Decorative and aromatic glycerin soaps
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Homemade decorative and aromatic glycerin soaps

Now that the decorative and aromatic glycerin soaps are fashionable. I propose to make these funny soaps with string. Then you can give or use as a decorative object in your own bathroom. Although it may seem that they are difficult to manufacture at home, it is really a very simple process.

Actually, it’s not making artwork, but a detailed DIY Project. Of course, you need to choose the fragrances and colors that you like. The result is a spectacular and above all, economic glycerin hand soap.

Decorative and aromatic glycerin soaps, materials

Necessary materials

♦ a colorless glycerin block (available at craft stores)
♦ fragrances for soap (essential oils) and colorants (optional)
♦ containers of different shapes (plastic cups, cans, cans)
♦ A knife to cut glycerin
♦ cotton cords for crafts (in white or in color)
♦ A saucepan suitable for microwaves
♦ wooden chopsticks or a spoon
♦ Alcohol sprayer 

Decorative and aromatic glycerin soaps

Step 1. Cut and melt the glycerin

The first thing you have to do is cut the glycerin into small pieces and put them in the saucepan. make four or five pieces (in cubes of 2 x 2 cm for a glass) and heat them in the microwave at a low temperature. Every few seconds (this depends on each microwave) you have to look and stir with the toothpick, until the glycerin has melted. Should not boil! You can also melt it in the water bath, if you find it more comfortable.

Decorative and aromatic glycerin soaps with natural essences

Step 2. Add the fragrance and coloring

With the melted glycerin, it is time to add the fragrance you chose, between 20 and 25 drops will be enough, stir well to mix. Now it would also be time to add the coloring, if you want colored soaps. In this case, place two drops of dye and mix well. Add more color if you want a more intense color. You can also add glitter or dried flowers, aromatic herbs, whatever you want.

Decorative and aromatic glycerin soaps in plastic cups
Decorative and aromatic glycerin soaps, how to hold the rope

Step 3. Pour the liquid glycerin into the jars and place the string

Before pouring the liquid, run your wet finger with vegetable oil through the inside of the containers, so it will be easier for you to demold the soaps. Very carefully, because it will still be hot, pour the liquid glycerin into the jars and spray the surface with alcohol so that the bubbles that may have formed can explode.

Now it’s time to put the rope in place, insert it with the knots down and let it cool for 15/20 minutes, until you see that the rope stays straight, then place the glycerin soaps in the refrigerator for 20 minutes, until it is totally solid.

Decorative and aromatic glycerin soaps for gifts

Step 4. Unmold the glycerin soaps and wrap as a gift

Remove the molds from the refrigerator and remove the glycerin soaps carefully. Leave them for a while outside the refrigerator, before removing the soap molds from the containers. If they are plastic, you will not have much problem in removing them. The cans are a little more complicated, in this case, help with a knife, if you see that they do not come out, put them a few seconds in boiling water and they will leave without problems.

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If you are going to give them away, choose packages or pretty wrappings, which you can also make yourself and decorate them with ribbons of colors, ropes, labels with the name of the recipient. 

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