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Easy spring crafts: 20 ideas for good weather

If you start to sneeze it is a sign that spring has arrived. The birds fly high, the sun warms on the terraces of the bars and parks and everything is full of flowers and a lot of colors. But … does the same thing happen inside your house? Have you already prepared yourself to fill your house with light and color? Well, don’t worry because today we bring you a good variety of easy spring crafts to celebrate the good weather.

1. Watermelon flowerpot

Give a tropical touch to your plants with making them a flower pot decorated as fruits. In this image, they have made a watermelon flower pot with a very nice enameled finish. 

2. Garlands of butterflies

Do you feel the butterflies in your stomach already? It is spring, which blood alters. If they have not arrived yet, create them yourself (the butterflies) and brighten up your room. They are also perfect to make with children to decorate their favorite places and give them color. Some rope, paper and … a lot of imagination. and if you want more idea check this: What To Do With Decorative Paper. Decorative paper butterflies

Wreaths of felt butterflies
Via: Papelisimo

3. Fruit cup covers

Do you know what pearl beads are? With this type of colored beads, you can make a million designs. In this case, they have made some great drink covers to decorate your spring afternoons. And if that drink cover doesn’t go with you, they also serve as coasters 😉

Fruit coasters
Via: Loppi

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4. Flowering pistachios

This is a DIY that you will like to practice with children. With this idea, you can have fun opening the pistachios and later, sticking them with care. And what does it give us as a result? Pistachio flowers that serve us as spring candles. And if you also want to personalize them even more, you can paint them with acrylic paint.

Candle holders made with pistachios
Via: Carolina Llinas

5. Curtain of pompoms

This is what you need to add a touch of joy to your room. It is very easy: a white, basic curtain, and colorful wool pompoms that you must sew to the fabric. A super simple idea.

Curtain made with pompoms
Via: Oh Joy!

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6. Paper Animals

In this case, we will customize our own animals. We will use some templates of those animals that we want to draw and some tissue paper to get these animals with stained glass.

Animals made with tissue paper - easy crafts
Via: Etsy

7. Tape for the camera

Are you looking forward to adventures? Hang the camera around your neck with that custom fabric ribbon to wear it. What do you think of this design? They have done it using cloth paint and masking tape to get those triangles of perfect colors.

Fabric ribbon decorated for the camera
Via: Design Love Fest

8. DIY spring letters

Bring your decor to life with these spring-filled lyrics! Decorate your cardboard letters with flowers to welcome spring.

Letters with flowers
Via: Lulus

9. Branches decorated with felt balls

If the plants or trees in your area have not yet bloomed and you want to color your décor, try sticking colored felt balls on branches. Very original!

Branches decorated with pompoms
Via: Wayaiulandia

11. Recycle plastic bottles to create your own DIY spring flowers

You have to educate children in the culture of recycling and the best way is to teach them how to take advantage of it by enhancing their creativity. A perfect idea is that they create their flowers with plastic bottles. It is an activity that isn’t recommended for very young children since you need scissors, so it is more advisable for primary school children. 

DIY flowers made with plastic bottles
Via: Chilly Dog

12. Preserve the spring in your living room

If you don’t want the spring to end or the flowers that you like to hold all year at home, you can try this DIY. We love! Dip your favorite flowers in glasses and keep them as long as you want.

Submerged flowers - easy crafts for spring
Via: Momtastic

13. Recycle tetrabriks to create birdhouses

You can reuse from a tetrabrik of your milk container or usual juice cardboard box to make the children interact with the birds helping them to create their house. Make aviaries of different colors to decorate your garden or terrace.

Birdhouses with tetrabriks
Via: Madame Creativa

14. Reuse your old light bulbs like vases

Since we are with very green ideas of recycling and reusing objects that we no longer use, what do you think of reusing those old high consumption bulbs to place the flowers that we pick from the garden? They will give a unique touch to the room.

Flowerpot with a light bulb
Via: Paraphernalia

15. Create your own cement pots

Reading it may sound a little bulky, all that cement, but when you see it right and you’ll see how difficult it is. Speaking of so many flowers will have to think also where to place them. We propose this idea to create your pot with a base through a tetrabrik and decorating it later with the ornaments that you like the most.

Cement planter
Via: Ruflled Blog

16. Mason jars or bottles turned into vases

If you are more than recycling, you can reuse mason jars or glass or plastic bottles to paint them and customize them as the two ideas that we bring you below. Easy DIY crafts which you will spend very little money.

Vases with jars
Via: Mason Jar Crafts Love / Decor8blog

17. Decorate your pots

If you simply need to touch your boring pots, a little paint will suffice. You can use different techniques to decorate them: stripes marked with masking tape, a little chalk paint to be able to paint over later or splashes of a color that contrasts with the base color.

Decorated flower pots
Via: Handfie

18. Trapeze hanging pot

Finally, if you get bored of always putting the pots in the same place … Hang them! Create your trapeze pot and give life to the heights. 

Planter hanging pot
Via: Handfie

19. Blanket decorated for picnics

A beautiful linen fabric, fabric paint and masking tape to mark the geometric shapes. It is what they have used to make this blanket decorated perfectly for a day at the picnic park this spring. We love the contrast between a material with linen and those bright colors that have chosen to decorate the diamonds.

Blanket decorated for picnics
Via: The sweeatest occasion

20. Recycle paper rolls to make flowering trees

To finish, more easy crafts that we can do with the kids in the house. It’s a craft that I’m sure more than one will have done at school a few years ago, but it’s still as fun for little ones. We will only need a roll of toilet paper and have some colored card and some silk sheet. Look how easy and entertaining.

Rolls of paper converted into trees
Via: krokotak

What do you think about these easy spring DIY craftas? Do you like them? Then stay tuned for more posts like this. You can subscribe to get every idea to your mail. And don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest. If you want us to write about a topic, we always welcome comments and ideas, feel free to write them below.


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