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Easy crafts at home – 50 awesome ideas

super decorative stones with mandalas

Today we want to present you once again great ideas of easy crafts, handcrafted decorations and functional accessories handmade by yourselves. Don’t hesitate and start taking ideas to make homemade crafts with your family and friends. Sure you will spend an unforgettable time.

Easy crafts with homemade products

etupenda manualidad shell broken egg

Again we can see in the images that it is possible to decorate and give use to products and materials that we think we should throw away, such as eggshells. Look at the design of ornaments in the upper photograph, isn’t it great? If we keep the shells in one piece with the empty interior, these can serve as a container to create mini-scenes inside, it is a really great design.

Crafts with plastic bottles

original penguins plastic bottles cut out

To be able to carry out the following craft we see above, we will need plastic bottles, glue, and paint. First of all, we have to cut two bottles in half, of which we will keep only the parts of the bottom. To form the piece we must fit the two parts of the bottle with each other, and finally, we only have to decorate it with paintings and place some ornaments on the surface with glue.

Stones decorated with colored mandalas

beautiful drawings flowers stones river

Another of the easy-to-do craft design is stone decoration. Why not give them more life and color? Above we have a great design of river stones decorated with paintings, but … can you guess what these beautiful drawings are? At first sight, they look like flowers, but in reality, these symmetrical forms are mandalas; symbols of the Buddhist culture that favor meditation in certain religious rituals. You can draw mandalas with acrylic paint pens.

Draw figures on river stones

original mandala stone design spots

It is said that when creating and contemplating the mandalas, the human mind gets into a state of relaxation and serenity. The circular drawings of a mandala should symbolize the four cardinal points and therefore the center of the universe. This is a suitable and advisable manual for people of all ages for its healing and relaxing effects.

Simple paper crafts

paper ornaments for candy wall

If a celebration is approaching and there is no budget left for a colorful decoration, it is the perfect occasion to use our imagination to create original and beautiful decorative details. Craft Papers are cheap and easy to find.

Decorative figures of cardboard and fabric

angelitos carton dseño cardboard

Greeting cards are part of the many favorite craft projects since many different materials can be used to make them. Just use some textured papers, color pencils, glue, and of course your imagination

Designs of pots in the shape of animals

funny animals hanging plastic flower pots

These hanging pots with fun shapes have been made again from recycled plastic bottles.

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Lace fabric candle holder

pink lace balloon signature

This design seems super original; using old paper coasters or crochet laces, and a balloon for the mold we can create a fabulous candle holder with whimsical shapes.

Animals made with paper bags

animal paper bags farm

This decorative craft is perfect for young children. All they will need are paper bags, pieces of cardboard and glue.

Make flowers with plastic bottles

pretty flower plastic bottle

The recycled plastic bottles can be used for many DIY craft projects, and above we can see a fairly simple one that consists of cutting out the bottom of two different bottles and sticking them together forming a flower.

Cropped plastic bottle

green plastic bottle trimmed

If we cut a bottle or a plastic container as we see in the image above we will obtain an original basket to store toys, keys or bathroom utensils.

Vases made with plastic bottles

plastic bottles made vases flowers

We often use a plastic bottle cut like a vase, but why not turn them into real vases worthy of guns? In this image, you can see the original ways of doing it. You can use a soldering iron to make designs on bottle. And then a spray paint may do the rest.

Crafts with plastic bottles

green color bottle stand doll

For this Diy project, you need a plastic bottle and gift ribbon. The bottle should be cut in half, and then strips, as we see in image number 4. Then we must twine the tape around the strips of the bottle. The result will be an original decorative basket.

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Plastic bottles cut and used as containers

pots colors for makeup paints

This is undoubtedly one of the simplest projects that can be done with recycled plastic bottles. It is about removing containers to turn them into pens or into glasses for hygiene or bath products. For this, we only have to cut and smooth the cutting corners with a plate.

Easy craftsmanship with glass jars

ornate glass bottels lace fabric

Mason jars are a trend in decoration. They can be used as vases, candle holders, lanterns and much more. They can be decorated with paint or with burlap and lace fabrics, as we see in the photo.

Easy craftsmanship as a family

cardboard box lined green fabric

Small storage for clothes or towels is functional and necessary in every home. We can create a storage box for clothes with a cardboard box and some cloth.

posters fourth letters colors wall

The decorative posters for the wall can be made of all kinds of materials: wood, cardboard, fabrics, etc. We can decorate our room or decorate a birthday party with them.

tree bark decorative table

The centerpieces are decorative elements that embellish the family or friends’ meetings. We can always use our creativity and recycling to make amazing crafts.

decorate glass lace fabric boats

It isn’t necessary to spend money to make a beautiful decoration on the table; let’s use the products and materials that we have at home.

decoration wall trunks wood

What do you think of this natural-looking decoration for the living room? Several branches of driftwood and plants in plastic balls are enough to create this design.

Design dornos easy crafts

We also think the idea of ​​ornamenting the decorative items that we already have is great. Sometimes a touch of paint is enough to give a new life to any object that is aged or worn out by time.

easy crafts to make shelf discs cardboard fabric colors

In this image, we can see a great organizer for materials and sewing tools. It is also ideal for bath products, kitchen spices or work tools.

easy crafts to make stars red cartuluina design pendants

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flowers paper stuck colors wall
easy crafts to make decorative flower old scores
old cowboy made cushion cover
wool covers bottles glass flower
old books cut out in letters
flower pots moss white fabric grass
easy crafts to do blue color
frame mirror decorated pieces discs
frame window wall hangings fabrics colors
origianl ornament mirror cardboard eggs
original design honeycomb cardboard bees
original design disco marbles candle
original flower leaves old book
plasticine orange shape crafts
pasta bookmarks old books titles
tapestry wall name baby kate
wall decoration
cork tray
bol buttons
bottle lamps
match adornment
decorative letters

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