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Cladding walls with pallets – a project that you will love –

Covering walls with wooden pallet accents has been popular for a long time due to the warmth and texture that add to a room infused with a rustic cabin environment. Because pallets can be found or obtained for little or no cost, it can be a good option to completely transform the look of a room in just one afternoon.

Cladding walls with wooden pallets – simple steps

wall decoration children's room

The things that you will need are: pallet wood, (4 or more depending on the size of the wall), an alternative saw with 14 TPI cutting metal saw blade, an orbital sander, 150 grit sandpaper, base dye of light gray oil (optional), rubber gloves, a nail finder, a piece of cloth or cloth, a cordless drill,

Cover the walls with wooden planks of pallets

drop planks wood pallets

3 8-foot-long boards, one for each bolt on the wall, 8 x 2 1/2 inch interior wood screws, approximately 50, tape measure, circular saw or miter saw, cordless nailer or pneumatic nail gun, 1 3/4 inch nail, 18 gauge, wire and tape tracks (optional for TV mounting only).

Beautiful design of wall cladding with wooden pallets

nice design lining walls

Pallets that have the “HT” seal (that is, treated with heat) are safe for indoor use. The pallets with the “MB” seal symbolize that they have been treated with a chemical and are not safe for indoor use.

Simple steps to cut the wood of pallet

steps cut wood pallet

If the pallet does not have a seal, it is advisable to check its origin and use to ensure that it has not been exposed to chemicals, pesticides or other harmful materials that could harbor bacteria before considering using it.

Polish the pallet wood with a sander

sanding wood pallet sander

A standard pallet board is approximately 50 inches long. Determine the number of pallets you need by multiplying the length of the wall by the width (to obtain the total surface), and divide that number by the area that a pallet will occupy.

Measure and place wooden slats on the wall

measure place wood slats wall pallet

Using a jigsaw with a saw blade to cut metal, cut through the nails that hold the pallet in place (four places along a board). You will have to slide the blade between the pallet frame and the plank where the nails are joined, then turn on the saw to cut through. The saw must cut through the nails in about 30 seconds, so if it takes longer, then it is likely to be at cutting and cutting angle of wood. Readjust and make sure the blade is straight.

Original wall decor for the living room

decoration wall living room

The wood of the pallet probably needs a little sanding. Use 150-grit sandpaper with an orbital sander to sand the surface and edges so that the chips leave the surface. In some cases the texture of the grain and saw blades show the character of the wood, so it does not need too much sanding.

Wall covering bedroom walls with pallet wood

super wall headboard wood pallet

When sanding the boards of the wooden pallets a lighter color may appear. You can lightly apply a gray tint to the joints using a cloth and gloves. This gray tint will bring back the appearance of aged wood. Once the dye dries, lightly sand the boards again to make the spot where the dye was applied less noticeable.

Great wall design decorated with wooden slats

super deco wall design

The pallet planks are ready to attach to a wall that should be dry and free of chips and dust. Prepare the wall where the pallet planks will be joined by removing everything it contains. Remove any furniture that is against the wall, so that there is enough space for fixing the planks. If you are going to mount a TV on the wall, connect the mounting unit to the wall in the desired location.

Great baby room wall covering design

great baby room

Find the studs using a nail finder and attach the slats to the wall to mark the place where the wooden posts will be placed. Use a miter saw or circular saw to cut the 1 x 3 plates to the height of the wall (subtracting the height of the edge of the base plate and crown molding). Join the 1 x 3 boards, centered on the stud bolts, using a cordless drill and 2 1/2 inch interior wood screws. About five screws per plate is enough.

Fix the wooden slats on the wall leaving a central niche for TV

fix central niche strips

Create a path for the cables (optional for TV mounting) If you are going to mount a TV on the wall, you will have to create a path for the cables that follow behind the pallet planks. Cut small pieces at an angle from the 1 × 3 board to create this path, making sure you do not create any 90-degree angle. A turning angle of 30 to 45 degrees will be easier to follow for the cables without being discovered. Place these boards with 1 3/4 inch nails and an electric Brad nailer on the drywall, nailing at a downward angle.

An original design of lining walls with wooden pallets

picture designor wallcovering

Original wall design decorated with wooden pallet

picture wall lined wooden pallet

Draw the holes for the cables

hollow wood slats cables

Cover the walls with wooden pallets

decoration room wall palet

Original wall covering designs with pallet wood

original coatings walls wood pallet

Wall clad with wooden slats of pallets

original decoration wall palet shelves

Original wall covering with pallet wood

original lining walls pallet

Original ideas for wall claddings with wood slats

wall coverings wood slats

Great rustic corner with wooden walls

rustic corner wood walls

Cladding with pallet wood

decoration wall orignal design

An original design of living room wall cladding

picture after wood siding




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    I really like your idea to make sure the pallet hasn’t been exposed to chemicals before you use it. My sister is working at a warehouse that will be using a lot of pallets over the next few years. She wants to recycle them so that they don’t go to waste, and I think this is a good way to do that.

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