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Christmas socks – Decorations that personalize your home at Christmas

early Christmas socks

Christmas is the time when all people, without exception, join with the family to share a special time in enjoyment, fun, food, and joy. This is the moment when we all decorate our homes with different types of elements. We also exchange gifts and emotional messages like merry Christmas.

red christmas socks

One of the many elements and ornaments that we use to happily decorate our homes are Christmas socks. Christmas socks have been part of Christmas for many families for many decades. Whether large or small, it doesn’t really matter, it will always be a darling addition to the holiday season.

christmas socks boots

Socks are an essential element of any Christmas decoration scheme. They are the ideal way to add much more fun to your decoration. And show something characteristic of each family member. As everyone already knows, the classic place for Christmas socks is a shelf.

Christmas tree socks

But there are many places where you can hang your socks, such as chairs, stairs, and even walls or table trees. Socks can be filled with small toys, candy, fruits or even coins, or really anything you want to give away. Making our own Christmas socks is really very relaxing, and fun and in the end, it is also very satisfying to see your project ready to decorate and be admired.

Christmas socks blue with gold

blue christmas socks

There are many patterns for socks that you can find on the web and with a little imagination and creativity, you can make your own and customize them. This, like all Christmas traditions, without a doubt, brings much joy and happiness in the holidays. This time we will show you the beautiful decorations you could do with Christmas socks.

Christmas socks with the face of Santa and the snowman

expensive Christmas socks

We will also talk a little about its history. Despite being such a basic element in all Christmas decorations, very few people know why they are always very present in this beautiful era and that they symbolize. And to cheer you up a bit with the crafts, we will help you with simple instructions to make your own sock for this Christmas.

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Origin of the tradition of hanging Christmas socks

The origin of Christmas socks is said to date back to the time when St. Nicholas of Myra existed, known as the Bishop of Myra. It is said that St. Nicholas lived between 270 and 343 AD in the ancient Greek city of Myra, which is now Demre in Turkey. Well, long before St. Nicholas dedicated himself to the church, he inherited a large amount of money. Therefore, he always had money with him and did not mind at all being charitable with everyone.

Christmas socks covered

One day, when walking through the city, St. Nicholas heard the screams of a family, the discussion was between a father and his three daughters. As the father was too poor to pay a dowry, he worried that he could not find husbands for his daughters. St. Nicholas heard the whole story and decided that it would help the poor family.

golden christmas socks

But St. Nicholas already knew that the girls’ father would not receive any charity. So he decided to go up to the roof of the family house at night and threw three gold balls through the chimney. With good luck, that rain of thrown coins did not fall into the fire of it. The girls had then placed their socks in the fireplace to dry them and that was where the gold coins fell.

Christmas socks decorate

In the morning, the three daughters of the poor man found the gift in their stockings. And therefore thanks to that gift and the good deed of St. Nicholas, the young girls were able to get good husbands. And the father could be calm knowing that his daughters would be happy.

Christmas socks with elves

Christmas elf socks

Others say and assure that the tradition of socks originates through Christianization in Norse mythology, as most Christmas traditions mention them. According to, the socks were given as offerings to Father Odin. Which were transformed into boots for children full of straw and carrots.

various Christmas socks

They were, in turn, a gift for Sleipnir, Odin’s flying horse. And because of this offering he made to his horse, Odin paid them back with candy. But honestly, this version isn’t as well known in the world as that of St. Nicholas. After a time, more or less between the fourth and early nineteenth centuries, families wanted to take and protect the history of St. Nicholas and created their character for the Christmas season.

Christmas socks ladder

In the year 1823, Clement Clarke Moore wrote the poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas.” Which helped a lot to popularize Christmas socks in the West. The well-known poem had the phrase “the stockings were hung by the fireplace carefully, hoping that St. Nicholas would soon be there.”

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But St. Nicholas would no longer carry gold coins because parents gave their children sweets and treats. That later, over the years would be gifted. Here also appears the list of elves where they categorized children who were naughty and those who were pleasant and obedient.

Traditional red socks

outdoor christmas socks

Some people say that the tradition of disobedient children receiving coal in their socks originates from an ancient Italian legend. This legend said that children were visited by a witch called “La Befana”. Which flew on a broom and left sweets and gifts to all the good children and coal to the naughty.

Christmas table socks

Apart from the treats, most of the time they were oranges with which they filled the Christmas socks. Perhaps representing the golden balls with which St. Nicholas helped the girls. Although filling the socks with oranges was something very precious during the Great Depression in the 1930s. Since that time was really difficult economically for all families.

Tender Christmas pet socks

Christmas socks mascotitas

Today, even some children receive oranges and also their gifts that continue in some places with that tradition and in remembrance and respect for that complicated time. Fortunately, Christmas socks are not just for children, it is for all people of all ages. Adults in whatever situation they also enjoy and celebrate Christmas with their socks.

Christmas socks kids

It was learned that during World War II there were soldiers who came to hang their stockings. That simply helped them a little in giving it some brightness among so much shade at Christmas in 1941. Nowadays, socks are hanging on Christmas decorations for each family member. Whether big or small, everyone enjoys them with great joy and we all appreciate the sweets and gifts we receive.

Christmas socks present

Christmas socks were not at all elegant or as elaborate or ornate as they are now. Simply the children each year hung long socks on the mantelpiece so that they were filled with oranges, nuts, sweets, and toys. But then that was changing. The families began to weave their own to personalize them a little and left behind the long and simple socks.

Minimalist decoration with unicolor and plaid socks

elegant christmas socks

This quickly became a trend and patterns and materials began to come out so people could make their own socks and gradually they were produced in masses. It is known that the traditional red sock went on the market more or less in the 1960s. As we know today, the styles and decorations in Christmas socks vary from family to family. There are personalized with name or initials printed or embroidered.

subtle christmas socks

Also dependent on the taste of each family. You can have them with a rustic style with burlap, with checkered fabric, felt or woven, and there are also very elegant. As we already mentioned, there are personalized names and initials. But we can also appreciate them with the traditional images of Christmas. Like Santa, the elves, the snowman, and the reindeer.

Reindeer decoration

orange christmas socks

Also with bells, candy canes, the beloved gingerbread man and in any color and size. And not only for people but also for family pets. Socks for them that are also part of the family. And as for dear as any member of it you have your Christmas socks. This has become very popular.

personal christmas socks

For example, for a puppy, the sock is in the shape of a bone and for a cat in the shape of a fish. And of course, they are also filled with treats and special toys for each pet. Although undoubtedly, craft stores offer different styles, colors, and sizes of socks.

rustic Christmas socks

Homemade crafts are an option for the vast majority. Creating a personalized project for each family member is a really fun and relaxing activity. That is why we will help you next with instruction at all complicated. For you to start and get inspired by your Christmas socks project.

Christmas socks gift

Basic steps to make a simple Christmas sock

This is what you will need for your Christmas project:

A DIY Christmas sock pattern.

Sharp scissors for cloth.

Domestic sewing machine and thread. Although you can do it with manual stitches, we recommend using a sewing machine.



Tape with a length of 10 cm of the color you want.

A piece of cloth for the fist.

A piece of cloth for the sock.

Christmas socks ledge

Choose the fabric you think is ideal for your sock. Once you have downloaded the Christmas socks template. Place the paper patterns on the fabric you chose, fix them slightly and cut them around the outer edge of the pattern. You could also trace the paper pattern on the fabric using chalk. Then cut the fabric without fear of trimming the pattern. Now turn your pattern over and do the same with the reverse side of the sock.

Christmas doll socks

Take your two parts of the cloth sock and fix them with the right side. That is the side with the print or design inward. Sew the sock around the heel, the tip and the sides of the sock, leaving a seam allowance of one centimeter. Remember that it is extremely important to leave the top of your sock open.

reindeer christmas socks

Place the two sleeve panels together with the right sides inward. Seal a ribbon loop between the two sleeve panels with the ends of the tape, protruding through one of the planned side seams. It is important that you make sure you put the tape as close as possible to the center of the seam. Right where the bending line is.

Cute Christmas socks in the form of elf shoes

spiky christmas socks

So make sure it ends at the top of the sock when it turns. Now sew the left and right edges of the cuff panels or the bracelet that goes on top of your sock. Leaving the upper and lower part of it open. Fold the bottom edge of the cuff up to find the top edge, with the wrong sides toward it.

simple christmas socks

Now the ribbon loop should look outside and near the folded edge. It is now to place the bracelet inside the sock panels, with the right sides attached. So that all the edges of the cuff and the sock are aligned at the top. Make sure the side of the bracelet with the ribbon loop is on the same side where the heel of the sock is.

Christmas socks sofa

Sew the raw edges together but you can still access the inside of the stocking. Finally, turn your sock upside down, so that the right side is facing out. Press the seams a little so that you flatten them. Ready, you already have your Christmas sock. Now you can play with your ingenuity and creativity and personalized as you want.

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