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Easy and fast DIY gifts perfect for easter


Easter, birthdays, Christmas or simply because if all these moments are opportunities to give a gift to someone you want. There is something very personal and meaningful about a gift that you took the time to make yourself. Give your friends and family that extra special feeling with one of these homemade DIY gift ideas. Our ideas are appropriate for every occasion and season so don’t worry. We hope these easy and fast DIY gifts will please you.

DIY gifts for every occasion

If you are a person who loves candles and can spend all your money on candles, the best thing you can do is to learn how to make them! To be able to have new candles whenever you want. It turns out that making candles is super easy and very fun. Try to make candles once and you will never need to buy again.



  • Wax
  • Fragrances or essential oils
  • Natural candle wicks
  • Pan
  • Pencils
  • Vintage jars (or any single container you find)

Step One – Put some waxed paper next to your stove for easy cleaning.

Step Two – Next, you will measure your wax flakes. A good rule of thumb is to double the volume of each candle jar. Put the flakes aside once you have measured them.

DIY gifts for every occasion


Step Three – Now is the time to take out the hot glue gun! Glue the metal wick plates to the bottom of each container. This really helps your wick to stay in place!

Step Four – Next, you should wrap the excess wick around a pencil and rest it on the opening of the jar.


Step Five – Put the wax flakes in a saucepan and heat the wax over low heat. Stir frequently only until the wax flakes melt. Remove the pan from the heat.

Step Six – Add approximately 10-20 drops of oil per candle to the pan and stir. (The number of drops you will need will depend to a large extent on how strong you would like the aroma and brand of fragrance oil you use to be). For a smaller bottle, put 10 drops, but for a larger container, use 20. Also note that if you use essential oils, you will need to add more than if you use fragrance oils.

Step Seven – Then, pour the melted wax into your jar. For smaller jars, use a spoon to introduce the wax into the jar.

DIY gifts for every occasion


Step eight – Now you’re going to want to let the wax cool completely. This takes from 1 to 4 hours, depending on how big your bottle is. Better to cool overnight if possible before use. Once the wax is completely cold, cut the wicks.

We continue with an idea of pompom earrings so, what better festive DIY gift for a friend to give her at Christmas? These simple and fun earrings are the perfect accessory for the holiday season. Or how about a DIY stuffing for a friend? It only takes about half an hour to prepare and can be done in a variety of color combinations.

DIY pompom earrings

Materials for making earrings

  • Thread of the color that you like
  • Hooks and rings for earrings
  • Pliers
  • Pompom making machine
  • Scissors

To make the pompoms

Start by choosing the size of the pompom you want in your earrings. Depending on the size you want for your pom-poms, the pom-pom machine will be smaller or larger. If you like crafts, a pompom machine is a great idea for you because it is super fast and easy to use. If you have not used one before, check out this project for a bit of practice.

original diy gifts-2018-earrings-girls

Start by opening the arms of the pompom machine. Then wrap the yarn around one arm until it is nice and full. Bend your arm back to the center. Wrap the yarn around the other arm until it fills again and fold back to the center. With small, sharp scissors, cut the thread down the middle on both sides.

Keeping the arms of your manufacturer of pompoms closed, wrap a piece of thread around the gap in the middle and tie tightly. This will secure the threads in place, which means that you can open your machine and release the ball of thread. You can trim your pompom to order the loose ends and match the shape. Do not trim the thread used to tie the pompom in the middle, since this will be used to connect the part of the slope later on. Make a second pompom in the same way.

diy gifts -2018-earrings-fashion

Adding the earring

To make the metal part of your earring, take one of the metal rings and create a small opening in the loop with pliers. Attach it to the hoop on the bottom of your earring hook and tighten it to close it with a pair of pliers. Add another 7 metal rings in the same way to create a long chain to hang your pompom.

Fix your pompom bypassing the long thread through the last ring of the chain and tie firmly. Make a couple of knots before sewing the yarns back through the half of the pompom using a large sewing needle for added security.

diy gifts 2018-earrings-fashion-earrings-ideas

There are so many reasons to celebrate at the end of the year and raise a glass to drink! Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, a wedding, an anniversary or just a celebration with friends, these champagne glasses with golden decorations are a very special addition to any festive occasion. They are made with only three materials and are created quickly to create a final product that looks polished and more fun.

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DIY shattered golden cups

diy gifts -copas-champan-oro

There are many different types of vinyl that you can use to create these fun cups. We chose a bright and reflective gold for a mirror finish. Check out the vinyl sticker section at your local craft store while you make your selection. You can choose a distinctive color, a colorful tone, a metallic one or even something bright.

Necessary materials:

  • Adhesive vinyl
  • Champagne glasses
  • Scissors

When thinking about what type of pattern you would like to create, keep in mind that certain shapes or sizes of vinyl will work best in a champagne glass. Due to the curved shape of the glass, you must adapt the size of your pieces so they don’t curl or form bubbles. We decided on a triangular geometric pattern. Begin cutting pieces of your pattern from your adhesive vinyl, leaving the backing on the pieces.

Depending on the size of the vinyl pieces, this can be a bit tricky. Use your nails to detach the vinyl from the protective backing.

As you apply each piece, smooth with your thumb to make sure there are no bubbles or ripples. If you discover that you have trouble with the bubbles, try removing the piece and cutting out a smaller piece. Larger pieces will have problems winding around the curved surface of the glass so that it is flat. Smaller pieces should adhere more smoothly.

We continue with two ideas for hair and skin care. This is a perfect gift in case the person who is going to give it away is trying to embrace the healthiest products since that helps to make it look and feel better. This is also a way to encourage them to make their own beauty products (and good products for your skin and hair can be expensive). It is very easy to do, with only a few ingredients and you are ready. It smells amazing thanks to the essential oils that can help give a little more nutrition and shine to your skin and hair.

DIY Hair Spray


Hair spray

  • 1/4 cup of natural aloe vera gel (make sure it is clean)
  • 3 tablespoons of water
  • 2 teaspoons of coconut oil
  • 5-8 drops of lavender essential oil
  • Spray bottle

Add the ingredients to the spray bottle to shake to combine. Shake gently before each use, apply to damp hair before combing.


The next idea is some pads to remove the makeup. Another good option for a girl who is trying to use simpler, more natural (and cheaper) products. Here is a quick, easy and cheap gift idea, plus coconut oil seems to be good for almost everything, so you can use it to make several gifts. If you have a friend or your sister is a fan of makeup.

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Natural DIY gifts

Probably use a make-up remover! So try to make some pads to remove the makeup of coconut oil. There are many different recipes we show you as simple as possible, so I only used coconut oil. It hardens a little once it cools, but as soon as it begins to clean its eyes, the pads soften and its makeup is removed.

The materials you need:

  • Coconut oil (it is recommended to use organic virgin coconut oil)
  • Cotton pads
  • Jug (a jar or jar to keep your pads)

Place about 15 cotton pads in a small jar. Melt 1/4 cup of coconut oil until it is liquid and there are no solid lumps (it can be done in the microwave or on the stove). Pour the melted oil over the top of the pads. Press the pads down a few times to absorb as much oil as possible. You can also lift the stack of pads and flip them over to make sure they are completely saturated with oil.


We don’t forget the boys. If you think it is difficult to find a gift to make your dad husband boyfriend brother or friend for Christmas. We offer you a creative idea that you have not thought about. This is a super simple gift that you can prepare! This is an oil before shaving is an excellent homemade alternative to shaving gel and helps to leave your skin smooth as silk.

DIY Shaving Oil


There are a million different ways to make oil before shaving and you may have to change the recipe according to the way your skin reacts to these oils. Look for different recipes before making your own and deciding what is best. We offer you a pretty basic recipe.

  • 1 part grapeseed oil
  • 1 part olive oil

A few drops of essential oil of choice (we suggest sandalwood or cedar tree oil, or check to see what works best for your skin)

Experiment with different types of essential oils if this mixture doesn’t work for you!

We present some glasses to give as a gift. Now we continue with a quick and easy DIY to show off all those beautiful pink bottles that you have and that will become a focal point.


  • 7 wooden blocks
  • Brush for painting
  • Paint palette
  • 3 paint colors
  • Wood plank
  • Drill
  • Wood screws

DIY gifts for every occasion

Paint the wooden blocks and let them dry. (The color palette you will use depends on you). Apply paint to the wooden board and let it dry completely. Drill holes in the base of the board at intervals of two to three inches. Place the board on the wooden blocks. Use wood screws to fix each one from the bottom up. Add wood screws to the top and bottom of the board to secure it to the wall. Take your favorite bottle and put it on the shelf and enjoy!

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