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Decoration in green and pink, the fashion combination

We identify the one that concerns us today, the fusion of pink and green in the spaces of our house.

The best? This fashion won’t happen, as these will continue to be the star colors during the next fall-winter season 2019-2020.

The two share the leading role and we see them in the same proportion 50% / 50%. It was to be expected, the green that always inspires nature, purity and light become especially strong in spring and it stays the rest of the year. The rose several seasons ago that appeared in our lives and has no intention of leaving us. The bathrooms know it, the first ones to fall with this color, and then it went on to flood kitchens, sofas and the textiles of all the rooms.

In the case of pink, the palette that we can use is wide. The safe bet is pastel shades. By being clearer they are easier to combine as they fit well with wood, white and, of course, with your partner this year, the green. But the truth is that if you want to go a step further you should resort to pink gold or pink gold. The order of the factors here doesn’t alter the product either. It is usually in the form of nickel objects or antiquarian pieces. The point is that it brings a key level of sophistication to decoration.

The realm of accessories

It may be a daring mix, but if there is a decorative aspect in which you are going to hit hard and with which we can feel very comfortable, it is when choosing the accessories.

We use it in large furniture or in small details, the premise always keeps the balance. In too high a dose it can be excessive. What if one has to dominate over the other? Let the green do it. It is usually a more timeless tone and easy to combine with many more colors. Besides that it is much easier to introduce into our home, a few simple plants will suffice, the mostera, for example, is a good choice.

That would be, the last option. We are going to try to inspire you to encourage you with pink + green in all or nothing mode.

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