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Kids face painting – ideas and photos

children's face painting home

There are many materials for children’s face painting. But the most advisable thing is that you choose those that are water-based. Since they are easier to remove than oil, especially if you have very young children. It won’t be so difficult when removing make-up and it will last the same. You can also choose the tube watercolors. They are usually sold in several shades, they will serve you to paint many times and they last a long time, so it is a good investment.

various children's face paint

You can paint with your watercolors all year round. During the year there are many reasons to dress up, such as spring, birthdays, themed children’s parties and the most anticipated to scare is Halloween. Join me to see some ideas for children’s face painting that you can easily copy. An easy option that you can do yourself is to paint his face, representing the most outstanding of an animal or character adored by your little one.

children's face paint cat

Ideas for children’s face painting

Using brushes is fine, but it is somewhat messy, today there are pens called snazaroo. They are really very practical and have the paint you need and the colors you want. Just twist the bottom of the pen and click as the paint disperses on the pen brush. You can control exactly how much is pushed towards the bristles depending on how many times you turn the bottom.

children's face paint markers

You don’t need any additional tools. You can paint directly from the brush, without worrying about using brushes or sponges. It is less to clean. Some face paints may stain the skin or rub a little to remove. But these come with wet wipes or are washed with just water in the tub. It is suitable for sensitive skin.

children's face painting kit

An excellent idea, and it is much easier for beginners to face painting with face painting stencils. Just load up your sponge with paint and start shaping your makeup and they’re easy to clean. There are many designs to please every pampered taste for both girls and boys. Like race cars, knights, and rockets. In the same way, you will find images of princesses, mermaids, and crowns, among others.

children's face painting template

Children’s cat face paint

We start by wearing pink on the nose in the shape of a soft upside-down triangle. Then we add lines on the cheeks to make the whiskers and we draw triangles for the ears with the brown pen. We paint pink inside the ears and add a little brown fur detail at the bottom of the triangle. This would also be super eye-catching by using an ear headband instead of ears on the forehead.

kitten children's face paint

Butterfly children’s face painting

It is quite popular, of course, you can always choose your little one’s favorite colors. This makeup is partially simple, just sponge on the colored wings first, then make the design stunning with black butterfly outlines, and never forget a hint of glitter.

children's face paint wings

Children’s pirate face painting

This is a minimal makeup for a pirate. It’s super easy to put on, just a mustache and you could add a scar. Also making a circle over the eye and fill it in with the black pen. Then you add lines for the strap and voila.

pirate children's face painting

Children’s mustache and beard face paint

Start by drawing a line with brown to first create the shape of the mustache, something like a tilde symbol. Then you go in and fill it through the inner parts of the mustache, leaving the outer corners thinner. You can outline the mustache with black to make it more cartoon-like, or add some brush strokes with black to create a little more dimension and make it more realistic.

face painting child girl

Children’s face painting simulating an ice cream cone

You can for this makeup you can use any color to create this melted ice cream look. Start by outlining the melted ice cream shape with drops along the way. Then you fill it all with the color you chose. You use yellow or black as sprinkles and you draw them randomly on the ice cream. I went in with the purple to add some shadows under the ice cream for a little dimension. Finally, to give it a rather original touch, you could make a headband with an ice cream cone glued down and place it on your little girl’s head as shown in this graphic.

ice cream children's face painting

Children’s dragon mask

Start by creating a V shape with the green pen from the tip of the nose to the forehead, stopping almost in the middle of the eyes. Add brown from the V to her lids, following the shape of her crease. Go in and darken the line along the green V using the brown pen, with a little black paint mixed in, to get some shade and definition. Add yellow over the lids, so when you close your eyes, the yellow will appear and give a different effect.

dragon child face paint

Add a slot for the eyes with the brown pencil and create a defined line around the eyes with brown and black. Then add scales using a mesh bag as if you were drawing a mermaid. Hold the mesh firmly and color over the bag with the brown pen. You mustn’t have too much paint on the brush, otherwise, it could run under the bag. Add horns by creating brown triangles and filling them with the silver. And it’s all for you to have a little dragon at home.

dragonaa children's face painting

Children’s tiger face painting

Use a sponge to add yellow to the forehead, cheeks, and nose. Use a sponge to add orange to the outer areas of the face. Also to add white on the lip, chin, and sides of the chin. Now take a flat brush to fill in the white around the eyes and highlight the lines.

children's face painting little girl

Repeat with other lids and flare lines. Fill equally under the eyes. Draw black lines around the mouth and add dots to the upper lip. Outline the nose and add a line down the center of the upper lip. Paint the triangle shape on the upper lip, fill in, and also the nose. Add curved lines to the brows.

tigree children's face painting

Paint curved lines under the eyes, square edge on the nose. With a large flat brush, add white lines to the jawline. Add stripes with a smaller flat brush, twist last. Add black stripes to both cheeks and chin. Also thinner stripes on to the jawline, make it smaller each time. Finally, now black color to the inner corner of the eyelids.

tiger face painting

Children’s flower face painting

Simple yet eye-catching, all you need for the best floral designs is a good quality face paintbrush. Use the brush shape, sideways, to create the petals. Flowers are good for little ones who have trouble sitting still.

children's face paint colors

Puppy children’s face paint

A makeup that at first glance looks somewhat complicated but isn’t. To look good without the tongue coming out bad, but save it for last or leave it out entirely, and you have a very spoiled and loyal dog at home.

puppy face painting

Children’s sunset face paint

If your little one loves the sea, this spectacular design is easy to achieve without much skill. Start at the top of the face and sponge in the sunset and ocean colors down before finishing with the black detail.

children's face painting beach

Batman children’s face painting

Batman as popular as ever. This design will ensure that your little one feels like a superhero. You can paint with the Sun or simply outline it with yellow to highlight it. But the yellow outline first, using the nose as the center point for the bat’s tail. Then fill in the black with a brush.

batman children's face painting

Children’s face painting girl

Slightly older girls sometimes love to transform from mundane to ostentatious. With a steady hand, you can create a design to surprise preteen angst. Start from the center and think about symmetry.

fairy children's face painting

Hello Kitty children’s face paint

Adored for its cute looks and headband, Hello Kitty is a popular choice for children’s face painting and easy to replicate. Don’t worry too much about getting the perfect white, just remember that from a distance it won’t matter, go for a general effect and not so many details. No one will be looking closely.

kitti children's face paint

Tips and tricks for painting children’s faces

With Halloween just around the corner, it helps to get some basic kid face painting tips and be prepared for anything. Painting children’s faces can be daunting for the uninitiated, but if you follow these simple face painting tips and tricks, you’ll paint like the pros.

coquito children's face painting

While aqua-colored crayons are not technically for children’s face painting, they work very well. They are hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Additionally, watercolor crayon creations last longer than normal face paint designs and give amazing color results.

spider child face paint

They are also more versatile as they can be used directly on the face or with brushes. Also, remember that you have a choice of excellent pens. There is no shame in asking for help. There are many great video tutorials online that can help you with specific aspects and techniques.

rainbow children's face painting

Before starting, don’t wash your child’s face. The natural oils on the face will really help the face paint stay in place. But obviously, if your child still has breakfast covered on their face, they will need to clean and wash their face before applying the face paint.

bear child face painting

Sometimes people feel the need to mix the colors of the face paint, but sometimes seeing the paintbrush strokes really improves the design. Brushstrokes can give pattern and texture to items like fur or butterfly wings. Changing your child’s species with face painting can be a lot of fun.

children's face painting owl

Animals with a human-like face shape are the easiest to design, such as cats, rabbits, dogs, monkeys, lions, tigers, and bears, among others. Choosing two or three main colors creates a more striking design. Start with lighter colored face paints and work your way up to dark.

children's face painting gentleman

In the end, use some thin black line work to outline eyes, muzzles, and wings. Even adding a small amount of black will make your design stand out and enhance it even more. Without a doubt, mistakes can turn into happy accidents that can really work in your favor.

owl children's face painting

If an error occurs, a new version or design technique may be discovered. That being said, if a mistake occurs, you can always wash your child’s face and start over, but we recommend getting creative and exploring new possibilities. Using warm soapy water and coconut oil to remove face paint is best. Oil clings to oil and lifts paint immediately for an easy and natural way to remove paint from your face.

butterfly children's face painting

Additional Recommendations

Try not to add paint around your mouth and lips. Water-based paints will simply wash off around that area. Instead, use lipstick or for an interesting look inside the mouth, use colored candy-like green or red lollipops to paint the inside of the mouth and lips.

dragoncito children's face painting

Adding glitter can be fun, but some kids are sensitive to glitter. Instead, use white face paint and paint little stars for a similar, striking look. Also, using white paint instead of sparkles is much less complicated.

children's face painting frozer

And as they say, over there, the sky is the limit. Don’t be afraid to try something new or different or paint in unexpected places on your little one’s face. For example, painting on the lids can bring a whole new element to your design. Whatever you do, just have fun and make the darling of the house happy.

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