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Creative crafts for children for any season


Occupying the child with creative crafts during the first years of their life has huge importance for his development. Through the different types of creative crafts, the child learns not only to control the movements of his hands but also begins to know the world around him. Therefore, we have decided to dedicate this article to creative crafts that are simple and easy to do even for the little ones.


Creative craft projects for young children

Stay with us to find some interesting tips and projects selected according to the age and abilities of the little ones.


But before we start with the fun part of the work we are going to give you some information about how creative handicrafts influence children and their intellectual development:


How useful are manual activities for children?

In fact, Maria Montessori, inventor of the famous Montessori pedagogy, has found, studied and exploited the advantages of these activities over one hundred years ago. According to the famous pedagogue, the child’s intelligence reaches a certain level without using his hands. The manual activity makes it reach a higher level and the little boy who has learned to use his own hands to create has a stronger character.

cardboard mushrooms

Yes, there is no doubt that creative crafts develop several capacities in the child. First, fine motor skills because knowing how to handle objects with your hands is a skill that must be developed from a very early age. Knowing how to hold a pencil to make a small drawing, make small constructions is of the utmost importance. But apart from the purely physical capabilities, DIY also has a beneficial effect on the development of the child’s intelligence.


Creative crafts develop the intelligence of children

The realization of a series of tasks, obeying a concrete logic, is linked to the development of a series of important capacities. Imagination, concentration, the sensory system are also stimulated by creative crafts in this age.


Therefore, the benefits are found at all levels. And finally, don’t forget that creative crafts could be used to inform the child about important facts. The drawing of a flower, for example, could lead to a small early lesson on botany. The child could learn to distinguish the essential parts of the flower that are the stem, petals, stamens, and chalice. In the same way, we could teach children to know and distinguish different colors, shapes, animals, etc.


Each of the creative crafts presented here can serve as a starting point to educate the child about different topics related to nature and the world around them.

creative crafts tree

Another very important aspect of manual activities in preschool age is that by doing them together with children, parents have the possibility to strengthen their emotional relationships with them and create a team that will help them in communication when they grow up.

creative crafts Christmas trees

Creative crafts for children in spring

Cute birds made of toilet paper tubes


Tubes of toilet paper painted in pink and yellow turned into small Easter chicks with feathers, movable eyes, and beak. An ideal craft to do with children in the spring.


The activities and their degree of difficulty depend, of course, on the child’s age and level of development. For children under three years of age, the focus is on drawing, modeling, and painting. That is activities that correspond to their level of concentration and their motor and intellectual abilities. The activities with tracks are for example very popular. And, in addition, children have a lot of fun.


With children older than three years, there is more freedom. At this stage, one could begin to include elements of a purely educational nature, such as numbers and letters, for example. Being more skilled, the hand of children of this age group should be able to participate in more elaborate activities. For example, cut, paste, make drawings a little more complicated in terms of graphics, make simple origami. Even at this age you can give the child his first cooking class or encourage him to make his first terrarium. Now we show you our selection of DIY projects for pre-school children.


For your convenience, we have grouped them by theme using the season as criteria. Then, given the focus of spring, we will begin with the DIY ideas of spring to end with those of winter. However, don’t hesitate to go to the end of the article because you will find some universal ideas, suitable for any season.

paper-and-cardboard flowers

The creative crafts for children are very easy and the materials used for their preparation are very affordable since some of them are natural and are free in the park and others are things that are in every home as cardboard plates or toilet paper tubes.


Little paper chicks. A great idea of ​​creative crafts for children that will be fun for the little ones.

creative crafts bird

A blue chick with feathers, eyes in movement, bill of paper and tail of strips of paper

creative crafts with plates

A paper plate decorated with paper flowers and butterflies.


The theme of flowers is very common when we talk about creative crafts for children.


A spring paper plate decorated with multicolored flowers and butterflies is an idea of ​​easy and aesthetic activity for any season of the year. This craft can be made with paper flowers for Mother’s Day using sticks of ice cream as stems and green paper sheets.

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creative crafts sunflowers

A very simple big paper flower. The flowers are very simple made of plain paper with a yellow center. This is an idea of ​​a manual activity that is suitable even for the little ones.


A charming ladybug made with a toilet paper tube painted in black and red wings with black dots drawn on top of the paper.

creative crafts rabbits-and-chickens

Creative craft idea for Easter decoration made with cardboard cups painted yellow and white, feet and beak or orange nose and mobile eyes.

creative crafts flowers

Paper flowers and again ice cream sticks as stems. In fact, sticks are commonly used for the realization of all kinds of projects: paper flowers decorated with buttons, sticks of ice cream as stems, green leaves, fences for houses, etc.

ice cream creative crafts

So keep in mind to collect the sticks of all the ice cream that your children will eat during the next holidays to have more materials to make creative crafts.


White cardboard plates decorated. Petals of paper of different colors.

creative crafts flowers (2)

Painting made using a toothbrush, flowers decorated with small pompoms.


Teaching children to recycle is a good way to teach them to be environmentally aware from a very early age.

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creative crafts rabbit

Here are many ideas for spring crafts made with recycled objects and natural materials, wooden rods, cardboard petals, recycled bottle caps, pine cones, stones, leaves, etc.

creative crafts butterflies

Pretty butterflies made of wrapping paper.

creative crafts hearts

Red and pink hearts for Valentine’s Day.

daffodils creative crafts

These vase daffodils look like a true work of art. A more complicated but impressive result project suitable for children who are used to doing different types of crafts and have developed to a great extent their fine motor skills and patience. Materials needed: a used plastic bottle, yellow and green cardboard and three tubes of toilet paper.

Creative crafts for summer

In summer the flowers are still current, but during this season we can include in our manual activities the marine theme trying to recreate the different inhabitants of the sea using the familiar materials.

creative octopod crafts

A sympathetic octopus made of colored paper sheets. The eyes have been drawn and glued additionally and the prints on the body can be made with the help of a bottle cap and white and dark blue pinhole.


The shells are ideal to make a three-dimensional image with fish in colors and other maritime beings.


Fish can also be made from plastic plates painted in different colors. In this photo, it seems that each one has its own expression and character.

Creative crafts for children in the fall

creative leaf-autumnal crafts

Autumn is perhaps the season that offers the most sources of inspiration for creative crafts. With its colors and forms, this season feeds the imagination of young and old. Also in autumn, there are so many natural materials that we can take advantage of for our DIY projects: leaves, cones, branches, walnut shells, pumpkins, etc.

creative crafts for children

The forest is inhabited by strange beings made of toilet paper tubes. They have heads of leaves of different colors of autumn with moving eyes, hands of branches and buttons of stones or plastic. They are strange but they don’t seem at all fearful and after doing them you can play with them as much as you want.


And these friendly bugs are so easy and fun to make and play with them after no child will be indifferent.


Do not throw egg containers. With them, you can do many crafts such as these adorable penguins.

Creative crafts for winter

In winter almost one hundred percent of the crafts are related to the theme of Christmas. In this, there is nothing strange since during this season we decorate our homes awaiting the big party. And the best thing is to make your own DIY decorations with the participation of all the members of the family. Here we give you some easy ideas to include the little ones in this task.


Some snowmen paper plates, small orange triangles for noses, brown paper hands, black b, and elegant bow ties.


Have you ever imagined that the Rudolf reindeer can be made into an egg container?

We already told you that egg containers are almost as universal as toilet paper tubes for making all kinds of creative crafts for children.

creative crafts hands

Another valuable material is ice cream sticks. Using your imagination with them you can do almost everything regardless of the season and the theme.

Christmas cards

These Christmas cards are as easy to make as they are beautiful and varied. You need only a few sheets of wrapping paper and decorative paper then cut and stick Christmas trees in different ways over the previously folded rectangles.


Every little child loves to create things, therefore we as parents have a duty to assure you of this possibility. And it’s not just fun, crafts, as the specialists say, are crucial for children’s development.


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