with this last idea here you can see the step by step how to carry it out.

2. Headboards for your room

Another great idea to recycle old wooden doors is to use them as bed headboards. We already know that unique headboards are fashionable. Now you can also use old wooden doors as a headboard and get a room with an original point. In addition, if they are decorated doors or with some special detail even better because they will give a very vintage look to your bedroom. Beautiful!

headboards with wooden doors

If it is normal doors without any charm, you can always give a finish that makes them special, like pickling in a nice color or make a small drawing with stencil technique. A simple idea but with a spectacular result for both single beds and double beds. That can give a chic touch to that guest room that you resist. An option to take into account when redecorating at home, don’t you think?

head with wooden doors

3. A very original table

It is one of the best ideas to recycle wooden doors. The idea is very simple, you just have to add some legs to have a great table in which to extend the gatherings after a family meal or with friends and in which the table will become the main protagonist. Leave it in its original state or give it a coat of some beautiful color and you will have the perfect piece that you lacked for your dreamed dining room.

make tables with wooden doors

Don’t you love that door in deep blue? I’m in love.

4. Unique shelving

If you are one of those, who never have enough shelves at home, now you can have a different shelf that all your visitors will admire. And a door can become that shelf you needed for the books you still keep inside a box or lost in any corner. There is never enough storage at home. If it is as original as this one you will always find something to store in! It is only necessary to add some shelves and you already have a unique shelf.

shelves with wooden doors

5. A very personal mirror

I am not much of mirrors at home but I have to admit that these have conquered me, perhaps because they are not typical mirrors that you can see anywhere. But if you convert your old door into a mirror it will undoubtedly be a unique and special piece. Surely you will find a perfect place either in the living room, in the hall or in one of the rooms of the house. What do you think about it? Depending on the type of door, the result of the mirror will be very different but I wouldn’t know which one to stay with … I like them all!

mirrors made with doors

6. Get a barn door

Surely you’ve seen them in more than one magazine and perhaps in a hotel or restaurant you’ve visited. Barn style doors are fashionable. Apart from they are looking very practica,l they are really decorative. Now you can recycle wooden doors that you no longer need. The result is so beautiful that we are looking forward to putting it into practice, you too?

make barn doors

7. Picture frames

Do you want to create an ideal frame for your family photos and don’t know how? Well, an old door can be the solution for them to shine in. Also with an original and very chic touch that will surely triumph. If you put some hangers and put it at the entrance of the house, it can do the function of a rack. You no longer have excuses not to expose your most beautiful photos in view of everyone!

photo frames with doors

And here our ideas to recycle wooden doors, but if you want to see more ideas and inspiration you can visit my Facebook page where as always you will find many more interesting things. I hope you liked the article and it inspired you. And don’t forget to pin us on Pinterest. I always look forward to your comments and ideas. Happy week.


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