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9 decoration trend for a flirty house

Do you want your house to be as pretty and flirtatious as the houses you see in Pinterest photos? If the answer to this question is YES, attention! We selected 9 decoration trend that will help you get it.

Vietnamese baskets

The Vietnamese baskets they have crept into the decoration of many homes. They are very nice baskets, which allow us to organize a stay in addition to decorating them. In them, we can store all kinds of objects, from textiles to magazines or toys.

In addition to helping us get a much tidier house, you’re baskets made with natural fibers they allow us to give a fresh touch to our decoration,

Decorative neons

Another growing trend in interior decoration is decorative neons. These neons can be figures such as flamingos, cactus, and pineapples or phrases and words. The neons can give us that retro touch that helps us to give character and personality to an environment. We can use them to decorate or to get a little extra lighting in a room.

Garlands of lights

trends in decoration

The garlands of lights They have also become a constant in the decoration photos in recent years. These garlands, which can have many shapes according to the personal tastes of each one, as well as providing extra lighting, give it warmth and style. In addition, there are some garlands of lights that can be used outdoors.

Wooden letters or words

decoration trends

Following with this list of decoration trends, we also have to mention the letters or wooden words. From initials with our names to words like Love and Home are a sure bet to make a stay have that flirtatious and chic touch of Pinterest photos that you like so much.

Hydraulic tiles

The hydraulic tiles have become trend in decoration again. They are perfect for floors and walls, although modern designs are often used selectively, seeking the way to create a certain harmony without cramming with them all the space.

Copper color

The copper color also called Rose Gold, is a color that has been around for years, and has become very popular. It is a very feminine and sweet color, ideal for stays to which we want to give a romantic air.


A demijohn is more than remarkable, and these spherical bottles are ideal for decorating those corners that we don't know in what way to fill. Nowadays, we can buy these bottles in many decoration stores, although we check in attics and warehouses, the things we store in these places without realizing it!

XXL Textile

trends decoration
trends decoration

The textile objects made with XXL wool appear in a bunch of flirtatious Pinterest photos, and that is nothing more chic than a blanket made with this material. There are many tutorials on the Internet that teach you how to carry your own blanket with huge wool.

Shelves in the form of stairs

trends decoration
trends decoration

The Staircase shelves They are also trend in interior decoration. We can find hundreds of designs to use in any room of the home: bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms ... Its design is attractive and beautiful, perfect for our house to have that chic look we are looking for.

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